Tuesday, 31 May 2016


AN apparently drunk police officer who caused a stir on Sunday while manning a road block in Matetsi is under investigation for threatening to shoot Zanu-PF youths along the Hwange-Victoria Falls road. The cop who was only identified as Sergeant Chari and is based at Jambezi Police station allegedly threatened to shoot the youths who were coming from Hwange.

The Police Officer Commanding Victoria Falls District, Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona, said they were investigating the matter. “There was a report on one of the police officers who was manning a road block at Matetsi Area. Investigations on the matter are underway,” he said.

Hwange Rural District Council Deputy Chairperson Councillor Matthew Muleya, who was travelling with the youths was said they were detained by the heavily drunk police officer at around 7PM, only to be released after 10 PM.

Muleya said they were travelling from a fundraising function at Hwange orphanage with a football team whose members are Zanu-PF youths when they were detained over a vehicle registration document. He said the area is dangerous due to the presence of wild animals such as lions.

Muleya said it is shocking and worrying to be treated like that by someone who is supposed to maintain law and order. “The vehicle with about 10 youths was stopped by the officer who demanded the vehicle registration papers. Upon proving to him that it was a government vehicle and giving him the other important documents, he went on to detain the vehicle.

“After failing to reach an understanding with him, I contacted his superiors who actually spoke to him. The police officer told his boss not to intervene, stating that he would single handedly deal with the issue. Chari told his officer in charge that he was on the ground, it was his case and he would deal with us,” said Muleya. chronicle


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