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Another leading MDC figure says MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai, must step down for the good of the party.

Elias Mudzuri said on Sunday Tsvangirai could ceremoniously step down and become the "Mandela of the party".

The former Harare mayor and Member of Parliament for Warren Park insisted the MDC-T was "still alive", but warned that "without introspection and debate, Zanu PF will rule this country until the cows come home."

"Personally, I feel there are several scenarios that should be looked at... I proffer five scenarios and believe one from the five can shape the destiny of the party or its demise," Mudzuri wrote in The Standard.

He added: "Scenario one: The status quo remains and MDC-T goes for the 2016 congress with the current leadership.

"Scenario two: there is an urgent extraordinary congress before 2016.

"Scenario three: Morgan Tsvangirai and the whole team are contested at the 2016 congress and a new leadership emerges.

"Scenario four: Morgan Tsvangirai is the godfather of the party. He steps down ceremoniously and becomes a 'Mandela' of the party. Structures are re-engineered including the party constitution which will limit the future party president to two terms only.

"Scenario five: Morgan Tsvangirai does not step down. He keeps the support base and those not happy can form their party or join the various sprouting political outfits in the country."

Mudzuri did not say what his favoured scenario was, but he has been fingered internally by Tsvangirai loyalists as part of a group – led by party treasurer Roy Bennett – which has been advocating for leadership change in the party.

This group – stung by the crushing election defeat by Zanu PF on July 31 – wants Tsvangirai to stand down with dignity, while allowing the party to get a new leader to "re-engineer" the party ahead of the 2018 elections.

Ian Kay, a member of the group calling for leadership change compared Tsvangirai to a "rusty bolt" and a captain of a sinking ship, joining Bennett and another senior figure, Eddie Cross, who have called on the former trade unionist to quit after leading the party since its formation in 1999.

The rebels are said to count the party's powerful secretary general Tendai Biti among their ranks, but before Mudzuri's latest intervention – only white members of the MDC-T had openly voiced their discontent.

Tsvangirai's supporters insist he will not be stampeded to the exit door but will seek a new mandate at the party's elective congress in 2016, having changed the constitution to remove term limits.

Obert Gutu, one of the MDC-T leader's adherents, has claimed Tsvangirai's internal rivals are sponsored by Zanu PF.


sour grapes, you were demoted from your ministerial post, what else can you say Mudzuri?

hahahahahahaha, zanu again???????:

Personally I do not have anything against Mudzuru but I know this guy that he is power hungry to an extend that his so-called five MDC T' s future scenarios are nothing but just reasons why Mudzuru and his power-hungry individuals should be the next leaders of MDC T. This so-called analysis of possible future scenarios of MDC T is poor in depth analysis and full of overt reasons for writing this ameture sounding report. Surely, should one wants to give better analysis of possible future scenarios of MDC T then one needs to incorporate historical events since formation of MDC and include data about other political parties that were formed and died since 1980. My fairest opinion about the future is that ONLY TSVANGIRAI -led leadership is able and capable of transforming undemocratic polititical environment in Zim now to new democratic dispensation which will allow new different political parties to emerge and prosper provided the wishes of the majority is captured in their party's manifestos. It is not easy to fight undemoctatic parties with democracy but it is easy to use democratic movements to unsit deep- rooted dictatorship-led political parties and change the political culture of the given society to democracy for good. Mudzuru's analysis is more about few individuals than the majority Zimbabweans. Remember, MDC T 's fight is not about ZANU PF as a political party. This fight is a fight on and about a political dispensation that is good just for a few individuals. It is a fight for a system that cares for just a few.

Mudzuri wakasikisa kubuda pachena kuti chigaro uchiri kuchidawo manje uchalumila a struggle is not about self interests but the interests of the people of Zimbabwe.Vanhu vasina vakadzi hativade havana stability you will fall into the same trap just like your leader Tsvang, easily scandalized.

This is bull. Look at what happened with the first MDC Splt. Note that Zanu has had its own internal woes but have never split. Thats what makes them strong. Adopt what makes a party strong irrespective of what the party is. Instead of calling for a coalition of the two MDC`s, he is advocating for a another split. He is probably hoping for a bigger post in the newly anticipated split party.

