Sunday, 7 April 2013


Two young men tied the knot in a rare South African gay wedding in KwaDukuza (Stanger) on Saturday. In what was described as the town’s first gay marriage, Tshepo Modisane and Thoba Sithole, both 27, walked down the aisle in front of 200 guests at the Stanger Siva Sungam community hall.

The wedding was a jubilant, exciting affair, attracting even uninvited members of the local community.
Thoba, a Joburg-based IT specialist, is from Shakaville, KwaDukuza and Tshepo an audit manager at PwC. They have known each other for years and dated on and off, before stabilising their relationship.

Now tht they are wedded, they will take on the double-barrelled surname of Sithole-Modisane. The couple appeared to enjoy the support from the community, family and friends.
The couple are reportedly planning to have children through a surrogate.

“Family is important to us and that is the number one reason why we want to have children,” said Thoba.
“We also want our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly by both parents who appreciate them.”


What a lovely beautiful couple! Good luck with your future!
Can't wait to see the abuse here! Helele helele!!!!

yu are a supreme idiot

Hatingatambiri mabasa akadero - kufemera mugotsi remumwe murume. Idzo mhandara dzizere kwese kwese, ende kune vanasikana vakaita kuramwirwa runako rwepameso kana runako rwemoyo. Regai zvenyu mukoma Obama vakazowawata vachiudza AG weAmerica nezverunako rwake. Ku manyowa tarambisisa.

Rubbish idiots mad cows

I think people have misunderstood your statement above. My understanding is that you do not approve o this gay business

God neva created Adam and Steve..

This is disgusting for sure

worse than dogs to say the least have never seen animals being gay its disgusting god help us

imi mukuchemeiko?ngochani dzinokutadzisai kudya here?inga mu Government yedu dzizere wani?Jonathan Moyo....Saviour Kasukuwere......the late VP John Nkomo and many more mukudzisiirei?plus vanhu vakuru vaviri vafunga kuzhakana misuri hazvikutadzise kurarama izvo mhani.....svinurai mhani ana mhata imi.....mukusiya mhondi dzakauraya Economy nevanhu nuchitinyaudza nezvekupenga izvo.....nxaa......

mukadzi ndeupi apa...achiri virgin here?

You have conclusive proof animals don't exhibit homosexuality? It's more common than you think...ignorance is a terrible affliction

I really want to congratulate this couple,this relationship is consensual hapana anobata mumwe chibharo.We cannot keep on denying zvinhu zviri kuitika zvakagara zviriko kubva pasi chigare.Iye zvino tarirai kuwanda kuri kuita mhosva dzevarume vari kubata vamwe varume chibharo vasiri ngochani.Kumanikidzwa kunobvisa unhu plus kunokuvadza physically zvino vanenge vatenderana havo zvakaipei.Tarisai vanakoma vadiki vari kubatwa chibharo nevanhu vakadzidza vanemari nekuti vanenge vashaya kuziva vamwe vane mafungiro avo.Regai vaboorane vanozvida kwete kuisa mainnocent souls munjodzi.GALZ should hold more awareness campaigns tipedze dambudziko resodomy iri.Iyi tsika ndiyo iriko manje kuida kana kusaida

Interesting very interesting indeed, now kindly give us an example of one animal that use the sewage hole for sexual gratification knowingly Mr Wildlife Expert. Mukaona giraffe kana bhuru rapotsa moti its practizing homosexuality imika imi. Unless you are the one who is busy bonking mhembwe netsuro nekumanyowa.

NXAAAA! Mwari pindirai

You can use google right?...go ahead and see what happens

confused era???????????????????????????????????????

SA competing with the US to go down the societal decay....turning the unnatural into the natural.....its a spirit from the depths of hell whatever pple say to justify it...its satanic and whoever supports such kind of conduct for whatever it from the human rights argument or whatever...that does not change the fact that its diabolic.and inspired by are the justifications etc...we will call a spade a spade on this and we are not apologetic about that.....whoever allows themselves to be carried away with this agenda will suffer eternal damnation if they dont repent...God loves these pple all pple but hates homosexuality and lesbianism..but the devil loves it and will do anything to oppose Gods intended purposes in any sphere thats why he devises plans to go against whatever God designed

on this note baba Chatunga is 100% correct ..what is this ? kushatisa nyika under the ban of respecting sexual orientation.. they deserve to be killed ..

Alot of us might not agree with their lifestyles but just as the bible says, judge not so that ye may not be judged. We are not God, we have no right to dictate to other people how to live their lives. I am always surprised at Christians who claim to follow in Christ's footsteps but condemn homosexual people.....Christ accepted Mary Magdalene despite her sexual sins, why cant we do the same.

Whatever rocks their boat is their business as long as they keep it within their bedroom walls its fine with me.

