Thursday, 12 May 2016


Police are investigating the tampering with of the wheels of a car belonging to Stanley Gama, editor of the Daily News.

A horrified Gama discovered last Friday that his car’s wheel nuts had all been loosened by unknown people while the vehicle was parked in central Harare.

“As soon as I started the car and the vehicle began to move, things didn’t feel alright, and when I disembarked to check what was wrong, it was then that I discovered that all the nuts had been deliberately loosened by someone, for reasons that are not easy to understand,” Gama said.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed yesterday that the case had been reported and that it was being investigated.

An ANZ spokesperson thanked authorities for the concern that they had showed regarding Gama’s safety, as well as their commitment to leave no stone unturned in their endeavour to get to the bottom of the matter.

“It is quite clear that whoever did this to Stan’s car did not have good intentions. The brazenness of the culprit or culprits behind this barbaric act is also gulling, as the car was tampered with in broad daylight.

“This is why we are very thankful that police have taken the matter seriously and are looking into it,” the spokesperson said.

The worrying incident comes at a time that the Daily News has been spotlighting the ugly factional and succession wars devouring the ruling Zanu PF — with journalists increasingly getting caught up in the fire.

The Daily News also has a long history of enduring victimisation and harassment at the hands of the State, as well as senior Zanu PF and government officials.


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