The tactlessness of the MDC-T is that in a country formerly oppressed by white settlers, the party needs to avoid the perception that it is merely a front for white interests. To avoid this, the white members should avoid a situation whereby they are seen to be driving the direction of the party, and making the black members appear like they are just "towing along." If anything, the real scenario Mudzuri should have painted was one in which the MDC renewal was tied to removing this stigma completely. But it doesn't help when you let Bennett, Kay, and Cross bleat out the "Tsvangirai must go!" mantra first, and then you repeat the chorus. Whatever order will emerge after Tsvangirai is already telegraphed as a white-led project, the perfect fodder for Zanu PF fire. The MDC has serious issues with strategy, discipline, and packaging.

"He's been bought by Zanu Pf, LMAO?"... What do you MDC-T zealots have to say now?

Tsvangirai must go and mdc be called Mdc with no t b s j z k m

go for your sanity

Zanu yakaoma zvayo ndabvuma hangu party yese zvaichapera kutengwa nhai........lol

Misleading headline.Mudzuri is right ndiyo democracy yacho.

MDC limits the terms of the party president to 2 but Tsvangirai ava handiendi

Ko ku formerwo enyu maparty then mosiya Tsvangirai ne MDC-T yake zvinei? Time to go where he is the founder abaiwa ngaabude. Ndiri ku former yangu naRose from the big one handiti Rose ndiwe unenge uri leader!

You are right Herbert. What does the MDC T part constitution say about the time frame of the president in office? I have been asking people this question without getting a clear answer. If Tsvangirai is there to stay as president then supporting this part is a waste of time. Its better to have a new part with a sound constitution and direction. Tsvangirai has over stayed on this position. I have been a supporter of MDC T but i now have second thoughts about it.

That's fine. There are many more other scenarios....remain in MDC-T as supporters, leaders or financiers, join Zanu Pf, revive ANC, revive ZUM, rejuvinate MDC-N, help Zanu Pf split, do nothing, etc, etc. The difference is the same, maZimbos, 'suffering continues'!

There is no need to leave MDC. Change the party from being a personal property of Tsvangirayi. You cant fire a man from his own party for goodness's sake. It is called MDC Tsvangirayi. CHange the name and use the constitution that you have as a party that says only two terms for a party president. Forming other parties or joining other parties is not the answer. Bring more investment into the party and dilute Tsvangison's shareholding then remove his name from the handle.

AnaMudzuri... Demoted from a ministerial position. Zvakarwadza. Have you ever seen this guy address a rally?

What is clear is that Morgan has now also lost the support and respect of his own party after losing 2 presidential elections. That he has failed to show leadership in a time of crisis, when the party has appeared directionless and confused after losing the elections. The MDC supporters are still being told about how Zanu rigged the elections when in fact everyone else who is relevant now knows that Mugabe and Zanu won the elections. While MDC supporters want to know what direction the party is taking Morgan is busy worrying about Mugabe talking to him about his perks as former PM and his marital affairs. Mudzuri has done nothing wrong in expressing the view which many senior officials are silently airing with the hope that Morgan will realise its time to pass on the baton stick with dignity. If he allows the party to split again then he may as well kiss goodbye to any form of legacy

The original MDC constitution limited the party president's terms to two, but Tsvangi and his "council" changed the constitution to allow him to do a handiende

The two-term constitution was changed kudhara by Tsvangirayi and his inner circle !!

I see and sense some similarities with Zanupf in MDC.Anyone who has an opinion,and different idea is considered a sellout.What a shame,I think what Mudzuri is saying must be debated and not be criticized for just his opinion.If i am to be radical really,Tsvangirai should have been sacked from the party long time ago considering his shinanigans with women and other scandals.
But what is happenning now is that Tsvangirai is the MDC pillar just like Mugabe being Zanupf pillar.Both parties think if these pillars are removed then the parties will collapse,what a farce.Tsangirai or no Tsvangirai the party will move on.Tsvangirai is also afraid that if he is not the head of the party,what will he do in life.Does he have any qualification,to work in places like United Nations i don't think so.Zvava zvekuto simba,firapo,nekunamirapo kuti urambe uchidya.SAD.

