Wednesday, 4 May 2016


President Jacob Zuma's first appearance in parliament since the courts made two damning rulings against him got off to a bumpy start on Wednesday when rowdy EFF members were ejected from the National Assembly.

The EFF wrote a letter to speaker Baleka Mbete asking that Zuma not be allowed to speak in the National Assembly as he had violated the Constitution and also faced the reinstatement of corruption charges.

Zuma was present to address the National Assembly in Cape Town regarding the 2016/17 budget allocations for his administration.

Mbete declined the request.

The EFF also requested an urgent debate on the matter but Mbete declined the request saying that there was no basis in law to prevent him from speaking "as long as he is President of the Republic."

The sitting then soon turned into a screaming match between members of the EFF and Mbete who repeated over and again "Leave the chamber".

EFF members shouted‚ "You have broken an oath of office. You are an embarrassment Baleka even to your party."

"Switch off the mics‚" somebody urged the speaker.

Parliamentary protection officers‚ who were not in their usual white shirts‚ were summoned‚ to which EFF members said: "We are going to throw water in your face."

Several of its members shouted that the President was illegitimate and should leave the house instead.

Several EFF MPs appeared to be harshly manhandled. One bouncer could be seen holding an MP in a lock around his neck while EFF MP Nazier Paulsen who tried to fight back was also harshly dealt with.

In the first court ruling against Zuma‚ the Constitutional Court found that Zuma had failed to uphold‚ respect and defend the Constitution.



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