Sunday, 16 February 2014


Leadership wrangles in the MDC-T took a nasty turn yesterday when youths reportedly aligned to party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai assaulted secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti and deputy national treasurer Mr Elton Mangoma in violent scenes that rocked the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters.

Mr Biti escaped unhurt while Mr Mangoma sustained injuries in the attack, which occurred at the end of a meeting between the national party leadership and district chairpersons.  The two fell out of favour with Mr Tsvangirai’s backers after they were fingered as being part of a clique angling to topple the MDC-T leader.

Youth assembly secretary-general Mr Promise Mkwananzi was also assaulted while the chairperson, Mr Solomon Madzore, took cover inside the building. National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said investigations were in progress. No arrests had been made by last night.
“I can confirm that concerned citizens rushed to Harare Central Police Station to alert our officers that Mr Mangoma had been assaulted,” said Senior Asst Comm Charamba. “We are still gathering information to ascertain who was behind the attack and waiting for an official report from Mr Mangoma or his party.”

Yesterday’s meeting began in the morning with the state of the party featuring uppermost on the agenda. The gathering resolved to restructure all MDC-T structures in what appears to be a move tailored to revive Mr Tsvangirai’s waning influence. Sources who attended the meeting said Mr Tsvangirai sought to whip the chairpersons in line following indications the national executive council could call an early elective congress.

The sources said the chairpersons, however, openly told him that he had failed as a leader. The meeting exposed the divisions within the party, which became more pronounced after the defeat of Mr Tsvangirai and the MDC-T in last year’s elections.

Mr Mangoma is among the senior party officials calling on Mr Tsvangirai to step down. Others include national treasurer Mr Roy Bennett, former Marondera Central legislator Mr Ian Kay and Warren Park National Assembly representative Engineer Elias Mudzuri. Mr Kay called Mr Tsvangirai a “rusty bolt” that needs to be replaced.

As Mr Biti and Mr Mangoma stepped out of Harvest House after the meeting, the youths who were waiting outside immediately pounced on them.  Mr Mangoma took cover behind Mr Tsvangirai who made frantic efforts to calm the youths. The gang, however, punched and kicked the deputy party treasurer. His clothes were also torn in the attack.

He was later rescued by Mr Tsvangirai’s security guards who whisked him away in a vehicle that was parked nearby. With Mr Tsvangirai still trying desperately to restore order, the youths turned to Mr Biti who ran for dear life and leapt into Mr Tsvangirai’s vehicle.

He was whisked off together with the party leader. The youths then turned against each other with those identified as being aligned to Mr Mangoma fleeing to safety.

When The Sunday Mail news crew arrived, the youths were singing songs denouncing Mr Mangoma while holding broken spectacles, which they claimed belonged to him. They were also baying for Mr Madzore’s blood as he remained holed up inside Harvest House.

Contacted last night, Mr Mangoma refused to comment. “I am sorry, but I do not speak to The Sunday Mail,” he said.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, would not commit himself.
“I can confirm that Mangoma attended the meeting along with everyone else, but I am not aware of what transpired after the meeting had been concluded,” he said.

Party spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora said he was not aware of the physical attack.
“We are going to investigate the matter to ascertain if the people responsible for the incident were party members. We suspect there are people from outside who want to tarnish the party’s image,” he said.


I suspect a CIO underhand: who benefits more with such violence? ZANU PF!
it is a known fact that every time Zanu is in turmoil, they stock violence fires in MDC, question is why is mdc not awakening to these tactics?

i am MDC to the core, hbut honestly its tym yo tell Morgan Ngengison to go. Boolsheet!

The foundation's crack is widening. These are indeed signs of the times. I have been saying it again and again, that Mangoma speaks for many more people, but Tsvangirai's fanatics are too intoxicated to see that they have nothing to gain by having him hold on to power when he is not effective. But, what happened today shows u why ppl decide to keep quiet even when they are unhappy. Mozopopota kuti why do they go to the media instead of solving it inhouse. Inhouse haiite coz no one will listen. You will get victimized for speaking the truth.

This is the problem with African politics. You can never face the truth or confront lies. People would rather accept a faulty status quo than fight for change. Dai ndanga ndiri kuHarvest House vaitondirovawo coz I would have tried to inject sense into the heads of those juviniles. Ndaizotizira kumota yaTsvangirai after telling them off. These unschooled youths vane dzungu rinenge rana mujobha weZANU.

Back to the truth, we are seeing signs of a system that is falling apart. Coupled with financial woes, soon we will not be surprised kudzwa kuti MDC yakavhara maOffice coz there was no more leadership.

Good try, but Zanu Pf need to stop wearing knickervs and be real. All that Nikuv want from Zimbabwe is money and will do anything to get it including asking Zanu Pf to pull down their knickers to do them from behind. Nikuv, through Zanu PF, are knickerving vulnerable young people who pretend to be MDC-T and get beer and cigarettes as payment at the end of the day. They can try every trick in the book but our brains are un-nikuvable!

