Sunday, 10 April 2016


Many music critics and fans have denounced the Wizkid Zimbabwe Tour show as a ‘joke of the year’, so far after the Nigerian musician failed to pitch up last Saturday. Although the weather was not conducive for the outdoor show as it was raining, Wizkid was expected to perform at Old Hararians Sports Club together with some of the local acts who include Cynthia Mare, Calvin, Junior Brown, Judgement Yard and Mzoe7 among others.

For a start, only a handful of music fans pitched at the event and some blame the show organisers for not properly planning and marketing the show. There were no tents for those not in the VIP area. It seems Wizkid was not content with performing infront of a handful of fans considering his international status.

For some journalists, it was also hard to get the accreditation just like the norm to cover such an event. But if eveything was well arranged, the Nigerian singer would not have changed his heart because of poor attendance because he had come to get paid to perform.

Remember there is a contract signed between the artiste and promoter, so if he remained in the hotel as it is believed, what is then the conclusion. The promoters and organisers could have given the audience a clear picture of what is happening in the camp.

The rains started two days before the show and the organisers had ample time to have plan B. There is something amiss on the whole show planning and the promoters were not available to comment on the issue.

What started as a good night ended as dreadful one with fans asking for their refunds.
One also wonders if Zimbabwean promoters are not learning or taking a leaf from previous shows.
What lessons were drawn last year when Davido, Flava and D Banj performed? Some succeeded and others failed but they came on stage.

Another challenge we have in this country is not accepting and appreciating our local musicians.
Wizkid’s show was ranging from US$10 to US$100 while when we host our show with local acts , sometimes the highest VIP ticket goes for $10.
We have the best top notch musicians but they are not respected.

We shall sing and ululate when they scoop the Oscars one day.
Close sources revealed that there was chaos in the Wizkid tour organisers camp as everyone wanted to have his or her ideas heard, resulting in some of them failing to explain what was happening when he didn’t show up.

Some said he wasn’t there while others said he came and saw everything in the back of a car and left.
With few people who attended, you could easily remember everyone who was there, even how many cars were parked by near VIP section.

Promoters take fans for granted, having this ego and power of controlling the show by starting late around midnight.

Is this the norm or they could have seen that there is no one yet to entertain?
Back on our local musicians, some have gone to the extent of begging for opportunity on such international shows.

Let us be realistic on this one, getting the exposure to perform is something else then performing for money is something else.

When Judgement Yard went on stage, many thought they were warming up the stage for Wizkid.
Given a chance to comment, Wizkid could be green with envy because Judgment Yard put up a scintillating show despite the shaking stage.

“This is what we are talking about. Judgement Yard managed to calm down our anger. What a performance compared to the rest. I am suprised as to why we still stick to those musicians who don’t even fill up a kitchen room to be curtain raisers. Yes we love their music but this was not the right platform for them to showcase their talent. It ended up like a high school talent show,” said one angry fan from Belvedere.

The PA system was super, but because of the rains, it ended up not doing so well. herald


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