Sunday, 8 May 2016


A NUMBER of companies in Bulawayo are on a revival path and it is inaccurate to describe the manufacturing sector in Zimbabwe’s second largest city as dead, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko has said.
 VP Mphoko also took a swipe at the media for not paying attention to several industries in Bulawayo that are performing well. Speaking on the side-lines of a tour of Pump and Steel Supplies in Bulawayo on Friday, VP Mphoko said despite economic challenges, some industries in Bulawayo have remained resilient.

“The truth is people are working and producing goods, Bulawayo is under construction and people are using goods manufactured here. This story that Bulawayo is dead, no, let us take it with a pinch of salt,” he said.

VP Mphoko lauded Pump and Steel Supplies for remaining buoyant in a difficult environment, saying this must be exemplary to other firms.

“We have young guys here who are working against all odds like Pump and Steel Supplies, we need to assist them where we can because they are keeping Bulawayo alive. What we like about this company is that a number of companies are closing because they can’t stand the heat, they are moving to Botswana and South Africa but you have remained resilient and are pushing towards the city’s revival. I can assure you with this kind of attitude you will succeed, this is a very patriotic approach to life,” said VP Mphoko.

Pump and Steel Supplies managing director Mr Eugene Jackson said the performance of his company was proof that “industries in Bulawayo are not dying.”

He said: “There is a crop of young people that are working hard silently to revive industry despite reports that Bulawayo is dying. The young people are prepared to work and are committed to achieve more and are here to stay. We are hoping that the Government will produce a conducive environment for us to continue working and we are asking for more support financially so that we can further our work and export more of our goods,” he said.

Mr Jackson said the company was seeking capital injection of $2 million to spread its wings into the region.

“We want long term financial aid so that we are kept afloat; we have also identified regional markets for our products. Steel and engineering will be the basis of the growth of industry in the city and we feel that is better to fuel a car that is a runner because you can move it. It is good that the Government assists companies that are making an effort to revive the city’s industries and are complying with Government directives,” he said.

Pump and Steel manufactures building materials that include door frames, window frames and conveyor belt rollers.During the tour VP Mphoko also showed his lighter side as he took time to address the workers encouraging them to be committed to their jobs, while also counselling them about the importance of discipline.

Management at Pump and Steel handed over five water pumps to the VP to donate to any institution of his choice.


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