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SABC talk show host Dali Tambo has lashed at accusations that he was sprucing up Robert Mugabe’s image in a rare interview with the Zimbabwean leader who took a swipe at Nelson Mandela’s reconciliation policies.

In the interview, Mugabe insists that Zimbabwe’s people still need him and that Mandela was “too much of a saint”.

Mugabe, 89, said: “Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the non-black communities, really in some cases at the expense of (blacks)… That’s being too saintly, too good, too much of a saint.”

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory chief executive Sello Hatang said he would comment only after watching the interview.

The interview will be shown on Tambo’s revived series, People of the South, on SABC next Sunday.

It includes footage of the Mugabe family at lunch and interviews with Grace Mugabe at the dairy farm she took from a white farmer in 2003. Tambo filmed in Zimbabwe before Christmas and showed the family the final edit last weekend in Harare.

Soon after he finished filming, Tambo told The Sunday Independent that he didn’t mind who was angry with him for interviewing Mugabe.

“I interviewed Rhodesian leader Ian Smith in Cape Town in a previous series. This programme is not HARDtalk. It isn’t a political programme. “We all have a nice lunch together,” he said. “Mugabe is an icon.”

Mugabe talked briefly to Tambo and his wife, Rachel, about the land reform programme, which began in 2000 and caused the economy’s collapse.

The octogenarian also spoke about the pleasure his family have given him and said he couldn’t retire from politics because Zimbabweans still needed him.

“My people still need me,” Mugabe told Tambo. “And when people still need you to lead them, it’s not time, sir, it doesn’t matter how old you are, to say goodbye.”

Mugabe is slowing down and leaving some key state duties, such as the cabinet, to his deputy, Joyce Mujuru.

On the UK, Mugabe said the former colonial power “will praise you only if you are doing things that please them”.

Mugabe said he trusted late former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who organised the peace talks that led to Zimbabwe’s first democratic elections in 1980.

“Mrs Thatcher, you could trust her. But of course what happened later was a different story with the Labour Party and (Tony) Blair, who you could never trust. You couldn’t compare them to Thatcher and the others… Who can ever believe what Mr Blair says? Here we call him Bliar.”

While kissing and cuddling his second wife, Grace, 47, Mugabe admitted he cheated on first wife, Sally, because he needed a child before his mother, Bona, died.

“It was not just the fact that one was attracted (to Grace). After Sally was gone it was necessary for me to look for someone and, even as Sally was still going through her last few days, although it might have appeared to some as cruel, I said to myself ‘well, it’s not just myself needing children, my mother has all the time said, ah, am I going to die without seeing grandchildren’.”

Sally’s only child with Mugabe, Nhamodzenyika, died of malaria in Ghana while Mugabe was in detention in Rhodesia. He was not allowed out of prison to attend his five-year-old son’s funeral.

When the couple returned to Rhodesia after the 1979 ceasefire, Sally was already ailing with the kidney disease that would later kill her. After he began his affair with Grace, who was herself married with a child, Sally told some Zanu-PF women she was close to that she was unhappy but that there was nothing she could do as she was dying.

Asked if he had told Sally about the affair with Grace, Mugabe said: “I did tell her and she just kept quiet and said ‘fine’, but she did ask: ‘Do you still love me?’ I said yes. And she said: ‘Oh, fine.’”

Mugabe kept his first two children secret until a Zimbabwean magazine, Horizon, broke the story with a photo of Bona on her way to attend the Dominican Convent in Harare. The story was written by veteran journalist and author Ray Choto, who was later to be arrested and tortured with editor Mark Chavunduka, over a story The Standard newspaper carried about an alleged coup plot hatched by the army. Choto now lives in exile in the US. Chavunduka is dead.

A third child, Chatunga, was born after the couple married.

Chatunga was expelled from a Catholic school last year for bad behaviour and is being home-schooled. Mugabe told Tambo he had been faithful to Grace.

Tambo said he believed Mugabe had been misjudged and that he was “warm, charismatic and very humorous”. - Sunday Independent


Did Grace tell her husband about Robert? What did the hapless Goreraza say? This is an unanswered question.

"My people still need me" to murder, maim and torture them, rape their wives and daughters. My foot. Sorry old man, you have gone beyond your best before date ten times over. No one needs you, except your bandits who have deprived the nation their destiny, their future. Only those who have sold out the true spirit of our liberation struggle.

Am positive it was the CIO who did, just like they would deliver warning messages to Oppah's former hubby.

Mandela was too much of a saint and you, sir, too much of a devil.

