Wednesday, 13 April 2016


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1413: President Mugabe leads the laying of wreaths on the two graves.
1342: The bodies of the two heroines are now being taken to their final resting place.
1329:  ”Pamberi nekubatana..pasi nevasingade kubatana..Ndatenda,” President Mugabe says as he ends his address.

1325: “Determination now on the part of the younger ones to defend the country at all costs, to remain vigilant, to remain prepared to defend the country and to follow the path, the path of acceptance that if you want to be leaders you must be prepared to be followers in the first place. Leaders who lead honestly, leaders who not selfish…leaders who think of the people,”
1318: “With heavy hearts,we stand here and say Cde Mwashita go well, you fought a good fight and your role was and remains a good example to young girls. The fight now may not be a military it is an economic one,”

1316: “Vivian witnessed brutal scenes during the war…every time she recalled those scenes she would breakdown and it has tormented her all her life…at independence came back home and while the war was over there was an economic war to fight and that war is still ongoing. She was employed in the CIO were her military training bore fruits in the transformation of a colonial entity into a people oriented organisation,”

1312: Cde Kundai Mabhunu was the new name she took to protect her family from the Rhodesian government…she went for military training in Ethiopia and became a military trainer…as a military instructor, Vivian trained many great fighters,”

1311: “May I on behalf of Zanu-PF, Government and my family extend my condolences to the Mwashita many of her peers some of whom are ministers of Government today, Vivian responded to the clarion call to cross the border into neighbouring countries and join the ranks of our young mana nd women who were prepared to take up arms in the fight for independence..she crossed into Mozambique in 1975 in the company of Cde Muchinguri and other women,”

1308: President Mugabe now starts narrating the life of Cde Mwashita.
1301: He narrates the path travelled to the independence of Zimbabwe.
1256: “Two people influenced her political career, her father was a member of the ANC in South Africa and her husband who was the first black lawyer in Zimbabwe…Mai Chitepo chose a bed of of a lifelong commitment to the liberation struggle.
“They opened themselves to harm when they opened up their Highfield home to nationalists till they gave that house to Cde Joshua Nkomo,”
1250: President Mugabe says before the start of the Central Committee last week they received news of the death of Cde Chitepo.
1249: “Mai Chitepo havana kudzokera shure, vakaramba vakagwinya kudzamara nyika yasununguka saka takavasusukidza muhupenyu…zvimwezvo na Mwashita haana kudzokera shure. Hupenyu wemusango hauna kufanana nekugara kumba..unenge wakazvigwinyisa asi muviri unenge uchirwadziwa.
“Mwashita dies at 60 only, chitarirai iyezvino nemagariro akanaka vanhu vanokanganwa kuti hupenyu, rusununguko rwatinarwo rwakarwirwa,”
1245: “The brutal actions of the enemy, hapana panyika dzose vakafirwa sezvataitirwa tichi bhombwa mumakamba…ku Zambia, ku Tete  zvimwe chete. They would bomb indiscriminately and they would not discern which are refugee camps and which are not. Hakuna nyika irimu Southern Africa yakafirwa sezvatakaitirwa isu.
“He had the bloodiest hands of all, Ian Smith,”

1238: “Nhasi tiri kutaura nezve vanasikana vakazvipira….Mai Chitepo nemamwe madzimai kuno kumusha vakazvi organiser wo. Mudzimai wangu wokutanga achibva kuGhana wakagara kumba kwa Mai Chitepo tisati tachata saka Mai Chitepo vaiva Amai vangu. Dzakara washaya vaive vakabatana.”

1228: President Mugabe narrates how Cdes Herbert and Victoria Chitepo met and eventually got married.
1227: “Taungana pano tichiunganidzwa namadzimai maviri..Mai Chitepo na Mai Mwashita. Nhorowondo dzavo dzapiwha nemhuri dzavo..nhorowondo yatinoziva ndeyekuzvipira. Mwashita achiri pwere, kusiya chikoro, hezvo achifamba nzira yekuenda kuhondo nevamwe achiri mudiki.
“Vamwe vanoti imhepo yeudiki yakamutora asi vechidiki vaiva neruzivo rwekuti nyika yakapambwa inofanirwa kutorwa,”

1222: President Mugabe is now on the podium.
1221: He describes the heroines as deserving of the accolades that have been pouring in from people of walks of life. He invites the President to address the mourners.
1219: Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo is now addressing the gathering.
1213: ”I would like to express our gratitude to the President and the First family for giving our mom for this honour,” she says before ending her speech.
1212: ”Our mother was humble and down to earth. She taught us to be strong, courageous and that all things are possible…..I can confirm that no man is an island as evidenced by the peopled gathered here today,” she says.
1210: Nyasha Mwashita is now on the podium and is representing the family.
1203: “To you Your Excellency, President Mugabe, on behalf of the Chitepo family I say thank you,” Kule says as he ends his address.
1201: He thanks Zanu-PF for the support as well as ZDF Commander Constantine Chiwenga for ensuring that her last wish to bid farewell to the people of her village in Bonda came true.
1159: He lauds the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party of Tanzania and the Julius Nyerere Government as well as the people of Tanzania that played a major role in the lives of the Chitepo family.
1158: Kule says her humility, commitment, love and her sacrifice for what is good and what is right represent resilience personified through Amai Chitepo. 
1154: He says the Chitepo family is humbled by the number of condolences they have received.
1152: Kule Zvenyika Chitepo is now on the podium to speak on behalf of the Chitepo family. Kule is the last born son of Cdes Herbert and Victoria Chitepo. He starts off by offering condolences to the Mwashita family.
1144: A preacher is giving a sermon.
1132: The caskets are being taken to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
1126: The hearses carrying the bodies of national heroines Cdes Chitepo and Mwashita have arrived at the National Heroes Acre accompanied by President Mugabe
1106: Vice President Mnangagwa accompanied by his wife have also arrived at the National Heroes Acre.


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