Thursday, 21 April 2016


UNITED States ambassador Harry Thomas Jr says his country is relishing a thawing of relations with Zimbabwe. Thomas, who succeeded Bruce Wharton in January, said relations between the two countries are becoming cordial.

Zimbabwe and the US had a fallout in the last 15 years after the latter imposed economic sanctions on the country.

The economic embargo came as punishment after the country embarked on a land redistribution exercise which benefited over 300,000 indigenous households.

Speaking to The Chronicle on the sidelines of a tour of projects being funded by USAID through a non-governmental organisation, Amalima, at Stanmore in Gwanda yesterday, Thomas — who through his aides refused to be asked political questions and anything to do with the sanctions — said relations between the two countries are improving.

He said he was impressed by the huge progress Zimbabwe has made in all facets, since the 2013 harmonised elections. Zanu-PF scored a crushing landslide victory against the opposition MDCs in the elections.

“After having stayed in the country before, I’m happy to have this wonderful opportunity to come back home and see the progress which has been made. Relations between Zimbabwe and the Unites States are becoming cordial,” he said.

He said Zimbabweans had a serious work ethic and a great sense of humour.
“I’m so proud that Zimbabweans are very keen on education and every citizen thrives to get education and making sure that they send their children to school,” said Ambassador Thomas.

“The US has given Zimbabwe about $2,6 billion since 1980. This year we sent $155 million for food nutrition and HIV/Aids programmes.

“We’re also the first country to help Zimbabwe with $20 million for drought relief this year. I’m so proud of the cooperation between our countries and I’m looking forward to a continued cooperation with the people of Zimbabwe.” chronicle


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