Tuesday, 10 May 2016


A team of senior police officers has been dispatched to Botswana to assist in probing the death of Air Zimbabwe public relations executive, Mrs Shingai Dhliwayo, who was found dead in a bush in the neighbouring country.

The team, mostly from Bulawayo and Matabeleland South provinces, will also be present when the post-mortem is conducted today. Some of them left the country last night.

In an interview yesterday, chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said there were no developments on the case. She said police were also waiting for post-mortem results.

“As of now there are no developments on the case and investigations are still in progress. Once post mortem is done tomorrow (today) that is when we will be able to furnish you with more concrete details concerning the case.

“A team from ZRP will also attend the post-mortem,” she said. On Monday, police and their Batswana counterparts with the help of the International Police Organisation (Interpol), intensified investigations to ascertain the cause of Mrs Dhliwayo’s death.

Mrs Dhliwayo’s body was found tied onto a tree with both hands and legs also tied with a rope in a sitting position. Her mouth was gagged with a cloth and she was bleeding from the nose. The body was found about 5km from Plumtree Border Post in a bushy area and it is suspected that she had been lured by unknown assailants to travel to Botswana in a bid to rob her.

It is suspected that there is a syndicate that is luring Zimbabwean businesspeople after promising them “lucrative deals” and then rob them after crossing into Botswana.
Police in Botswana reportedly found her body and sent it to an unnamed hospital mortuary where her parents identified it on Saturday.

Airzim passenger and cargo general manager Mr Chris Kwenda recently said they had also put in place a team that would assist till the case was finalised.
He said details of the burial would be announced once post mortem had been conducted


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