Sunday, 25 August 2013


Simon Chimbetu’s widow Angela has died. Angela (39) died at Chitungwiza General Hospital yesterday afternoon after spending more than a week at the health institution.

According to the family spokesperson, Suluman Chimbetu, Angela was first
rushed to hospital on Sunday August 11 after complaining of lethargy and dizziness.

“She complained of not feeling well during the Harare Gardens commemorative show. We rushed her to hospital and she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was given medication and bed rest,” said Suluman last night, speaking from Victoria Falls where his band was set to perform at the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly.

Suluman said the family was awaiting the doctor’s report on the cause of death.
“Most of the tests that had been conducted after she complained of having breathing problems had not yet been out. So, I guess we will all know after the post-mortem,” said Suluman.

A distraught Suluman said Angela’s death was a big blow to the family.
“Our mother was the last shoulder we had left to cry on. Now that she is gone and our father also gone — we are really on our own. Now more than ever we need to be united as a family as these are trying times. She was our pillar of strength,” he said.

Suluman said his late stepmother was a fighter, who never let anything put her down. After her brief hospitalisation, Angela still attended another segment of her late husband’s commemorations in Chinhoyi, but had to be hospitalised again while in Chinhoyi after complaining of breathing problems. 

The family visited Simon’s gravesite in line with Heroes’ Day formalities ahead of another show at Chinhoyi Stadium.

“We went with her to Chinhoyi, but realised later that we should have let her rest some more as she was visibly sick,” said Suluman.

He added: “She insisted on attending the Chinhoyi leg of the commemorations. She was like that. She never allowed anything to put her down. Even after our father died in 2005, she was there for everyone, working hard to put food on the table.” 

Suluman said although his family was already processing burial arrangements, his management was last night frantically trying to book him a flight back to Harare “as soon as possible”. 

He said burial arrangements would be announced in due course. Angela is survived by several step-daughters, sons, grandchildren and one biological son, Kudzi, whom she had with the late Dendera king.



Wonderful news! Cheers to this

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The good thing is he appreciated what his mother did for the family. She may not have been his mother from the womb, but was a mother of the heart. May this be a lesson to those who are in step-child/step-parent situations.

Pese pandanga ndichinzwa nyaya iyi I was just wandering why Sulu with all the money that he makes and all the farms that Chimbetu supposedly had would let his own mother be admitted to Chitungwiza Hospital of all places. Pazotaurwa of step mother I began to somehow understand.

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That our pain as Zimbabweans, Chitumgwiza Hospital, just like Harare Hospital and Prerinyatwa, was once actually a very good hospital, but now that standards have been run down that now it's only considered a hospital for the poorest people. And our government is not doing much to improve the situation. Whe we were young, there used to be a Minstry of Health programme with the theme "Health for all by the year 2000". Now its health for the rich only, its very expensive to get sick.

You don't really need to tell us the cause of death of your step mom but we already know what lead to the death of Simon Chimbetu; the reporter must do proper research coz Chitungwiza General Hospital is not the only hospital in Chitungwiza; there is a private hospital as well which is whr this lady was being treated; may she rest in peace

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the fact that they got farms and all assets doesnt mean that they have enough money to have her treated at these expensive private hospitals. unoda kuti vatengese purazi kuti varapise munhu. they tried their best, unfortunately no one lives forever. iwe can you afford medical care at avenues?? if you can then you are one of the few blessed ones its high time you know that not everyone is like you. Pamwe urikudya neZanu tibvirepo

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