Contrary to your insults & unsubstantiated accusations, Gushaz is winning the coming elections!!....that wouldn't happen if he was "ten times over" the best-before date!! Eishh!!....

Too much of a saint.....yes, to the whites & foreigners!! But how about to fellow black S Africans for whom it's still NOT YET UHURU??!!.....

Not if the elections are free and fair, with all the agreed to re-alignments of the state security and media. If zanu-pf wins, even by hook and crook, that is the end of the country.

For Zimbabweans, it is now worse than before Uhuru. To a few select in RSA it is Uhuru, that is why and how Cecil Rhamaphosa became the first multi-billionaire and Mandela's kids are fighting for his millions. When you have an unemployment rate of 85+%, of the remaining 15%, 14% are below poverty datum line, it surely is time to pack it and go. After taking productive farms, we end up begging for food from Zambia where the farmers ran to, we took over productive companies and still are busy doing so and production is dwindling to 20%. It needs real men to accept that I have failed, like Mugabe did when he ran all over SADC to beg Morgan to resuscitate the nation in 2008 - nhasi hazvitaurwi zvazvo asi ndicho chokwadi. Zanu-pf ran our country and nation aground. Mugabe has been on the news that he is tired, he wants out. Out of interest, why should we be worried about South Africans before we sort out our own mess, that we created?

mugabe uri dhodhi huru chairo! ezvino ndiwe wakukumbira mari yema elections from RSA, their infrastructure is way much better than what you built, (if there is anything you built) magetsi mvura zviri tii kuRSA asi ndiwe wakuswero shora mandela nhasi- man who is glorified throughout the globe! iwe uri imbwa! imbwa chaiyo!

I can understand Mugabe's point of view and i support him on that.Mandela did not do much for his people,he just went into prison for those 20 years,came out to become president.What else?

Mugabe's people still need him and these include, Obert Mpofu, kasukuwere, Chiyangwa, Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Ignatious Chombo and a few others, not forgetting the Chinese. As for ordinary folk, we are waiting and hoping that Tsvangirai will win and turn things around.

mandela left south africans the most important thing-the legacy that presidents can voluntarily retire and pass on the baton. south africans gained 'independence' in 1994 and already they are being served by a third president. he created a democratic culture and Bob has created a notorious dictatorship and you have the guts to ask what mandela did for south africa.

Speak for yourself.

If the SAns want too work and learn they can have their Uhuru, problem is they want to sit around and expect the government to spoon feed them. Is that Mandela's problem? Those who work hard in SA are reaping the benefits of their hard work including our own Zimbo brothers and sisters. Yes maybe others have an unfair advantage but we can't be victims forever, get up and be counted.

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First of all, your statistics are NOT correct!!....repeatedly telling a lie does NOT convert it into truth!! You will recall how western propaganda, thru their local megaphones, in 2008 tried to convince us that life expectancy in Zim had gone down to a mere 37years. However, that statistic couldn't stand any rigorous scientific scrutiny!!
Another shameless lie is that the unemployment rate is over 85%!! betrays the mentality that being employed means going to an office or factory!! Factoring in INFORMAL SECTOR employment wouldn't be good for propaganda purposes coz then the figure would be much lower!! But the reality is that the informal sector now employs the majority of the people; more money circulates there than in the formal sector. The challenges of making this sector bank and pay tax are, for people who can think outside the box, not impossible.
If you think Bob begged Save in 2008 to save the country, your imagination must be very fertile......

How does a S African miner better his life when Amplats pays him a wage just enough to keep body & soul together??!! How does a farm labourer improve his lot when he gets starvation wages??!! It doesn't take rocket science to realise that the solution is simply NOT working hard; but that there have to be some political reforms to create an enabling environment for those willing to work hard!!

Wake up!!...legacy iyoyo inodyiwa here??!! Has it made the lives of ordinary S Africans any better??!!

If you're hoping for a Chematama win, you will be doing that until kingdom come!!

Surely if everyone gets lifted who will work the farms and mines? And in any case it's people like Vavi who are living large instead of championing for the ordinary person. In our country mines have been given to the Chinese and to some of our brothers and would we say the lot of Zimbabwean workers has improved tremendously compared to years gone by?

I still think conditions have been made for progressive thinking SAns to take advantage of and not only SAns are benefiting but other African brothers are benefitting as well.

If you are hoping that the limping old donkey will win, you will be doing that until kingdom come.

Kikikikiki mmm that's tricky

So legacy yekurambitira pachigaro inodyiwa here?why arr zimbos refugees in south aftica...urimbwa zidofo

"I told Sally about my affair with Grace"!

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