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SIXTEEN pupils from Milton High, Townsend Girls’ High, Pace College and Girls’ College, were arrested on Friday after they were caught drinking and abusing dangerous drugs at Centenary Park in Bulawayo.

The pupils, all clad in school uniforms, were arrested and taken to Bulawayo Central Police station facing public drinking charges. They were arrested around 5PM when police raided the Centenary Park after receiving an anonymous tip-off.

The pupils, whose names cannot be published as they are minors, are also believed to have been engaging in sexual activities as there were used condoms nearby.
A source said the pupils were raided by police details from the dogs section. The police, the source said, found the pupils with bottles of whisky, dagga and a widely abused cough syrup with a high alcohol content, Broncleer, popularly known as Bronco.

They said the group made up of eight boys and eight girls admitted to drinking, taking dangerous drugs and engaging in sexual activities.

“They were all drunk when they were arrested. They said the park was their new base where they would freely drink and enjoy themselves,” said the source.
The pupils were released after their parents, guardians and school authorities were called in.

They painted a dejected picture tinted with shame as they sat on the floor at the police station with exhibits in front of them.

Bulawayo province police spokesperson, Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo, confirmed the arrests.

“I can confirm that a group of boys and girls were rounded up by police on Friday but they were dealt with accordingly. They’ve since been released and the matter is being handled by their parents and school authorities. As the police we’re still investigating and tracing suppliers of the dangerous substances they were found in possession of,” said Inspector Moyo.

He urged parents to always monitor their children in terms of behaviour and whereabouts after school and on weekends.

“These days the pupils are engaging in Vuzu parties and they are now doing them during school days. As such we’re encouraging parents and guardians to monitor them particularly when they say they are going to weekend parties as they use the opportunity to indulge in unsafe sex,” he said.

Insp Moyo said police have joined forces with the National Aids Council and Childline Zimbabwe to do campaigns in schools against alcohol abuse and unsafe sex.
“We have joined hands with NAC and Childline Zimbabwe in holding awareness campaigns in schools to highlight the dangers of drug abuse and engaging in unsafe sex in greater Bulawayo.

“We have been doing these campaigns for about a month now,” said Insp Moyo.
Teenage binge-drinking in Bulawayo has reached alarming levels amid concerns of moral decay in the city.

Over the past few months, there has been a plethora of house parties hosted by youths, who in most cases are as young as 13 years in the affluent suburbs of Bulawayo.
The teens organise house parties on the social networking platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Mxit.

It remains a mystery where the teenagers, most of whom are still in school, get the money to host the parties and buy the alcohol and drugs. Equally baffling is whether the children have the blessings of their parents and guardians when they host the wild parties. chronicle


these raskals need some serious canning!well,they maybe be a classic example of victims of broken society,(suitable guidians/parents all in diaspora),but this is not acceptable behaviours.parents work very hard in difficult and hostile conditions in foreign nations for them to mess about like this.its indeed heartbreaking.

Gawd, are Zim police officers bored these days or something?? Spending tax payer dollars to arrest teenagers who are doing what teenagers do??? There are murderers,rapists robbers out there yet they spend all their resources and energy busting teenagers who just having fun! Most people who will criticize for this have at several occasions engaged in these exact antics and probably still do to this day. This is normal, at least they were doing this out in the open and not performing such acts underground!

Drinking whisky, Broncleer, smoking weed and having sex in a public park is hardly normal teenage behaviour that should be encouraged. Teenagers will experiment but this is taking it way too far given the choice of intoxicants which are not only highly addictive but can lead to these vulnerable kids being preyed upon or teenage pregnancies. Good on whoever called the police I say who appear to have handled the matter well. Kids should be in school because we need educated vendors in our country.

