Sunday, 9 June 2013


THE daughter of Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar is stripping for cash as a seedy webcam model, The Sun can reveal.

Blonde Tahli Grobbelaar, 28, charges £3-a-minute to pose topless with a pal. The pair paraded in stockings and suspenders for our investigators.

Tahli also spoke of her dad’s playing days before flashing her boobs. She said: “Well my father is famous. A goalkeeper. He played for Liverpool for 13 years.”
Punters can buy credits at £1 a time to leer at her on a website. Calling herself one of the “UK webcam babes” she writes: “Fun, sexy and very dirty cam girl for you.
“I love playing with girls as well as boys and always love to please and try new dirty things out.
“As the saying goes you try everything once in life. xxx” Her home page shows her puckering her lips in a leopard-print bikini and holding a bottle of champagne.
Once emailed, she will arrange a time to log on and watch her.
For the right client, Tahli, who is believed to live in London, will pose topless with a pal while they chat.

Tahli told our investigators she was flashing to raise money for her new shoe company. There is no suggestion she offers sex.
Grobbelaar played for Liverpool from 1981 to 1994, winning a European Cup, six league titles and three FA Cups.
 Grobbelaar, 55, now lives in Newfoundland, Canada. His spokesman refused to comment last night. SUN



Every father's worst nightmare!!

Ndozvinoitika kana mwana wemurungu asina kudzidza.

There are very educated white girls surviving that way. One medical student said on television that she raises university fees that way rather than going for student loans. Another defended having affairs with sugar daddies as long as one does not have a wife rather than going for loans which she will have to pay for a very long time. Women have many ways of surviving in this harsh world so if u see a woman driving an expensive car never curse yourself uchiti hahuna musoro even if u earn more than her. Woman have assets sell which u do not have.

i grew up watching it has come to this now...

Its not Grobbelaar himself stripping, but his daughter mr toolman.

What's the website ha

you can see her topless here

Just saw her topless,her tits are sagging already!

I like your sense of humour Manhenga. The strory though is tragic!

De-Kaffirnated Joe lolest what a name.....sagging already @ such a young age..???wow

this is actually a very good way of making money. no contact no std no groping doing what you do in the shower anyway. nothing at all wrong with this. Men are run on testosterone so use it to your advantage..

I would rather a daughter did this than series of short time or chigwishu. no I like it. True her titties are sagging a bit but my balls aint as they used to

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