Kurova Mangoma literally

Tsvangirai has nothing to benefit from this. It's ZANU Pf further sowing seeds of discord . But then again, Mangoma you planted the seeds

Hahaha this is nothing to do with CIO but everything to do with pseudo democrats whose charlatan characteristics are coming out. It's pure madness to try and blame others when it's clearly that thr hooligans are sponsored by the internal people who don't want to be challenged.

Seni I was promised that they would deal with me come 2nd of AUGUST..thank GOD MORGAN did not win because my life was hanging by a thread and they were going to make good on their promise. It was Morgan who would constantly lead by saying achandiwona musi wa2 and Teresa Makoni said the same in Sakubvaat the last meeting before the elections so being a LEADERSHIP RENEWAL AGITATOR was not a second thought...for my own preservation it was the only we have been vindicated.

Washaya..these youths have been in our ranks for years saka Zanupf yapinda papi..imika nyarayi svaaaaa.

Smell your armpits brother.

.....this then again begs the there democracy in mdc...?

U ah a hopeless one brother....!

Tsvangirai sent these thugs to make it appear he has strong support in the party then akunyepera kubatsira Mangoma. What say you of this barbaric behaviour mdc supporters. Dai murikurova ma zanu pf taiti zvirinani manje pachenyu here vakomana. Suppose mdc rules horaiti kunorega kubatanwa ma collar muparliament here....ndabva ndafunga bennet gore raakarova chinamasa kkkk kikkiest.

Hazvina kuipa kusupporter party yako shamwari but zvimwe nyaraiwo. Zanu pf yapinda sei and papi mu harvest house these youths are known mdc supporters vakatotumwa ne mukuru we mdc. If u really believe cio is behind this then mdc yacho do not by one bit deserve to b ruling. If they cannot secure a mere building zvekuti tuma youth twezanu tunopinda tuchirova vakuru vavo what more national security when it goes into power.

I am sorry ladies and gentleman, but this is the beginning of the end of both Tsvangirai and MDC era. A few more incidents like this, we will be hearing that the party is finished. We now need to brace ourselves for a new political party. MDC has always been a Tsvangirai brand and I don't see it changing. Tsvangirai is trying to stop a train that is gaining momentum by the minute, he is failing. I personally believe change is coming and the Tsvangirai brand is fading. This is simple principles of marketing, people always move to a brand that is fashionable. Tsvangirai has committed the ultimate sin of over staying at the helm of the party for a long time, just like Mugabe. These are warning signs, very soon people will stop attending MDC rallies and the rest is history. Statistical analysis and history will prove that, when one tries to have firm grip on a political structure there are negative effects on his popularity.

Mugabe has defeated/Cheated Morgan 3 times ever since MDC came into the Zim political arena. Surely in an part of the world, Morgan will be Mugabe's preferred candidate come next elections for Mugabe has mastered the art of defeating/cheating Morgan tsvangirai election in election out. Now i would then think if the hand of CIOs is involved, then surely it should be on the side of Morgan to remain as the MDC leader for he can be easily be defeated by Mugabe. So in other words Tsvangirai is eating ne ZANUPF then considering that he is still in the government house almost 9 months after elections."MDC IS A DEMOCRATIC PARTY".Cry my beloved country. Those who have taken ppermanent residence of other countries-my advice is you better of staying there, nothing will ever change in Zimbabwe.IZVI ZVAKUMBERI SE CHAIR YA GUMBURA KU END TIME MESSAGE

In mdc at least they beat you in other parties u get killed.

Beat vatengesi please. Hatidi vatengesi in our revolution.

Ini hangu ndogara mudiaspora mangu. ZveZimbabwe toonera pamawebsite takazorora hedu. Mugabe & Tsvangirai can keep their Zimbabwe. I give up.

If its the CIO its svangirai who is causing outsiders to do that by his actions and words. Why is he so scared of change?

Ndimi vanhu vanoita angry on Chematama's behalf and blame everything on Zanu PF - even Chematama's sexacapades maiti akavhurirwa zip. Hamunyare here kungo nongedzera vamwe mhosva chokwadi kana kuti kufunga kuno kutambudzai?