What Mudzuri has spoken is in the minds of the majority of MDC leaders and supporters. It is very clear that MDC are not in government because of the poor quality of leadership in their ranks. Morgen is the head of that leadership and should take full responsibility. If anybody has been bought by zanu Pf then clearly it is Morgen not Mudzuri. Where is he now after promising us that he is going to mobilise resistance if Zanu Pf stole the 2013 elections. The 2013 elections were stolen and he was part of the elections running team and what did he do to challenge the illegitimate result...NOTHING. The last election was also stolen and what did he do... NOTHING. Now he is promising us kuti he will win in 2018. Does he think we are all that insane to believe that he will get power using the same failed tactics. Was it not Einstein who described insanity as 'doing the same thing and expecting different results' Mudzuri is right tactics have to be changed to achieve different results. Tsvangirai has achiebed a lot for the democratic cause but it is now time to pass on the button. Dont be like Ettienne Tshisekedi of Zaire who contested and lost every election ever run in the Congo from Mobutu to kabila and still claimed'we was robbed' yes the do rob election but only when they deal with dump leaders.

I agree with you Chisaga, the firing of Mudzuri was one of the worst mistakes ever done by Morgen. When MDC overwhelmingly won the 2008 elections Mudzuri was the organising secretary of the party and then MDC was visible throughout the country. When he was dismissed and replaced by Nelson Chamisa party yakasara ku Harare chete.Chamisa had no time going around the country mobilising party cadres. he erroneously think that the job had been finished and this is the time when Zanu Pf made lots of in roads into the MDC strongholds. Chamisa was Minister, full time student and organising the party, surely no human soul can satisfactorily execute all those demanding functions. As an observer I fully agree with Mudzuri because Tsvangirai should know that when the MDC people thrust him into the leadership position about 15 years ago it was for him to formulate strategies to liberate us from the Zanu PF mafia who are now running the country, But look at us now 15 years later can we say we are better of with Tsvangirai in power. Chake chete kungochema, hee ndabirwa, but you were there in government an at one time you said you were in charge of the elections so what happened. You said you had the keys to the elections and you said Zanu Pf chidembo chinotamba iwe wakabata muswe. Yes we read newspapers so Morgen tell us whay you released muswe we chidembo watombochibata. Kana chakakuuitira mweya ko wakange usingazivi here kuti chidembo chinoita mweya. We are sitting on pins Save and we cant continue because the pain is unbearable. Please just go, may be we can get relief from the next leadership

Surely it is insame for anybody to suggest that Mudzuri is a bad leader because he was fired by Tsvangirai. Mudzuri was the first popularly elected Mayor of Harare and those of you who are old enough will remember that he was the 'ONLY' Harare mayor so far who ran a professional council and all the roads that you now travelling on where repaired during his time. Tsvangirai is mediocrity par excellence. Just reflect on his flipflopping in the last few years and you will notice that the guy does nothing noble at all. Its actually an honour to have been fired by such a useless man. The MDC party is in such shamples because of Tsvangirai and his kitchen cabinet. There were other popularly elected leaders like Mativenga who were pushed out of the women's leadership portfolio in a very unpopular move with Tsvangirai's backing. Just look at the quality and calibre of councillors and some MPs among his ranks.Ma Hwindi na ma Jagger constitute a larger proportion. We are in this mess because of Tsvangirai's weak decisions. Why at all did he get into the inclusive government when it was clear even to my grandmother kuti Zanu Pf was finished. Maybe nhamo yaive yamuwandira Ok yake yakapera hopefully and Zanu PF gave him one girlfriend, then a wife but nhamo yedu vamwe is aluta continua. And his conduct in the inclusive government despite all warnings that when supping with the devil 'use a long spoon' he didnt listen. Aitoshaina wena kwanzi ahh ndichaona Mugabe pa tea mangwana. Mugabe all along had a plan and he had none so he should go NOW

