Wednesday, 13 April 2016


A 70-year-old Harare man allegedly raped two girls on the same day after enticing them by giving them $10 to share, a court heard yesterday. Jeremiah Masimo was facing two counts of rape when he appeared before magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo. 

 He was remanded in custody and ordered to apply for bail at the High Court. Allegations are that on an unknown date and month in 2015, Masimo met the two 12-year-old girls in the passage of a farmhouse and gave them 40 cents to share.

The court heard that Masimo started fondling their breasts and after that the girls went home and did not tell anyone.

It is alleged that on another unknown day that same year, Masimo followed the girls into the bush where they were relieving themselves and gave them a $1 to share. He allegedly started fondling their breasts and the girls again did not reveal the incident to anyone.
It is the State’s case that in February 2016 Masimo saw the girls coming from the bush to relieve themselves since the toilets were blocked and gave them $10 and told them to share $4 each and give him back the change.

The court heard that Masimo demanded to be intimate with the girls but they refused. It is alleged that the girls followed Masimo into a bushy area where he forced them to lie on the ground.

It is alleged that Masimo raped both the girls and threatened to kill them if they revealed the matter to anyone.
The matter came to light when one of the girls was sent to hospital after developing a rash and it was discovered that she had been raped leading to Masimo’s arrest. herald


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