Friday, 7 February 2014


A 53-year old farmer and businessman in Bulilima District has sought a protection order against his 20-year-old wife saying he could not endure being beaten by her. Sam Ndebele of Figtree filed assault charges against his youthful wife, Molly Kooreke, recently. He told Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa yesterday that he no longer wanted to stay with her.

 “My wife is constantly beating me up, harassing and threatening me. I wish to be protected against her as she is a danger to me,” he said. “I want her to stay away from me and I do not want her anywhere close to my plot.”Kooreke said she slapped her husband on the face last month and stripped off his shirt in full glare of passersby after she caught him having a nice time with another woman at Redwood Leisure Resort.

She told the court that she bumped into her husband lips-locked with the woman who was identified as MaTshuma at the business centre. Kooreke is no longer living with her husband accusing him of infidelity.

“The extra-marital affairs he is having are the reason why I beat him up in the first place. I do not object to the protection order that he is seeking against me but I want access to our child who is staying with him,” she said.

Ruvetsa granted Ndebele a protection order and warned Kooreke against harming or provoking her husband.


ko iwe unotsvakei pa ka mwana katuku ikako, 53 yrs versus 20 yrs , hautonyariwo murume iwe

wow such good command of the English language, why don't you try our lovely mother language...

Chavakadya chamuka baba awa vachinyanya kuda zvinhu sechangani bag, heyoka masweet twenty avanoda, chirega vazhabanurwa nekuwetsurwa mabhama. Matwenty year old anoswera achikufudza semombe ende panoise mosquito inosara pasi. Pabonde vanoda zvinhu zvawo, and you have to make sure kuti old horse coffee yaGumbura yaakasungwa adutira is at hand pasina izvozvo unopinda busy.

aaah vakadzi makashing saka what do women feel for a 53 year old iwe uine 20 maybe a teenager......aaah yaa zvakaoma. chionai mave kukwapidza movarovera chihure iyewo 53 year old asiri kugutswa nemukadzi one...ibhur chairo lol....

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