Friday, 24 May 2013


ZANU-PF bigwigs are incensed by a WikiLeaks style Facebook page and website run exposé under a pseudonym Baba Jukwa.

Baba Jukwa is alleging all manner of evil machinations and diabolic shenanigans by ZANU-PF bigwigs some of which have been circulating in the rumour mill for years.

The nature of details being spilled into the public domain by the Facebook page and website portray Baba Jukwa as someone who is so intimate with the goings on in ZANU-PF.
Baba Jukwa has alleged gruesome murder plots and vote rigging strategies, which if true could unravel mysteries that have long been the subject of public speculation.

It is quite clear that Baba Jukwa is openly campaigning for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) although purporting to be a member of ZANU-PF.

Intelligence sources revealed this week that Baba Jukwa has been classified as a security risk and said several people could be behind the online exposés.

But while efforts are underway to unmask those behind the Facebook page, the tell-all website and page have courted the anger of some party heavyweights whose names have been the constant feature on the cyber pages.

The hunt has been on for the shadowy character for the past two months amid fears that more sordid details could be put into the public spotlight. ZANU-PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, could not shed light on the issue last week as he was busy in a meeting.

But a fortnight ago he told a local newspaper that ZANU-PF was not concerned by the Facebook exploits of Baba Jukwa and did not even have a Facebook page as a party.
Baba Jukwa has himself revealed that ZANU-PF was frantically trying to locate the person or people behind the cyber attacks to the point of bringing in foreign information technology experts to help track the source of the “leaks”.

“Zimbabwe, Palestinian IT gurus whom I told you of last week were brought into the country to track down Baba Jukwa today submitted their report at 11:30 am in the office of the director Central intelligence Organisation Happyton Bonyongwe which stated that they second what had been brought forward by JOC members that Lance Guma is Baba Jukwa,” reads one of the postings last week.

Guma is a Zimbabwean journalist based in the United Kingdom. In a conversation with The Financial Gazette recently, Guma could only say that such were the hazards of being a journalist.


Usanyepera vanhu abel,you are not that clever either. Saka unofunga kuti kumba kwamai va Kasukuwere kwakaiswa listening device futi sezvo baba jukwa vakaburitsa mafiles as they happened? Baba jukwa ndiwe neni nevamwe vese. Kutandanisa mhepo kuedza kubata murume uyu

Haiwawo iwe, taura point yako and not label. you need to counter ma facts evamwe.wamboti baba jukwa is you and me, then wozoti murume uyu, thats a sign of confusion.
what happens is panotaurwa twakawanda ndipo pane madevice otherwise zanu pf would by now have zeroed in on him.its not rocket science.

if you follow jukwa u r bound to believe that zimbabwe is a country at war and vese afa has been killed. This guy says things that have long been rumored in zim if wat he says is true hapana achararama nezanu not zanu myself


I am baba jukwa, u are baba jukwa, she is baba jukwa, he is baba jukwa, EVERYONE is baba jukwa #Smooth criminal

I am baba jukwa, u are baba jukwa, she is baba jukwa, he is baba jukwa, EVERYONE is baba jukwa #Smooth criminal

I am baba jukwa, u are baba jukwa, she is baba jukwa, he is baba jukwa, EVERYONE is baba jukwa IM JUKWALISED VIVA BABA JUKWA #Smooth criminal

Zimbabwean politics are being discussed on social media websites, wow the election contest will be tight. Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube and even Robert Mugabe all have facebook pages. Zanu pf begun their political assassination of Morgan Tsvangirai through Amai Jukwa posting video clips on Youtube and facebook trashing Tsvangirai. The MDC countered through Baba Jukwa and things have just got explosive. This is the Zimbabwe we envisage, where people are free to express their views and engage in debate. Imagine if the media was not controlled and restricted as it is in Zimbabwe, I am sure better leaders would have already emerged and people would have been more tolerant to divergent political views. Zimbabweans its time for emancipation, 33 years on and we have restrictive measures like POSA, jail time for criticising the head of state is outright abnormal!

Nothing we can ask yu Abel..yu kno f..k..ol.. get lost n concentrate on yo shitty life.. nxaa!! Mukore uno unoda kuvhundutsira ani... punha zvako... wake up n smell the coffee.

