Sunday, 19 July 2015


 Foreign ambassadors taking to political activism in Zimbabwe risk being deported as their conduct contravenes standards of global diplomacy, Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has said.

 Yesterday, Minister Mumbengegwi told The Sunday Mail at his Munhumutapa offices that Government will not tolerate errant diplomats and will invoke the relevant conventions to keep them in check.

His comments follow last week’s inference by France’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Laurent Delahousse, that state officials abducted Itai Dzamara, an MDC-T activist.
Dzamara has been missing since March 9, 2015, and Mr Delahousse alleged that he was abducted for “trying to uphold freedom of expression”.

The diplomat said this at French National Day celebrations in Harare, prompting the Foreign Affairs Ministry to read the Riot Act to him.

Minister Mumbengegwi said such accusations raised suspicion that Westerners were the ones who “organised” Dzamara’s disappearance in order to attack Zimbabwe.

“To start with, it is wrong for any diplomat, let alone an Ambassador, to want to utilise National Day celebrations as a forum for political interference in the affairs of the host State. That is supposed to be a ceremonial occasion where both the Ambassador and the host country are represented.

“It was never designed to be a forum to attack each other. This is not to say any diplomat is allowed to interfere in any way; to any extent in the domestic policy of the host country. This is strictly prohibited in terms of the Vienna Convention of 1961.”

He added: “What the French Ambassador did was unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe and this is why he was summoned to Foreign Affairs to explain himself and his feeble attempts to explain himself were totally unsuccessful.

“I take this opportunity to warn the said Ambassador and, indeed, any other foreign diplomat that it is the intention of the Government of Zimbabwe to enforce each and every clause of conventions relating to diplomatic relations among Member States. We will not tolerate any 
interference in our domestic affairs.

“These conventions provide the measures that can be taken against such errant diplomats. Zimbabwe definitely does not want to get to that point. Any Ambassador who is politically-inclined must request their governments to recall them so that they can become politicians in their home countries. This is much better if they want to go into politics rather than being assisted by Zimbabwe to go home.”


Where is he then?? Bring back Dzamara

Excellent question...ZIMBABWE government is a joke to the world..Zanu PF is responsible , and no doubt Dzamara,sad to say is DEAD..AND I AN 100 % SURE THE FRENCH DID NOT TAKE THE HERO..Mugabe and his thugs DID .and the world knows it.MURDER THAT IS WHAT IT IS ..FACE THE FACT , SAD BUT TRUE..IF NOT ARSEHOLES, PRODUCE, HIM THIEVING BASTARDS. OF LIFE..UNLESS YOU ARE Zanu PF. NO one is happy in Zim.

No more killing you bastards. Muchaiona nyaya yacho. People are fed up. It's just a matter of time.

Chokwadi chine nharo vakomana. Succinctly, Zanu is admitting they abducted Itai Dzamara. Two days ago Charamba came out, guns blazing, claiming Zanu knows where Itai Dzamara is - in Botswana! If he were there, we all know ZBC would have been sent there to prove he is alive. Still, the message came through loud and clear - they know where he is. The next day we had a ZRP report claiming a whole bunch of CIO's were his friends and they were in constant touch with him. Now, all of a sudden his tormentors are his friends? Maybe, those are the CIO's who abducted him and, my fear, murdered him. Today Mbengegwi claims this whole case is an 'internal affair'. So the abduction and murder of civilians is an 'internal affair of Zimbabwe' and the Zanu government will 'not tolerate any interference in our domestic affairs'? Mucha buda pachena zvenyu. Dzamara wapfuka iweee!

Thank you Cde Mumbengegwi for reminding us that there are conventions to be followed. Can you please also tell us which convention allows a government to abduct and murder its citizens, as an 'internal affair?

Bring back Dzamara. I know one fool itching to say some rubbish at the mentioning of Dzamara name, watch the space.

May you please provide the evidence and get yourself a cool $10 000. You seem to know a lot about his whereabouts.

We are also fed up with you liars and attention seekers. Tichatonga tigotonga tichingotonga muchingosvotwa.

If you are clean,whats the fuss all about.Bring Back Itai.That's the message.

