Thursday, 14 April 2016


Mr Mugabe's statement on Indigenisation after Cabinet on Tuesday this week is the highest mark of elevated policy uncertainty, encyclopaedic leadership inconsistency and unmitigated policy flip flopping.

Mr Mugabe's attempt is simply a hopeless and helpless sharp contradiction to Patrick Zhuwao's voodoo economics.

A proper government must just stop this carefree business of indicating left yet turning right. An effective leadership must not talk left but act right. It appears that those in government have become legendary in promising heaven to the citizens yet delivering hell.

Any government policy is only meaningful and profitable to the citizenry and investors when it is sinewed on clarity, consistency and predictability. These key attributes and ingredients are palpably absent in the so-called 'empowerment' policy.

In any event, the latter-day indication by the Zanu PF leader that Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act be amended forthwith is further vindication of our earlier wisdom and advice to the ruling elite that the obtaining law be refurbished to create a conducive environment for investment and thriving business.


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