Baba Jukwa ndi Google...

Just gossp mongering for those who have too much time on their hands. lol
The wicked white man will INVENT any lie, deception & devilishness in order to further their evil ends in Africa.

Nehanda and the Ancestors and Zim Patriots will continue to prevail with Chimurenga success after Chimurenga success.
Africa IS for Africans!
And that truth will continue to become even clearer as more Africans continue to wake up and assert their natural & indigenous rights against the relentless and extremely wicked white invaders from across the seas.

Getting the identity of the person is not that difficulty. As far as the USA and the UK are concerned it will be hard to disclose the ID of the user. I have done a back sniff run on the facebook posts and articles posted by the monicker Baba Jukwa. My results show that there is a consistent link from UK (IP address with held). There are however a fake or proxy from USA and I want to believe the user also sends the information to another user in the USA to proxy post the articles.

and your father thinks otherwise..............

tauyayi zhenyu baba ndini jukwanana

idnt get it, zanu zvaiine vanhu vakachenjera wani??
here's an idea to locate jukwa's point of access; by using a fake FB account send him an email muInbox pafacebk pacho with a hyperlink to ur own page - this page when is visited /link is clicked, notes the unique id thru the use of $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] variable, a little clever script to log and save the the IP address associated with that unique id and store it long term in a MySQL databse for review later after the websession has ended is key. ths way u're not infringing any privacy rights or breaking into or infrustructure wc are of-course well fortified by the way.. once you get the ip address used to access jukwa's fb inbox/account one can use simple, free, IP -geo locators online, & pf will now have the where, and the when, the who shouldnt be too hard a task for them since they have a lot of time...

vakangwara havana nhamo.

$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']only gives the IP address from which the request was sent to the web server. For someone using a proxy service this value will be useless. You're not smart enough to catch anybody :)

nhamo iri pakufunga kuti wakangwara pasina yauri kuketa..the truth is vanoziva kuti havana kungwara ndovasina nhamo manje....

Baba Jukwa is not one person. it might have started as a joke bt its def gained momentum and has Zanu worried 4shuwa

Keep looking for him when ZANU-PF Shit's house is burning. Muchapedzana in this evil party looking for Baba Jukwa. Good on you Baba Jukwa. Thanks for opening the Pandora's box. It was about time. Taneta

Dont mislead people shamwari,- 1) You can never do a back sniff on a facebook post asi ukatoti a web article. 2) The IP Address you will likely get if u ever do is a public IP address of an ISP. 3) Getting an individuals ip address they would have used to access an ISP is not so easy as well especially if the user is not in Zimbabwe which has internet gateways u can count on one hand.

This guy will bring Zanu to its knees thanks Jukwa, Saw another story he wrote on, check it out guys

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Haiwawo ana Mr Scientific kuda kunzi wakadzidza too much ,name babaJukwa and get money from ZANU PF tione,zvimwe zvese zvawavekuti lecture is bull

There is a danger of people thinking that what I did cannot be done. The very people who invented internet also invented sniffer codes for the common reasons.

If you have done a bit of robotics you will appreciate the laws of robotics also applies to computers. Computers are like robots and they are programed by default to submit to humans, they cannot hide any information from their creators. When Zuckerberg created Facebook he knew this from day one.

How does the CIA and FBI get hold of your data without even going through face book or Google.

For every program that runs on the net there is a code to sniff and mine information.

Google, Facebook and Yahoo! use automated information scanners. If you want to get specifics about a particular person you only need to input the code to direct the required information to you. That is what we call sniffing.

@Brian I would not do such a silly thing to sell-out Baba Jukwa to Zanu PF for the love of money. Baba Jukwa has not killed anyone and what the user is doing is exposing corrupt people (Zanu PF)

Ana John!! kuzongonzwa chati pfakanyo wotozvidhotera asi uchida kuzviita maningi ndava paforum pano bwahahahaha

Haiwawo, Lance is not that clever. The reality of the matter is there are listening devices in strategic party locations. Bvunzai isu takaaudza madhara manje havateerere saka siyai soo.

'father', oh silly one?
YOUR 'father' is just another LYING & DECEPTIVE & pale imposter, who has only the attention of those still dead in the head!

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