Homosexuality is a biological oddity, or psychological problem in all cases. It must be treated as such. A gay person must be assessed for biological problems, and psychological problems. But they must be hounded.

Nema nakiro anoita pussy here shuwaa.....these guys will never know natures greatest creation....the proverbial varginal hunnypot...never will i trade it for a of an ungrateful lot.

Satane wase roma. Kubi lokhu. Nkosi sithethelele sonile.

If need be, l will die standimng the last hater of homosexuals and anything that comes with it including you their fan.

Lets not quote the bible out of any case l ve noted yhat this is one of the highly misquoted and misapplied texts in scripture...mainly because ppple have a misunderstanding of the word judgement...or judging....bringing to someone's attention that the course of action they are taking is wrong..morally or biblically is not judgement...l ve noted that vasingadi kutsiurwa rush to this text in the bible.....christians condemn homosexuality and any other sin for that matter...this should not be confused with condemning pple/sinners...sinners do condemn themselves by continuing on a path they ve been warned will lead them to eternal condemnantion...if sinners feel condemned then they should not lay that blame on other pple who are warning them...the devil is the one that leads them to sin and then ends up condemning them...Pple should avoid putting blame onthose who are warning them of their sins....Christ did accept Mary Magdaleen yes despite her sins coz she had repented...noone is saying that homosexuals cannnot be accepted God loves homosexuals and the like but hates their sin and any sin for that matter....avoid making sinners feel comfortable in their sin..a sin is a sin and can never be justified...avoid giving impression that God will tolerate sin no He will not...and if we who know the truth tell it we are not claiming to be God...and no one should ever try and make us feel guilty for telling it as it is using the argument that we are not GOD...we are very much aware of the fact that we are not God...but as those who know the truth we will never stop condemning SIN tichitya kunzi tinozonzi tazviti vana Mwari....We are aware of the fact that we also do sin every now and then...and we accept that we are also work in progress..but that will not stop us from warning each other kuti ichi chive ngachiregerwe...if we are to follow your arguement to its logical end then no one has the right to warn another that they are committing a sin...ingazove nyika ingagarike here if we are to follow such convoluted thinking?

This is a complete waste of money these kind of researches are done by freakin gay researchers who want to justify a wrong. No matter how you spin it a wrong is a wrong full stop. The mere fact is that animals have no sense of reason for example I have seen zimbwa zihombe riri busy kuda kuita chitoy dog. I have also seen animals eating their own shit mhuka imhuka munhu munhu and a person must know chakanaka nechakaipa that is how God created us.

On my grave the epitaph shall read "Here lies Mukoiri, the man who fought against homosexuality right into this grave and beyond"

As human beings s/times tinofarisa zvekufunga kuti maybe Mwari is now old-fashioned or out-dated, life yedu yanyanya kuita advanced!!....this abomination is nothing to celebrate!! As Gushaz has already said, these people are WORSE THAN DOGS & PIGS!!

No matter how hard you try to sanitise or deodorise this perversion and deviance, it still remains unhu hwakatukwa neshoko raMwari!!

Haikona kupembedza zvinhu zvakaora kudaro!!

Pliz don't MISQUOTE the Bible out of context!!.....God's word has already condemned homosexuality so it's not like we're judging anybody!! Saka iwe uri kuti tikaona mhondi, mbavha, mhombwe, etc tisavashore otherwise we'll be in danger of being judgemental??!!
For an explicit condemnation of homosexuality in the NEW testament, see, for instance, Romans 1:21-27

"We cannot keep on denying zvinhu zviri kuitika zvakagara zviriko kubva pasi chigare"???? Rape ne murder zvakagara zviriko kubva pasichigare but that does not mean we should tolerate them. If something is morally wrong it is morally wrong. why should the west try to shove it to us?
Hapana tradition apa. Coz tradition chinhu chakagara chiriko muchivanhu chedu. Idzi ingochani dzakapfeka nhembe it doesnt make it a traditional ceremony

lol mweya yetsvina chete..all they need is deliverence and you will see that they are normal pple with feelings for the opposite sex as was created and intended by the Lord Almighty....they must not be given any legitimacy or some form of cassifying their condition as psychological biological etc..mweya yetsvina chete Period they need help

is that admiration?

Even if animals were to do it, surely human beings should still know better!!!...after all we were created in the image of God and made higher than all of the animal kingdom!!

faitirai ma humana rights mhani kwete kupedza nguva muchirwira hondo yamusingafe makahwina.....tangai masunga ana Jonathan moyo first......mozonetsa dzimwe ngochani....Mugabe akawanChekukujutai nacho.....iye akakomberedzwa nadzo hazvikutadzise kurarama izvo zvevarume vakuru vaviri varikupazana shure........

