Monday, 11 April 2016


I'm still in London enjoying my vacation while dogs keep barking....I read this story from my 7 star hotel with laughter. You can take away every single deal I have but you can't take away my passion....You can't steal my grains...You can't destroy what I already have as mine....Maka jaira vanhu vekuZimbabwe, munhu wese aita mari yakabiwa , imbavha, he is only a front, ane chikwambo, ingochani and all sorts of rubbish.....Katsi dzevanhu, muri simbe and that's why the majority of us are poor...

When I spent 3 tough years participating in tenders manga muripi...I'm so excited and pleased to hear there's an ongoing probe and I'm sorry to say that absolute rubbish is simply going to die a natural death because those assertions are frivolous and vexatious. The writer should have taken sight of the Procurement act before writing such a nonsensical article. 

First and foremost Mr Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo works for that company and regardless of his previous conviction the corporate veil  protects the interests of the company. I wish to inform you that Registration of a company costs 100 dollars and registering with the State Procurement Board to participate in government tenders costs 100 dollars a year. My advice to all you losers is please go and register and participate in future tenders so you also get appreciation of the fair process....You don't need a political connection or a blessing from a prophet to win a tender , all you need is technical compliance and to be the lowest bidder to specification...

The Procurement act clearly states that the boards decision is final and should only the participating bidders feel aggrieved they are given 21 days to appeal at the Admin Court....Now with the greatest respect What are you ??? The employer and the contractor both have contractual obligations and your senseless argument about a mere conviction 7 months later will not hold water....I sympathise with you and I know how it feels when you have never had 4000 dollars in your pocket and you hear your age mate is the master mind of successful inevitable energy deals worth 400 million dollars....Zvinorwadza I know but sorry to say in a very polite voice Go to Hell.


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