Party spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora said he was not aware of the physical attack.
“We are going to investigate the matter to ascertain if the people responsible for the incident were party members. We suspect there are people from outside who want to tarnish the party’s image,” he said.

what does that even mean, isn't that just like saying nothing at all, not aware and suspecting it was done by people from outside.REALLY!!!!!

i like your principles of marketing theory, however what i fail to fathom is why some people then keep talking of an old brand than creating the new brand from outside so that we mkne to the new fashionable brand. i sdont personally whether this tsvangirai guy is now an old brand as you say, but should we loose sleep over some people who want to take other people's brand? mangoma and company shuld just leave this zealot and start their own thing? a lot of his kith and kin had that before so there is nothing peculiar about that. and when they have their own new fashionable brand yhen they will preach DOMOCRACY chaiyo chaiyo kwete yaanatsvangirai. but my of phrase of caution is some thkngs are easier said than done. takazviona pataiva kuhondo izvozvo

He was rescued by Mr Tsvangirai's 'security guards'? That is hilarious! So Tsvangirai travels with mahobhos? This level of journalism is expected of Border Gezi graduates.

Sipo Mtambo neradio manyepo murikufara nhasi hanti. Mxm. Enda kuMthwakazi apa

MDC must be in for it.Mangoma is my homeboy tichabatana hedu pakuyambuka

Under Morgan Richard Tsvangirai there is neither democracy nor any direction. Tsvangirai must go and now!

I suspect Tsvangirai to be the one who influenced the youths to beat up Mangoma.Now he is in Glenorah For Peace Rally.Ngaaende Ngaaende

You are right Peacekeeper. I can see a strong political movement rising from the Tsvangirai nonsense. By assaulting Biti and Mangoma, Tsvangirai's hired guns are unwittingly raising the political profile of the two. They now have evidence that Tsvangirai is just a fat version of Mugabe!

It's like saying at least isusu todya dhodhee rakaomeswa ne zuva in other parties vanodya dhodhee nyoro .....

Nobody will ever condone violence in our politics. It is trite though to remember all the time that you cannot compare this to Zanupf type violence where anybody angling seriously for the top office has one way or the other been killed over the last four to five decades (with one person at the helm), car accidents particularly but more recently in flames!!! I would rather be beaten up than be killed for sure!!!

Dsnt look like a roughed up man to me

neanu vanodashurwa

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKnhai Jazzy zvinobvepiko. Wandibaya nhasi chimukuyu ne fresh dhodhi here vakomana.

It is now clear that Tsvangirai is practicing the same dectatorship that he was supposedly fighting. Munhu haungati ndinogara chete even ndatadza basa coz vanhu vari kunditi gara. He wants to make a living out of being president weMDC while he is delivering NOTHING.

Listen buddy. Don't live your life behind the curtain of denial. ZANU PF has nothing to do with wanting Morgan out. If anything, ZANU wouldf be happy to run against him for his entire lifetime because Morgan is a REACTIONARY, not a REVOLUTIONARY. ZANU would not even need to work hard in 2018 if Morgan is still prez weMDC. So, ZANU's underhand is not operational here.

It is the smart heads that see that there is no through road as long as Morgan is steering the party to nowhere. The problem is, when the heasd is rotten, the entire body will be rotten too nomatter how good his support system is. This is becaise the moment someone criticises him, he is viewed as a rebel. But Morgan himself would rather surround himself with dummies who accept everything even when the ship is sinking. Lets not be like ZANU inongoti sanctions even when they are looting us into poverty. Lets learn to accept reality inoti we will get nowhere coz Morgan has too many issues that make him a real liability. He should not act as if he OWNS MDC. He is the founding president but he does not OWN MDC. He should step aside and go kuBuhera kwaakacheresa Borehole and grow some crops for a living instead of trying his hand at politics that he has failed.

If ZANU is in it, it would definitely come through his flotera of lovers who are strong ZANU supporters. He is the one allowing ZANU to infiltrate MDC thru his concubines.

Kkkkk ese ma dhodhi waona hapana musiyano

LOL! Lets not be like Zanu PF??? You are Zanu PF!!!

all of a sudden Rose, you have found your voice? exactly the tactic that we see thru: when ZANU is overwhelmed with scandals THEY SET cio to MDC, its a known fact that things arent what they look like. for beatings to take place and zrp is not even in the vicinity is not like in our beautiful country. some things are clearly stage managed.

why shud OUTSIDERS be concerned with our change?

its a dirty game my brother, while you were studying whatever you studied, someone was studying espionage, millitaary intelligence, political science, these are the results.

Chinja MAISIRO - MAISIRO Chinja.

yapinda naMangoma! are you that blind to see?

kikikiki, Rose you not devoid of humor ne? zvave kufamba manje bcoz news dzachinja from Mai mujuru to harvest house, you guys are so predictable!

Jazzy kufa nekukuwara zvakafanana... Chete handingakushori hako nekuti hauna kumbofa pamwe wakangorohwa chete

But zviri kuitika mu MDC is how it all begins ufunge, that is why it must be nipped in the bud izvozvi tisarambe tichiita zve ZANU zve violence ..........

Morgan is becoming like Mugabe, he is lashing at his bad leadership, only dicators use violence, Mangoma was not in the wrong but we know that Biti is really the person that Tsvangirai is after, He is destroying the party with his ego.

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