Thursday, 14 April 2016


Recent interviews for the selection of the town clerk for Harare were merely a political act designed to impose an individual who had already been chosen by MDC-T, the Harare Residents Trust has said. 

The organisation, which had a representative on the interviewing panel, said it has evidence to that effect.

“If any investigations on how these interviews were conducted take place, evidence can be presented on how individual councillors were called by a mobile number with specific instructions on how to rate the candidates, with a specific instruction not to choose any of the former and serving council employees.”

“The best way forward under the current circumstances is where the whole process is conducted by an independent team that invites the same people who participated in the first final interview,” said the organisation.

HRT said only the chairperson of the Audit Committee and Human Resources, as well as Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni and his deputy should be involved in the interviewing of prospective candidates, given the actions of the majority of the committee chairpersons during the interviewing process.

Clr Manyenyeni could not rule out foul play saying, “With cellphones, anything is possible, but we did not observe anything of the sort on the interview day.”

“My comfort lies not in satisfying every aspirant but the confidence of having secured a competent team leader for council. Surely the presence of HRT should have assisted in sharing tips on any of the alleged conduct. Why is it getting to be talked about now?” he quizzed.

The interviews have been marred by controversy with allegations that Clr Manyenyeni received applications through his personal e-mail and allegedly hand-picked candidates to be interviewed.
It is also reported that some of the city’s directors who applied for the job were not invited for interviews, among them human capital director Dr Cainos Chingombe.

Government has since rescinded the appointment of Mr James Mushore after the city flouted procedures of appointment as laid out in the Urban Councils Act although he reportedly reported for duty on Monday.

The city recently came under fire over the appointment of its new finance director Mr Justin Mandizha who is accused of presiding over the decline of service delivery as well as ballooning salary arrears.

His continued stay at council has divided council with Human Resources and General Purposes Committee chairperson Cllr Wellington Chikombo telling a full council meeting that Mr Mandizha had failed while Mayor Manyenyeni and Finance Committee chairperson Tranos Moyo are defending him.

The city is now likely to face a lawsuit if they decide to terminate Mr Mandizha’s employment since he has already worked for more than six months.
Mr Mandizha is still to be confirmed. herald



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