Wednesday, 27 April 2016


The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC’s planned nationwide demonstrations will provide a sucker punch that will end President Robert Mugabe’s misrule, the opposition party spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

 After shaking Zanu PF from its slumber with a peaceful demonstration last week, Gutu said the planned series of rallies in each province will culminate in a “grandmaster of all demonstrations” that will force the governing party to call for early elections.

“The ‘mother of all demonstrations’ that was held on April 14 was just an appetiser, a teaser so to speak. That demo clearly showed that the MDC is the real deal, the only game in town.

“Zimbabweans are sick and tired of the Zanu PF regime’s unmitigated and rampant corruption and misrule. We are going to spread the demos to all provinces soon.

“Everything is being planned methodically and strategically. Before the Zanu PF regime gets to know what, exactly, is happening, Zimbabwe will witness the ‘grand master of all demonstrations’ to be staged by the MDC. Just watch this space.”

With Zanu PF apparently failing to solve the country’s myriad of challenges Gutu claimed that solutions can only come from the opposition.

“We are not going to fail the toiling masses of Zimbabwe.  We are ready, willing and capable of governing Zimbabwe to make the country get out of the prevailing socio-economic mess.

“Unlike the crumbling Zanu PF regime, the MDC is going to lead and not to rule the country. We are social democrats who are adequately equipped with the requisite technical and intellectual gravitas to take Zimbabwe to the next level.

“It is against this background that we are planning the ultimate sucker punch; the knock-out punch that we have aptly dubbed the grand master of all demonstrations.”

In dramatic fashion, Gutu said due to the current economic woes, Mugabe’s exit is now imminent and the MDC is ready to take over.

“Fasten your seat belts, relax and just wait for the moment when the MDC is going to re-define Zimbabwe’s political landscape. There’s no going back. There’s neither fear nor surrender. Defeat is not on the agenda,” added Gutu.

The MDC is protesting against a number of issues, including Zanu PF’s failure to fulfil its promise to create 2, 2 million jobs as espoused in the ruling party’s 2013 election manifesto, as well as demand answers following Mugabe’s recent claim that $15 billion had been stolen from the Chiadzwa diamond mining fields. daily news


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