Sunday, 19 July 2015


MAKOKOBA legislator Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has said his persistency in contesting for the constituency which he eventually won recently, was solely to improve the livelihoods of the people unlike most politicians whose quest was to enrich themselves.

Addressing residents at the formation of the Makokoba Constituency Development Association at Stanley Hall in Bulawayo yesterday, Rtd Col Dube said he did not become an MP in order to get allowances or fancy cars, as he had plenty of his own luxury vehicles.

“We are gathered here to seek ways of developing Makokoba. Since 1900 there hasn’t been any meaningful development in this area save for the enactment of electricity and since then people are still living in squalor.

“For me, becoming an MP wasn’t a case of getting free luxurious vehicles. I have plenty of those. I am also gainfully employed though of course I will be retiring soon but I am surely not poverty stricken but I don’t want to have my people living a messy life.

“Sometimes we would engage in a feud with my wife over my decision of pursuing to be an MP for Makokoba as she said what would I gain from receiving the allowances I will be getting but I would say to her I want people in my constituency to live a better life and have a brighter tomorrow,” Rtd Col Dube said.
Rtd Col Dube is the CEO of the Zimbabwe Defence Industries. He is also Highlanders Football Club’s long-standing sponsor. He recently added $25 000 from his own funds for the purchase of the club’s bus in South Africa.

He said it was the “inhumane conditions”, which the people in the constituency were subjected to that made him consider standing as a Member of the National Assembly so as to forward the electorate’s grievances for empowerment and development to Government.
He said there was a need for the constituency’s leadership to work together on issues to do with development regardless of political affiliation so as to improve the livelihoods of the residents.

“We need to live together in harmony regardless of political differences. We are all aiming at one thing, which is to improve the livelihoods of our people from this constituency,” Rtd Col Dube said.

He said the first project he would initiate in the constituency was the rehabilitation of the road network in Makokoba, Mzilikazi and Nguboyenja suburbs as well as youth sports and recreational centres.

Speaking at the same occasion, Ward Seven Councillor James Sithole said the Bulawayo City Council was redeveloping Makokoba, a situation which would see the destruction of the deplorable infrastructure to pave way for the construction of modern residential flats.

“What we have done as a council is to come up with a Makokoba Redevelopment Plan that will see us demolish infrastructure close to the City. We have termed the first phase the Basch Street Corridor, this will see us erecting modern flats in the area close to Basch Stree."sunday news


Makokoba just needs to be destroyed to the ground and rebuild better housing that's all ...There is no such thing as improving Makokoba. .

In a well developed country that place would have been bulldozed in the 80's, those tiny rooms and bathrooms are a disgrace.

Zvainenge show off nhai?

Sunday funnies once again..KIKIKIKIKIKI. ZIMBABWE is the laughing stock of Africa. .THANKS BOB...RETARD GOVERNMENT. .HEE HEE HEE HEE.

Can't swing a cat in the whole building. .disgraceful, unimaginable. But it won't change. .back to the stone age.

Mudhara uyu akaita mari madays ehondo yekuCongo

" Can't swing a cat in the whole building." I like your choice of words @Think about it. Ndadziidza zvakawanda kuseni kuno.

Ok ZPF has been in power since 1980 and Makokoba was not developed, this is been a true politician

And the Mdc has been in charge of Bulawayo since 2000 that is 15 years. What did they do?

Gore rino tinodzidza zvakawanda

Both of them nothing its all politics

How did he make money? Flaunting ill begotten money without shame.His son was caught at the airport with bags full of diamonds.Did he go to jail? No, jail is for vanapombiyadonha

He stole enough to last him a lifetime that's why he is not worried by allowances.

Even most of the nicest and kindest of people you will ever come across have unlawfully helped themselves for their own selfish betterment. Going by your tone if you haven't it's not because of your values and morals but just that the opportunity has not risen for you yet. This man is not his son... If he is declaring that he is all for the people... then give him a chance. I would rather someone who has already stolen ago he can and is now admitting that he doesn't need anymore than one who is yet to start looting from scratch...

Still works for ZANU on ZANU principles......voetseki,,,

When is the last time you saw a cat in Makoko. But you can swing a rat in those houses for sure. No food left in the trash cans for cats. People now scrounge for food from trash.

The national economy is dead and MDC can't perform marvels when poverty is everywhere and residents can't pay rates. Mugabe will not tolerate anything progressive from the opposition and even if they wanted to ZANU-PF will sabotage everything. Mugabe must go and let somebody take over even from his ZANU-PF. If you miss that point then you are from Mars. All he can do now is travel.

Taura hako, Vakaba kare.

Foolish decision! ! Take the allowance and donate it to your constituency, pay school fees for under privileged students. difficult is that Tshinga???

People eat them cats and rats..and I am not kidding.

I do care about the poor people of Zim. It's the government that are thieving Bastards

Thank yu Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube for trying to improve life of people ,roads and please clean water. Your effort will hit a brick wall coz Mugabe will not allow Bulawayo. We are in big mess in Zimbabwe not only in Bulawayo but the whole country. Who ever gave birth to worst his/her night to give birth to a viper. l do not think any one clean up the mess Mugabe did to our beautiful country its gonna be worse bcoz with Chinese who are dumb trash in Africa. Remember u are just a Mugabe robot which controlled by ZANU.P.Futseke.We will just want watch which direction u will turn. we will all of us die without clean up what Mugabe have done.

Havaguti mari machewe.They will continue looting.As for me I am a principled man.I am rich in so many other ways.Try working honestly and raising kids in a normal way and enviroment. ITS VERY FULLFILLING.Maybe not possible in the now jungle called Zimbabwe

you wont last long with this attitude

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