Are you not ashamed of yourself.What future are you making for your kids? You are done with your life,but because you are foolish,you do not have the vision to see where your kids will end up.You take pride in shortlived happiness.Tables will turn up side down one day & you won't like it.Mugabe will die one day & that's the end of your world.I may waste my time,one word for you is that you are an idi*t.

Empty threats. Just go ahead and deport the diplomat instead of this megaphone political rhetoric. You don't deport a diplomatic through the Pravda Herald. Is the Guky party ready to harass one of the EU members that is showing signs of improved relations?

Itai Dzamara can't vanish into thin air,pliz where is this guy

The future is no matter how the kids are learned they will be vendors or makorokoza.. It's a shame

Ashamed! Are you resident in Zimbabwe. These people are not ashamed at all. They take after the emperor himself. The challenge is most of them have never known better. You have someone who has in any case been in staunch poverty, gets the priviledge to improve their life on account of the patronage system. I can guarantee, you can never knock sense about things being done differently and in a progressive manner. The simple question that you must ask yourself is there a sane, rationale person who brags about tichatonga while presiding over a country that's literally a laughing stock in the world. Zimbabwe is run by people who don't have a grasp of how to progress a nation. It's pure selfishness and greediness, which I blame on every citizen because we allowed individuals like this to be is such a space. The informed are too smart to get involved hence leaving it to these charlatans

The honorable minister is right in highlighting the sovereignity of our country. However he should also spare a moment to realise that diplomats are people with emotions as well. When they see people struggling across our country they come up with programmes to help the populace. These ministers have officiated at several events held by foreign diplomats engaged in various developmental projects. It is quite obvious that such diplomats wouldn't shut their mouth when notable political activists are alleged to have been abducted. The problem with our political leaders is they don't want to be confronted for anything that is accountable to them. Whenever they are confronted especially by foreigners they preach sovereignity and when they receive aid they say we are friends and inwardly they think they deserve the favours.

Kutonga mugotonga to what end? You use US currency, beg for food every year and are the second poorest country on the planet - only the DRC has a lower GDP per capita. Saka muri kutonga chii? What have you achieved other than stealing elections?

Zimbabwe is a failed state and diplomats should not listen to this fool.

Actually those in power know exactly what needs to be done in order to progress as a nation but deliberately keep people poor so that they can manipulate them. A poor person can be made to attack a member of the opposition in exchange for a T-shirt. That is the only way they can stay in power, which is their only goal. A good example is Jonathan Moyo. His past articles were deeply analytical and prescriptive. Fast forward to his becoming part of the ruling elite and he suddenly sings a different tune because he is a beneficiary of the looting frenzy.

So you think 10k is cool for a missing person. Put it at 200 000 and see the CIO going ballistic because they will kill each other.

People with Sibanda as surnames are a confused lot and do not want to have a clear identity.

Zimbabweans are very funny as a nation. They swear at you then 5mins after they are begging you for money. I used to think my family mbrs were mental but I see its at Govt level futi. One minute the west are gay gangsters the next you send requests for aid? They abuse you for being abroad referring to you as a bbc then few mins later they are begging for school fees.Expelling a diplomat doesnt mean jack to France. He is a civil servant & will go work elsewhere. The services that embassy used are the ones who will loose revenue as well as local people employed by them. Mabhoyi kupusa.

They may know but what's important in any case is the will to do what's right as opposed to just knowing. They may have the knowledge but can't comprehend

Sha sha Mwari mupenyu zvekuti dhuu. Don't try to be wise and indeed if God wants to deal with wickedness that is within your party it's a matter of seconds

You are a disgrace for sure . You decided to do whatever you did in FRONT OF God ....and hid from men. Don't you think God can deal with you mhondi imi

Dzamara was a joke. If you think that I am talking bullshit, why don't you come to Africa Unity Square and do what Dzamara was doing. Mupfanha uyu aida kuwonererwa. Unofa. Full stop. He is rotting in a shallow grave. You think Munangagwa is someone to joke with. Ask Godfrey Majonga who put him in a wheel chair. Do not say I am talking nonsense. If you think that Dzamara was a hero and that I am talking nonsense, go to Africa Unity Square with a placard similar to what Dzamara used to carry. Tsvangirai akarohwa it pays for him. Mupfana uyu aitamba nhamo. Mhuri yake irikutambura. You say he is a hero. Whose hero is he when he now leaves his family suffering?????????????????