Im not saying it should be encouraged but it does happen no matter how you nor I feel about it.Better It took place in an open area than underground. These teens were having protected sex ,consuming alcohol in a public park, very typical teen behaviour. It could have been worse but they were in a public place where help could easily be sought. Zim police are wasting time and resources on such matters, the have to process all this and document all this meanwhile sexual assaults, thefts,murderers are skyrocketing. So you think kids should be in school so that Zim can have more educated vendors?!! Well why bother to have schools then, why not just close them down and motivate these kids to aspire to be "educated vendors?"

Spot on ....unlike some who think it is O.K...IT IS NOT.. are just being plainly negative for nothing here, your persistence surprises me...😯
If u have really nothing positive to say maybe it would be wise to sit some debates out at times....
U really not helping here....
At least they didn't bash them like the American pool incident!

Nothing new here....very normal but inappropriate behaviour...I did worse than that during my days in time hamubatwe mangwadzwa manje....

I will always express my opinion no matter how you feel about them and your surprise at my persistence is irrelevant and doesn't bother me. I always have something positive, negative or neutral to express, if you don't like it , tough luck, lick your own wounds for all I care. I don't care if you disagree, that's your own opinion just the same I have mine. The American incident was terrible, infact racial profiling , which the US admits to doing, played a role in that one. That Dallas cop resigned from that incident.

If that's true then it takes one to know one.

Lady Gaga.On this your are of side.
Wel done ZRP

You are entitled to your own opinion hey just like I am mine. We cant always agree can we?

Oh please can't people joke around any more? I was just being ironical about the educated vendors. I expected someone like you would sense that, I was clearly wrong and I apologise for being making that presumption. Safe sex indeed, but it is not unheard of for someone to still get pregnant that is why for kids the safest sex is abstention. You persist that police should not have bothered stopping kids drinking whisky, broncleer and smoking weed and having sex in a public place whilst in school uniform? I am glad you are not our education minister or Tomana because we are not even told their age anyway.During my time in high school anyone caught doing such things was either punished severely (6 of the best and manual labour) if not expelled, I would want the same to happen to my kids. There is a time and place for everything.

I'm sure this forum is benefiting those who have become irrelevant to the present time, exposing their degrees of insanity, shouting to the global public how cursed they are, venting their bitter and misguided broken opinions. Shame on you lady gaga. pun intended nor taken luv, I got your humour , I was just being catty with you! Its alright. See you and others here are failing to see my point (which is ok, we all have varying opinions of which we are entitled to) teens are teens and teens do these things regardless of how we personally feel about such things. HEY I was raised catholic but I will admit I drank vodka and wine during my time in school regularly. Im not saying its right and neither am I saying it justifies teens doing the same, but its an internationally and common sense known fact, teenagers engage in drinking and sex and instead of denying this or denying the possibility and practical likelihood of such things happening, its better to accept this and educate teens about making informed decisions no matter how they end up behaving. That way they are full aware of their actions and the implications, but accepting and acknowledging the practical possibility of such behaviour is important and the first victory of the battle.
LOL, Believe me, I couldn't do worse than Lazzy nor Tomana, Lazzy who isn't consulting with the family planning and Hiv/Aids specialists on how to appropriately educate and deal with sexual matters that relates to under age school going children , and I certainly would do better than Tomana who advocated for the removal of sexual offences prosecutions on persons who slept with Grade 7 kids and over.
I would have suffered the same fate too if I was caught doing these things in high school, but frankly we all know we did either one of these things in the hidden , I knew guys that would elope on Friday nights to the bar and drink amongst older strangers (something I know a lot of guys here can confess to if they have the guts to).
At least these teens showed a degree of responsibility in a situation of irresponsibility, they used protection, they drank publicly, so they were not in any risk to be lured by older strangers to secluded areas, yes, they wore uniforms, this added a high degree of safety for them because they could easily be identified by normal people and law enforcement and not just dismissed as vagrants. So really, they in a way made the best out of a compromising situation if you want. Again, please don't misunderstand me like most have been doing here and probably continue to, but this is normal teenage behaviour and for what it was, they played it safe .Teenage pregnancies are ofcourse not good at all, but they do occur without the proper education and without contraception. These students did possess both and again, they protected themselves throughout this fun filled time at this park. Im not condoning this , but I acknowledge and accept this stuff is normal and by doing accepting such things paves the way for realistic and practical solutions. This is an open -ended debate, im sure many will disagree anyway.

