Wednesday, 13 April 2016


The MDC March Against Poverty and Corruption set for tomorrow the 14th of April, in Harare is going ahead.

MDC Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora said : "We urge all people coming to the demonstration to wear their party regalia and if they do not have then they should wear red. The demonstration is legal as it is being done in terms of section 59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe signed into law by Mugabe in 2013. Neither Mugabe nor any of the gendarmes can take away the people's right to demonstrate. We must come in our numbers to assert the people's right to demonstrate. We reiterate that this is a peaceful demonstration and we expect the highest standards of behaviour from our members and friends.

There will be no violence and looting. We know the enemy may try to plant criminals in our midst. Our marshals and security officers will deal with these so that the public is protected. Among the issues we are demonstrating against is the grinding poverty that Zimbabwe has been plunged into by this regime. We are demonstrating in outrage at the $15bn that was stolen by the state official and their criminal associates. The unemployment situation that has left most Zimbabwean graduates consigned to vending is also among the issues. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

We urge civil society and all progressive Zimbabweans to be part of this historical event. We advise that the police have not banned this demonstration although they tried to discourage it. It is not up to the ZRP to determine what rights to encourage or discourage. Together as responsible Zimbabweans we will win. Victory is certain."

Police have banned the march claiming that they do not have enough manpower. But the High Court said the march can go ahead.


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