Sunday, 10 April 2016


I am married to a beautiful and well brought up wife. We are blessed with three kids, two boys and a girl. Mine is not a problem but is to pay homage to this wonderful wife. I will tell you the truth my wife’s side has better and well cultured people.

Yes, we go to church but my woman has taught me real and true love. My mother ill-treated this woman from the word go, even my sisters would join in to make sure her life was uncomfortable.

I would get mad about this but she would calm me down. They would create so many stories about her but she would not be bothered. The worst is vaiti muroyi, when they visited my place they would pull faces and monitor whatever they ate and they would always complain kuti ndakadyiswa.

My mother has been sick and has been in and out of hospital since last year. The tables have turned, the woman they called muroyi and ill-treated is now the star. My sisters never dared or requested kuti tombotorawo mai. My wife has gone out of her way, she is the one who drove alone to fetch my mother from our rural home and brought her to our house.

We now stay with amai full time, my wife said she needed to stay near a hospital. She has refurbished the bedroom mum uses to give her maximum comfort. Kunyara kunokunda kufa, my sisters now address her as maiguru or simply muroora. She makes sure whatever needs to be done for her medication is bought without asking for contributions. I write to say thank you to my wife, she is a shining example. My wife is a big fan of this column she will love it.

Wow! What a letter. The first communication of its kind where one has written to just say a heartfelt thank you. This is most refreshing. Even though your wife is a big fan of my column she never wrote to complain about the treatment she got from your mother and sisters, instead she endured and earned her respect as maiguru or muroora in the end.

In this you saw your wife going the extra mile, I can visualise both of you holding hands supporting each other. You too played your part, it is not easy to be accused kuti wakadyiswa without reacting. Some marriages have crumbled by such unfounded accusations. To me you are a true follower of your faith. You talked about the church I conclude you are a Christian. A true follower of this religion haavhundutswe kuti ugere nemuroyi. You embraced your wife and continued to love her.

You respected her when she told you not to retaliate against your people. Well done apa tinoti zviuya zvakawanana. I always say when you do good you do it for your God and you are showered with blessings. I imagine that her ordeal was not easy but we are often tested in life and we can crumble in the face of challenges or we can rise above them.

The storm is over and she has emerged the winner, she should continue like that. My advice to other couples is that when the going gets tough please support one another. Once more thanks to you and your wife, I wish your mother a speedy recovery.


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