Seems like you are more bitter than I am Bitter Ben.

That's where it all starts. It's good they nipped it in the bud coz if they are left to their own devices, these youths will become hard core criminals. Having fun is not all about drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sex. Inasmuch as they are at that age where they experiment, there's need for correction where anti social behaviour is noted

You really amaze me. If you think the police should just leave these kids to do whatever they were doing cause it's a normal teenage thing to do, then you have no moral compass. I wonder if you are a parent or aspire to be one cause a normal parent wouldn't want a kid to do that. Yes you are free to state your opinion but at this rate you are abusing that freedom. Lastly do not behave like tomana

thank you very much Flame and it only takes a person with kids to understand.

You speak like a woman who threw her womb to the dogs, that is if you are a woman nxa!

Don't put thoughts into my head.... Read my posts again and understand my position better. Im Abusing my freedom of speech by expressing myself? Yeah you amaze me too. If you are beginning to compare me to Tomana then this one is lost on you then.Again, maybe read my responses first??

That's your own opinion and are entitled to it just like I am mine.

LOL....good one. typing and not "speaking."

“speak or type whatever! but the truth hurts”

Wait, you actually think im "hurt??" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...yeah ok! Look im not looking for wage fights here, just stating my opinion. You don't like it fine. I don't even know you, so why should I begin to argue with you??

Regai dzive pwere, these youngsters wings needs to be clipped, u and I and every other grown up person knows there are better things to experiment with rather than sex and drugs which have disastrous consequences. Takabva neko kumhunga uku. Out of unprotected sex(which in this case is more likely) comes out unplanned pregnancies and/or STIs. We all know the end result of abusing drugs. A combination of the two above is a perfect recipe of deep poverty, difficult to uproot if left unchecked. Society needs to groom youngsters who will be tomorrow's leaders and productive members of the community. And these kids being kids don't know it yet, they need our guidance in these trying times, more especially taking into consideration our situation in Zim

Do you have to argue with someone you know hey, who knows who on this forum!

is this war or we just sharing ideas and divergent schools of thought? I never disputed that it is your opinion, I just presented the other side of the coin. lol. You are entitled to yours and no one disputed that my lady

You and I and other grown ups know for a teenager, there is nothing more exciting than experimenting with sex and alcohol. The story states used condoms were found in that very park where they were hanging out, so that's what we should go with here, the given facts. Again, im not saying I condone this, but I do accept and acknowledge this is normal teenage behaviour nor matter how much anyone disagrees. Even during my time, teenage pregnancies, STIs happened and frankly the trend hasn't changed. Teen pregnancies do occur, have been so since the beginning of time,the question now is how can they be prevented and do you still continue to adopt the same methods that haven't worked previously or do you go back to the drawing board and re-strategize? That's an open ended question anyway. Society ofcourse has a role to play in childrens lives, but have you seen the Zim society these days? Not much to call a society im afraid, if its not community at large its the home where they are from, if not the home, its the school environment, etc. Zim society has indeed changed and no longer what it used to be, its now one man for himself. And these are not Kids, they are teenagers who are old enough to understand their actions, they have reached puberty and are fully aware of the implications too.

I usually don't like arguing with people I don't know anyway and if you are asking "who knows who on this forum" then that justifies my thoughts that there is no need for me to argue with someone I don't know.

LOL Im pretty sure we just having a normal exchange. You presented your other side of the coin and I did the same too. You are entitled to yours as well luv and im simply stating that.

Look at yourself Lady Gaga, you experimented with sex and drugs as a teenager, and now no one wants to marry you. You should be advocating for sterner measures against such experiments.

