Saturday, 23 April 2016


ZANU-PF members should stop unnecessary mudslinging and wanton purges as this could see disgruntled individuals joining other political parties.

Ruling party’s National Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa said this while addressing an extraordinary Manicaland provincial conference at Mutare Polytechnic yesterday.

“There was a culture of vote of no confidences which had crept into the party where some innocent members were booted out. At the end of the day we are forcing these disgruntled members to find a safe haven in the opposition parties,” he said.

“Some members slackened as a result of this unnecessary mudslinging and it is Zanu-PF that suffers most. We should be seen to be working towards strengthening the party and not allow personal differences to influence our decisions.

“From now onwards, we want people who come forward and name and shame those organising and attending clandestine meetings. These people should be bold enough to stand as witnesses when the people they alleged to be fanning factionalism are called for disciplinary hearings.”

Cde Chinamasa’s comments came after provincial youth chairman Cde Mubuso Chinguno had told the meeting that they had gathered information of a clandestine meeting held in Vumba recently to push for the ouster of Manicaland chair, Dr Samuel Undenge.

Cde Chinamasa said vote of no confidence petitions should be done constitutionally, with two-thirds of the membership of that particular wing agreeing.

“Some people are now on the sidelines because of unfounded allegations. Most people who signed votes of no confidence petitions were misled into doing that,” he said.

“A lot of lies were being peddled to force some people to sign votes of no confidence. We shall be circulating a circular very soon giving clear guideline on disciplinary procedures that should be followed.

“Those who would have erred should be hauled before a properly constituted disciplinary committee chaired by the provincial vice-chairperson and the allegations should be clearly spelt out to them. Only the Central Committee can endorse the ouster of a member from the party.”

The Zanu-PF legal bosss called for unity among members.
“Unity was fast becoming a rare commodity in Zanu-PF. We should speak with one voice and rally behind the leadership of President Mugabe. We are all in agreement that President Mugabe is our candidate for the 2018 elections.

“We will be shooting ourselves in the foot if we go into an election while divided. An election is a game of numbers and we should consolidate our numbers.”

The meeting also dealt with the issue of former Politburo member and Member of National Assembly for Chimanimani West, Cde Munacho Mutezo who is alleged to have crossed the floor to join Zimbabwe People First.

The issue was earlier this month referred back to the province by the Politburo and there was unanimous agreement that Cdes Mutezo, Joe Zviuya and Lovemore Changadzo be booted out as they were openly campaigning for Zimbabwe People First.

In moving the motion to have Cde Mutezo fired from Zanu-PF, Cde Mubuso said: “I come from Chimanimani West where Cde Mutezo also hails from. He is openly campaigning for the Zimbabwe People First. We also have a picture of him that was published in the local Press while attending a Zimbabwe People First meeting held here in Mutare.

“He was sitting in the front. Last Thursday he attended a funeral in our area where he openly denounced President Mugabe. We are saying Cde Mutezo should go.”

His motion was seconded by Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Cde Mandi Chimene. Cde Chinamasa explained to the house why the issue was referred back to the provincial disciplinary committee.

“When the issue was brought to the Politburo, it appeared as if it was coming from Chimanimani and not Manicaland. That is why it was referred back to the province for deliberations. If there is overwhelming evidence against Mutezo, then we erred in referring it back here, but, however, the proper channels have been done and this issue will be finalised soon,” said Cde Chinamasa. sunday mail


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