Thursday, 26 May 2016


Harare City Council is set to remove kombis operating at an illegal pick-up point at the corner of Park Lane and Leopold Takawira Street after a commuter omnibus killed a Girls High Form Four pupil and a 35 year old man on Monday.

Council is also expediting the Harare Transport Master Plan to bring normalcy in the city.
Girls High and Queen Elizabeth High Schools demonstrated on Tuesday against the illegal pick up point along Leopold Takawira.

Form Four pupil Jocelyn Gomba (17) and Mr Odwell Mabanga were run over and dragged to death by a commuter omnibus from an illegal rank near the entrance of Harare Girls High School.

Harare Environment Management Committee chairman, Clr Herbert Gomba told The Herald: “As of now the city council is expediting the Harare Transport Master Plan in order to deal with the kombi malpractices. The aim is to remove them and introduce a bus transport system which makes it safe to walk in the central business district .”

“The death of the Girls High School pupil makes it mandatory that we as council act in a manner that is consistent with the need to protect human lives.  We are repealing our by-laws to make it possible for traffic police to enforce traffic regulations,” he said.


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