It should be an honour to be demoted by such a clueless man. I wouldnt loose a minute of my sleep on this one. Ukadzingwa nebenzi raona kuti wakangwarisa ungazovapedzera sadza

Poor judgement. Tsvangirai did not form the MDC alone. Saka akasara oga what will that achieve. Marie you must be a very shallow individual to suggest this

Mudzuri merely presented options available to the party. He is right in doing this because he is giving the leadership options to think about because the leadership is only selling one option that Tsvangirai will stay nokuti akabirwa. My question to the MDC leadership is ' Murume akabirwa kakawandisa uyu, does this not show that he is not up to the task. The only peole who continue to suffer here is us. Iye takaona ava ne ma Land Cruiser which he didnt have, a nice house in a porshe Highland surbub, isu vana Monya we are still to enjoy from our years of struggle. My view is this guy does not have the right strategies to dela with the cheating by Zanu PF. Sure Zanu ichatonga kusvika mbongoro dzabuda nyanga if this man stays put

Village analyst rega tikubatsire isu ma International analysts. Firstly there is nothing wrong for anybody to aspire to be a political leader if you are in politics. Even a meer ward chairman expects to one day rise through the ranks to the highest office. What Mudzuri is saying is in the minds of every democrat in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai has had his time ..15 years to outmanouvre Mugabe and had come out second best meaning than munhu apererwa. So the MDC as a party should meet "under a tree' ('village language) and thank him for his efforts so far and find among its membership a team that has new strategies to move the party forward. So what is wrong with that 'Village man". That is the only way MDC can regain trust with people. Anybody Tsvangirai or any party for that matter that comes into the political domain and proposes to remove Zanu PF through the 2018 ballot leaving ZEC and Mudede is place will never get the people's trust. What is needed is a radical movement that will agitate starting from now the levelling of the political field and as a start challenge the illegality of the Zanu Pf government and DEMAND an early election run and monitored by international observers.

Fogmaster on these forums Zimbos are expected to discuss issues that can take us fowards. If you have nothing to contribute my advise is keep away from the computers. Mudzuri has here provided realistic options available to the MDC for the party to move foward. Kudzingwa kwaakaitwa na Tsvangirai is the reason why wakavata murima last night so can you say Tsvangirai made a wise decision then. The 4th option should be followed, Tsvangirai retires gracefully and concentrates on his many wives and concubines whilst the business of the party is run bu new brains and the party actually takes a new direction.

Kana murimi Mai Zedy vandinoziva ambuya mawanzisa mukombe because your comments are not relevant to the article in question. Mudzuri never spoke of any split in the MDC. I wonder whether you have actually read the article, but the language appears simple enough to be understood by even ma grade 1. In very simple language Mudzuri is trying to encourage debate among the MDC membership and all progressive forces, kuti Ok election came and went and the unexpected results are there for all to see, so where does the democratic movement go from here. He is not advocating for any split, but a split can naturally happen if Tsvangirai does not encourage internal debate among options available to him as he seems to be doing.

Thank you Joji. Kana ndiwewo bhururu. zvasiyanei na baba Chatungwa? Something should be done. Mudzuri is right.

Let the truth be said. Tsvangirai must go. Unononyanya kuda Tsvangirai zvekuti hauone paanotadza. Tsvangirai has been failing the part since the days of Jongwe. Do you still remember how Jongwe used to defend Tsvangirai? Jongwe didnt want the part to split so was doing his best to defend an undefendable person.

Zvinobva zvarakidzaka kuti vanhu havachamude!!! I'll have my thinking examined if I'm not shallow! I'm going to kill you!!

You are not clear at all!
Takavata murima because Mugabe robbed his way to do what he cannot do and what God did not predestinate him to do. Moreover we have buttock-thinkers like you who make noise for him to compound the confusion, anyway in a democracy ndozvazvinoita.
But tell me, ZANU says MDC is dead and buried, why is everybody so woried about Tsvangirayi's Ghost?

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