Sunday, 17 April 2016


THE Government has announced civil servants pay dates for the month of April with the police expected to be paid on Wednesday while the rest of the civil servants will receive their salaries on April 29.

 Soldiers received their salaries on Friday while pensioners will be paid their allowances on May 9. The announcement of the pay dates was made through a circular dated April 14 sent by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to Government departments.
The circular stated that members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces received their salaries on Friday last week.

The circular reads: “Reference April 2016 public servants pay dates and pension payments. The above refers – Treasury proposes that pay dates for public servants and pensioners for the month of April 2016 be as follows: Zimbabwe National Army 15 April, Air Force of Zimbabwe 15 April, Zimbabwe Republic Police 20 April, Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services 20 April, Health Sector 22 April, Education Sector 26 April, Rest of Service 29 April, and pensioners 9 May, 2016.”

The pay dates announcement allays fears of delays in salaries payment.
Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu yesterday said the Government’s failure to provide them with pay dates on time was affecting their planning.

“We no longer have pay dates prior to the next month. They provide pay dates when they have mobilised the money. This creates a lot of job uncertainty and makes teachers wonder whether they will ever get salaries that surpass the poverty datum line,” said Ndlovu.
Recently, the Government honoured its pledge to pay bonuses to civil servants with members of the uniformed forces and those in the health sector having already been paid. herald


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