Saturday, 30 April 2016


Zanu-PF National Youth Secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga has told young people in Masvingo that they are now free to pan for gold without the risk of being arrested by the police.

Addressing youths who attended a meeting at Masvingo Polytechnic College to mobilise for the so-called one million men march scheduled to take place in Harare in May, Chipanga assured that nobody would be arrested for gold panning because there are no jobs.

"Starting from today no one shall be arrested for gold panning, hapana achasungirwa gold panning endai munoita gold panning yenyu freely hapana anokusungai," (no one will arrest you, go and do your gold panning activities freely, absolutely no one will arrest you) said Chipanga.

It is still illegal to pan for gold and miners are expected to register with the Mines and Minerals Act and pay a one per cent royalty for gold output.

Chipanga, however, urged youths to work for themselves and buy their own cars and houses and to stop using the party's name to intimidate people.  He went on to say that party structures were supposed to be a composition of both males and females, not predominantly male as was the case.

"At district level ladies are intimidated and that is why there are no females in the district leadership. From now onwards, all vacant posts shall be given to ladies until there is gender parity.

"Stop intimidating people using T-shirts and the party's name; some even refuse to pay bus fare simply because they are wearing Zanu-PF regalia.

He also warned ministers that they should address bread and butter issues and work for the welfare of their people, saying ministers should do something to revamp the economy in line with the mandate given to them by the President.
"We want politics to address bread and butter issues, we need politics that addresses the economy, we don't need ministers who do nothing because makapiwa basa napresident (you were given an assignment by the president)," said Chipanga. tellzimbabwe


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