Wednesday, 22 May 2013


the only time i find mugabe funny, very funny indeedi laughed....

Laughter is good medicine ''Chibage chochinjwa choitwa hupfu'' President mandisekesa nhasi

How stupid of us, wen these guys can actually share jokes, is tichiurayana. Mwari Batsirai povho pliz.

this is how it should be. Tese tiri vana vevhu. We are all Zimbabweans better together than apart. warms the heart to see such images like this.

Shudn`t it be like this even during the announcement of election results

This is an insult to the pple who died supporting Tsvangirai in 2008 honestly politics is a dirty game usanyeperwe nembavha mbiri idzi munosevenzeswa pliz pliz my fellow Zimbabweans leave politics

Saka unoda kuti Tsvangirai arove Mugabe?ndiko kuto chinja kuri kuita zvinhu ikoko

Ana Chiwenga,Chihuri Zimhondi vacha sara vaka rembera gore rino Mugabe achinja,toona kuti vacha mira sei

shouldnt such vedios be shown to pple over avd over during elections campaigns?

and then stupid people go kill each other in the street. Yes we should always take Zimbabwe's future seriously but that does not mean we should kill, maim and rape out brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends or political rivals. LONG LIVE ZIMBABWE! LONG LIVE AFRICA!

NICE to see and hear great banter from the two adversaries sharing lighter moments on such a historic occasion, I hope fellow countrymen ( including the vitriol spewing protagonist on this forum) take a leaf out of their book and embody the good spirit and tranquil atmosphere in which the process has progressed thus far. Good and exemplary leadership on the part of both Tsvangirai and Mugabe, I applaud you!

Proda1 taura hako kani, tinopisirana dzimba , tinokwaturana apa mbombo dzichiita high 5

Thank you very much!

watanga kuzviziva nhasi after gukurahaundu didnt zanu and zapu join foces, kana kuti wakange usati wazvarwa

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