Sunday, 12 May 2013


Chimurenga legend Thomas Mapfumo has denied that he is on the run, nor does he have any outstanding issues, criminal or otherwise, in the country.
Speaking from his American base, Mapfumo said preparations, which he could not explain, were being made by “very senior people” for his return home. He said once these preparations were done and other legal challenges were addressed, he would come back to Zimbabwe this year. 

The legal challenges he referred to could be related to his self-imposed refugee status.
“There are several rumours that I have issues back home with President Mugabe or anyone. That is not true. What I have always said and will always say is that Zimbabweans should live well and in peace,” he said. 

“Even in my upcoming album, Danger Zone, I have not done any political songs but I have addressed social issues that affect the world at large. In Syria, there are problems, everywhere in the world there are problems, so we need to tackle issues on a global scale now,” he added. 

The album, to carry 10 tracks, will be officially launched in the United Kingdom in a series of Bank Holiday concerts lined up in London, Leicester, Chester and Slough. 

This is the second time in about two months that he has performed in the United Kingdom yet in Zimbabwe it has almost been a decade since he last performed. 

“There are several promoters who have approached me with requests to hold shows there and all I can say for the time being is that I am coming this year, I don’t want to give dates, but, indeed, I am coming.” 

He also defended his frequent visits to South Africa, arguing that his recording is done by Sheer Sound and thus has to be there now and again. On piracy, which he implored Government to take urgent and stringent action on, he says it is that musical cancer that is likely to see the release of his album delayed.

“Even if it means Parliament has to put in place certain legislation, then let it be, because we are killing our own industry. “Look at the young musicians. How do they survive if they cannot sell? We are killing them.

“When we are fighting piracy, we are not doing it for ourselves but for future generations. I have talked to Alick (Macheso) and Oliver (Mtukudzi) and we are looking at what we can do to help curb piracy.” sunday mail


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mukanya wedu...we mis you big time. the revolutionary, visionary, social and political critic. after you comes zhakata. poor zimbabwe...haunting the best of her sons out of the country...look who benefits..the USA...the USA is what it is today because it has accommodated the best brains from all over the world who have been haunted out of their countries. mukanya ndizvo.

Let the poor man go and rest in his home country Zimbabwe. Who hasn't commit any sin by saying negative things about ZANU, pple shld learn to move on and allow any human beings to speak their mind without being judged or threatened by others. Furthermore, wat Mukanya has been saying is the truth instead of acting upon it pple take as an offence, thats why we are were we are today coz we can't stand to be corrected.

imhosva yenyu varume...munongokwarira mukati....hamutaure vakomana...munongochema vanababa.....hondo huru yatakarwa...hona haina kubatsira. (singing)

Ani zvako iwe duzvi tibvire kumhepo.

dzokai kumba apo kwete kuita kunge vanhu vanopenga

Uchamama chete!!! Wawaiti "marima nzara ndiyani", wawaiti "huni vanhu havanzwaro ndiyani, wawaiti vana ku hondo ndiyani.... Takakumirira mhosva hadziore dzoka uone hako..... we wana show you kuti " akarima nzara ndiye uye kutaura uchinyanya ndiye, kunzinga vanorima ndiwe"...tirikukandwa mu Class D kuma Maximum Chikurubi!!

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