Monday, 23 September 2013


The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Dr Ignatius Chombo, says government will continue working with elected mayors and councillors, even if they are expelled by their parties.

Dr Chombo’s comments follow reports that the MDC-T is pursuing its agenda of flushing out mayors and councillors who defied the party’s directive to vote for mayoral candidates imposed by the party.He said the MDC-T is not supposed to dictate to councillors what decisions they should take adding that council chamber business must entirely be handled by elected councillors and not their respective parties.

There are reports that the MDC-T is threatening to expel newly installed Gweru Mayor Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi and ten councillors. Last week the party dismissed the newly elected mayor for Mutare, Councillor Tatenda Nhamarare and three councillors.

Dr Chombo said his ministry will continue to enforce the urban Council’s Act which is further supported by the new supreme law of the land and is clear that anyone who is going to run council must be elected by the people.The MDC-T was left with egg on the face after its councillors in Victoria Falls, Kwekwe and Red Cliff voted for Zanu PF candidates ahead of those that had been handpicked by the party but were not elected councillors


It never rains it pours for some, what next now MDC?. Expel them and party ichasara naChamatama nema bootlicker ake

Makutongwa manje. Those expelled. Mayors and councillors and supporters will soon be running on the ZANU PF tickets. Mochema zvee. Tongai vanhu Zanu

ndakutono joinawo mdc yacho at least will land a TOP POST when every1 is fired

kkkkkkkkkkkkkk zvakaoma ahhhhh

Ndakataura ini ndikati madofo aya emdc haafe akatonga, vakafunga kuti zvavakavhoterwa nevanhu vangavane nzara nokuda kwemasanctions akaiswa nokuda kweland reform muna 2000 and 2008 zvicharamba zvakadaro. Politics is for the wise, descerning and listening not foolhardy and an "always right, can't be criticized" attitude. Until such a time we have a robust, organised opposition with direction and resolute will zanu pf go, for now Baba Chatunga tongayi zvenyu.

Chematama being rendered ineffective by Chombo...yeah! who is the boss now?

As expected in the Zhang party, there is no distinction between to rule and to misrule, to win and to rig

Chiwororo chekunwisa vanhu sewage? Yes that they can do. Instead of crowing here about kutonga, kuorora and the like, if your party was of any authentic depth and noble patriotic intentions you would be bragging here about tangible positive deliverables in the national interest. I guess its expecting too much from this corrupt junta led cabal that masquerades as a political party

I think Morgan tsvangirai should have taken the same stance him and Bob did on the Wiki Leaks issue to ignore everything and move forward. He should have accepted the councilors and the mayors, move forward and learn from that , now its a very very big messy. They is going to be a court battle ,waste of time ,money and energy which he could have used to reorganize and move his party forward , he is at the place where Zanu needs him to be due to his lack of judgement , strategy and vision. BITI and CHAMISA where are u why do you let these things HAPPEN?

So if ZANU PF expells some of their members, and MDC-T work with members who are not part of ZANU PF, how does it feel Mr Chombo?. This is hypocrisy at its best..

Biting na chaise same same biti worse..arrogant fool

Truly,Tsvangirai,has been emasculated,he has been rendered just a nobody.
He fires people who have been duly elected by his own councilors,and Zanupf comes in and welcomes them.How do you sack someone you can not sack?On the other hand,the senior white supporters are now discarding him like a mensuration pad,and now MDC is broke and retrenching workers illegally,the courts say the workers must be re- instated or pay them.Tsvangirai says he will take the election case to the SADC chair,but the chairman is now Mugabe.How does one untangle himself from this web,in Shona we say Ndiko kunonzi kukatana kwezvinhu,njodonjodo,bokoshindi.Nigerians will say eeeeeewo!

Chombo the people are interested in service delivery, do not attempt to sway us from the real issues at hand. We are not interested in your attempts of rendering the MDC T ineffective. Sewage systems cannot cope, burst pipes are the order of the day, running tap water is a basic human right, roads network need to be maintained. Zanu pf won the fight but have not yet won the battle!

Tswangx never learns, same happened with Makwavarara Gore riye. Munhuridzii asingadzidze

YAWN YAWN SAME OLD CRAPPY COMMENTS TSK TSK , SAME OLD MBITI and bomba cluts(maybe if i come back in about five years the comments would have changed ) YAAAWN .

Your selective amnesia amazes me. The MDC-T council in Harare was the one responsible for water and sewage deliveries. Yes and it did deliver sewage to the people of Harare. You also forget that Tsvangson said "Mati mune nzara, mati madini muchanyatso ita nzara" and the next day he was on BBC asking for sanctions against Zimbabwe. He also appeared on TV pleading with Thabo Mbeki and Festus Mogae to close the borders with Zimbabwe so that tinonyatsonzwa nzara. Or shall I remind you of the saying "Mugabe must go, but if he refuses to go we will remove him violently." Now Tsvangson is refusing to be removed violently himself.

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