I suppose even beggars feel the urge to be considered a force to be reckoned with. Delusions of grandeur; and like you say, quite why M'mbengegwi thinks a French diplomat would consider it a setback to be expelled from this basket case of a country is a mystery.

They do comprehend alright. Read the articles Jonathan Moyo writes when he is outside Zanu p.f. and follow the pronouncements of those kicked out of the thieving party. They have an appreciation of what needs to be done and candidly say, for example, that the land programme was a huge mistake, among other things. Even Mnangagwa revealed deep comprehension during his recent trip to China They will not do the right thing because an enlightened and well to do populace would not be easy to manipulate since their sole goal is to remain in power and continue the looting. It's a popular strategy among most African dictators.

I don't know. All I know is we have good analysts who are good at nothing when it comes to the practical aspect in implementing anything. This ranges from the leaders and the citizens themselves

That's the truth you have pointed out here. Be careful though, they will call you a sellout for all your troubles.

Correct to the tee.

To say you are beyond belief is an understatement. How can you brag about the gangster behavior of the vice-president of the nation as if it's a normal and expected behaviour? On the other hand your utterances have deeply implicated Mnangagwa personally and the government by association. The people will certainly confront Mnangagwa with your allegations and I hope he will hunt you down so that you can prove or disprove your allegations.

Cadre, the thing is no one can implement policy if the leadership isn't willing. That's not to take away the fact that we Zimbos are certified cowards hence we complain ad nauseam but will not go out onto the streets. So, yes, just as the late Edson Zvobgo said all those many years ago, a people get a government they deserve and we are indeed one such people.

His always up in the air...if you get my drift. .KIKIKIKIKIKI.

Daniel, the only problem is, given our entrenched position as a pariah and beggar state right at the bottom of the pile, we are sovereign in name only. Goodness, we don't even have our own currency and 80% of our revenues goes to pay civil servants who actually earn peanuts! What kind of sovereignty is that?

There will be cowards like realist who find pleasure in taunting those who have the courage to at least take the dictatorship head on. They hate themselves so much for their cowardice that they find comfort in deluding themselves that they are the smart ones.The rest of us who lack the kind of courage demonstrated by Dzamara simply hang our heads in shame.

If those gallant sons and daughters who paid the supreme price were cowards as this realist, we would still be under the Smith regime. Now in hindsight, maybe we would be better off.

Usareva zita raJehova Mwari wako pasina.

Kana uchichema kudai ndokutongwa ikoko.

Pasina unomuziva here . Let me repeat myself. God is so much alive and it's foolishness to think that He doesn't see hear or do justice . The command, Fo not kill is there and not old fashioned or outdated. Don't defend the devil...There is no spoon long enough to allow you to sit on the devil's table.

Muchitongei mbwa? Unotonga pasina mari? When people are hungry? I doubt your education you monkey. Tsek

You are a Devil woshipper, ZANU PF stupid ngochani. Maivako ihure,baba vako imhondi, musha wese munotambura, munopiwa sadza ne ZANU then you think thats Heaven and Earth, hauna kudzidza, as I speak mwana wako wekutanga ndeweZANU, something that you didnt know. Tsek

Zimbabwe can expel all foreign diplomats in Zimbabwe but that will not bring back Itai Dzamara and neither will his abduction be forgoten. After the Bhasikiti stalking story nobody doubts who abducted Itai Dzamara. The state stands accused of abducting him and should bring him back dead or alive. The state should give $10000 each to the 5 abductors and the state knows who abducted Dzamara. The Minister's statement confirms they know who abducted Dzamara and they are guilty of this act.

The trouble with Zanu is it wont be long before Muza Sibanda is victimised by Zanu itself. Friend wrong is wrong dont defend it, Mdidhimasi Mutasa is my witness. Please reform your party be4 it eats all its children.

A diplomat haasi munhuo here saDzamara?tose tiri vanhu ,so its a concern kana munhu ashaika whether zvakaurwa nadiplomat or else ,after all kuti diplomat its just a title ,tiri vanhu hama dzangu zvimnwe zvose zvotevera

No need for reform. Zanu pf operates that way and it works well

Kusvotwa kwako ikoko kunoratidza kutongwa. Kwaaaks!!

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