LOOOOOOOOL...I look in the mirror each day and I see blossoms of beauty and greatness no matter how much I angle that mirror. Turned down quite a few guys and two marriage proposals I wasn't ready for. Hmmmmm....I doubt im suffering from my past which is well known amongst my peers and family too. Nice shot though, but you must be referring to yourself there not me.

I don't think in your head there are still positive things for the good of your country to you everything is negative .
Sometimes you should have to be to be ashamed of yourself not to comment everything you see on the paper even if I tell that you are very stupid you can't understand.

Inga vana vemazuvano vakunakirwa. Suddenly I wish I was young again...

What a very pathetic paragraph. Must have pulled all that crap out of your arse like what you see when you look in the mirror.Get lost kid you stink!

Who is responsible for this street kid called Gaga

Who let this Mafiravanhu dog out??

Its going to bite your buttocks in the park

Sometimes shut up you disgrace yourself not everyone is hooooo

Like I said, you are lame, lame with an L. You were a disgrace even before the word itself. Ho?? Me? Just look at yourself, you are an offspring of one

Crime and deviance is necessary for every society. If there is only chaos without order society becomes broken. These are youngsters and sometimes they need to learn the hard way. I have teenage boys and I bet they do worse but I cannot continue being nosey . Mugoni wepwere ndiye asinayo these kids nowadays can come from good families lacking nothing but the thrill of Youth drives them to do insane things. Back in our days bonking was out of the question , Kubata mskana garo was my first and only naughty thing now these kids watch fifty shades of grey and go on to practice the moves

You sure you not an imposter? Cause this is right weird yo.

Ye teens get up to all sorts. We all did but never in an open space such as a park.

Asi ma Jourlist uyu haana camera? Kana phone ine camera..

My worry here is not about the pupils but the police. The writer says dog section were called to attend the scene at Centinary Park. This is waste of resources . Dog section should be called for serious crimes . They is no indication that these pupils were violent. Centinary Park is a public place and they should be police patrols regularly and these pupils could have not gone that far. Police are to patrol such areas and prevent such incidents. Where are the beat patrols the police used to do ? I bet all the policemen were at road blocks. Unplanned road blocks where police check for drivers' license and will let you pass if you give them five dollars. No other things are looked for. Car are not checked , the police have no photographs of wanted criminals. Nothing else is done beside checking for seat belts.

What's surprising is that the number of police on these road blocks are five at least. These road blocks are littered at least ten kilos apart along minor and major roads. Surely what is Chihuri and his men hoping to get from such. Please take away the police from roads and put them on beat patrols. Police should go back to attend crime scenes rather than tell victims to bring offenders to police stations . Let they be division of duty. Let's have the patrol police, traffic police, Criminal Investigation police, crime prevention police, drug investigators, plain clothed police etc. stop the corruption at unplanned road blocks. Well with Gaga what more can I say. was all underground then?!

Im as real as it gets dude!

A very bitter woman she is.

i usually agree with u on most things, but on this topic i beg to differ.if u were e parent of one of those teenage daughters arrested by e cops, i wonder if u would still support dat she should be f#ckd in a public place!!

Vanhu Ava vanoda bonde stereki. It's in their genes zvekuda nyoro.

No but we made conscious efforts not to be seen or get caught. I'm sure you asking what you already know woman. are denying exactly what im confirming with you here. Im not really asking, I placed an exclamation mark at the end of my question mark meaning im not really asking, im stating at the same time. Anyway, if you made the conscious efforts not to be seen or get caught, then you ofcourse performed your acts underground!

That's fine hey, we cant always agree with one another. You are missing something here, nothing suggested there was f*king happening in a public place, condoms were found yes, but that doesn't mean those used condoms belonged to those teens and neither does it mean they were f*king in the open. The evidence here is they were drinking in public.

Yes we did and am sure you did as well.

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