Monday, 16 May 2016


MORE than 100,000 Zanu-PF youths from Masvingo are set to join the one million man march in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe in Harare on May 25. Addressing Zanu-PF members in Bikita West on Saturday, provincial chairman Cde Amasa Nhenjana said all the seven districts in the province would send representatives to Harare for the important march led by the party’s youth wing.

Cde Nhenjana said Zanu-PF members should go to Harare in their numbers to show solidarity with President Mugabe, an icon respected throughout the continent. He said the march is meant to confirm that the party still has confidence in its leader.
Cde Nhenjana took a swipe at party members who are discouraging others from joining the march.

“We’ve come here to tell you that you should get prepared for the one million man march in Harare. We should all go to Harare as chairpersons of the different wings to march in solidarity with our President. This march is meant to show support for our President and First secretary of the party. We want to remind those who think that the man has lost his touch that they’re lost. Let’s go in our numbers as a province to support our leader.
“(Morgan) Tsvangirai had a demonstration recently where he mobilised less than 700 people and we want to have more than one million people to march in solidarity with our leader as we prepare for the 2018 general elections,” said Cde Nhenjana.

He said those who are against the march are sellouts and are free to leave the party. Cde Nhenjana said the one million man march, which coincides with Africa Day, was befitting of the President’s iconic status.

“We heard that some are discouraging members from joining the one million man march. We say to such people they’re turning against Zanu-PF and its leadership. Anyone who feels he or she doesn’t want the leadership of President Mugabe is free to leave the party. We hear of the late Julius Mwalimu Nyerere, former Tanzanian President and the late Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, President Mugabe has surpassed all these,” said Cde Nhenjana.

Speaking at the same occasion, Masvingo urban MP Daniel Shumba hailed President Mugabe for denouncing corruption. He urged war veterans to seek positions in the party from the cell up to the provincial executive so that they work for the party.

Also present at the meeting were MPs Cde Jappy Jaboon, Cde Darlington Chiwa and provincial youth chair Cde Nobert Ndaarombe, among others. chronicle


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