Imbwa yangu inoziva pekuisa inoziva mutsauko wemukadzi nemurume, saka munhu anonzi akasikwa nemufananidzo wamwari achitiira mashura akadai hazvirevi chinhu izvi. They don't even deserve to be called dogs, they are worse than anything.

On this issue I support President Mugabe's views...This is being worse than dogs and pigs. People have lost all sense of morality due to these human rights that we fight so much for. .Zvavari varume vakasvika svika wani. Vakadzi vapera here? Inga tiripo wani takabatana futi. Zvino woda kurarwa uchipurizirwa neane mvere neganda rakakwasharara serakowo?

how did I misquote the bible? and how is it out of context? I do not think Jesus would chuck homosexual people away but instead accept them and give them space to change their ways. Tell me something which sin is greater? that of lying or that or sexual immorality? If no sin is bigger than the other, it only means we are all the same. I don't see anyone hurling stones at you daily for the white and bigger lies we utter daily. All sin was condemned in the bible btw.

Where you're misquoting the Bible out of context is that you're saying let's not criticise ANYTHING lest we be guilty of being judgemental. In other words, we shouldn't speak bad about anything coz we're generally also guilty of one sin or the other.....following your logic, nobody should speak/condemn rape, violence, adultery/cheating, divorce, pornography, homosexuality, etc!! That's NOT quite correct....when Nathan condemned King David over Bathsheba was he being judgemental??!!

You're surely contradicting yourself!!...."we have to warn people, it is the christian duty...." coz how do you warn s/body without seemingly taking a right or wrong stance/position [= judging] about the very behaviour/action you're warning against??!! Put in other words, would you "warn" s/body about being kind, for example??!!

Moral wrongs are simply that- morally relative perversions imposed by cultures around the globe. Moral wrongs are not the creation of some superior- even inferior- being. They come into being as societies attempt to create boundaries and controls. There's nothing inherently moral about anything.

God, whoever, whatever s/he/it is, has nothing to do with homosexuality and lesbianism. The people who created god, also created the so-called abominations. It is the work of man- even in these columns you can see the attempt to construct a morality out of nothing but secon-hand nonsense and to impose it on others in the name of some perverted higher ideals. Forget about the quotations: they are just as bogus as the claims you parade here

And freaking phony commentators who prescribe without recognising the varieties of sexuality in our sphere. The quotes from the so-called Christians and their bibles is hardly convincing: simply saying something is or is not supported by the verses does not thus make or unmake that something. The freak show continues- and ignorance is BLISS!

Ndizvo zvakanzi zvirikudiiwa nachematamaka izvi. hanzi dhemokirasi. mozochema mvura yaramba kunaya.

humbavha nehumhondi hwakatukwa as well

ehe mukadzi chifeve akatwa sei na jesu?handiti ndopakanzzi kana pane asina chivi tanga kumutaka tione vese vaka vapour one by one....all sins were comdemned in tje old and new testament including homosexuality.,humhondi,kuba,kuzvitutumadza-pride....hazvina kunzi ita mhombwe or ngochani dzagona but zvakanzi dont condemn them because unenge wakutora basa ramwari..ishoko ramwari bible thats why it can not be used selfishly to defend your own position .if you try to use it to achieve your self ends you will find plenty of opposite verses

Behold satan is in our midst. These two are possessed.

l think they do condemn the sin its just that the line between the sin and the sinner is so so extremely thin...that it may be very difficult to distinquish between the sinner and the sin...well its not that they were equated with pigs and dogs. they cannot be equated....because such animals do not indulge in such activities...pple simpliy said they are worse than dogs coz such animals do know who their partners are..yet pple who are supposed to know right from wrong behave in a manner that is below that expected of animals...such conduct can never be equated to dogs and pigs

saka unotonzi Mukoiri?

so you support those who use the exit as an entrance?

Yes. All the people in my inner circle know me by that name.

well congratulations guys, everyone deserves to be happy.

LOL, I'm not spinning anything, it takes a mature person to realise they are wrong on an issue. Now you are questioning the validity of these researchers by claiming they are gay too? How do you know they are gay? Just because you don't know about something it doesn't mean it's not true. Remove your religious blinkers...the Bible was written by man FYI.....ask yourself this...why does the Bible condone slavery and imperialism? Think and open your eyes...these are two of the worst forms of bruality yet it's okay because it was God's will? Do you really think God is okay with that?

a pity...u so deceived....such doctrine can only be coming from the deepest pit of hell....

there are alot of animals that engage in homosexual behaviour closest to humans being bonobo monkeys.even giraffes, dolphins the list goes on so that argument is irrelevant. the sin is the act, the sinner is the person. Condemn the act, not the person. funny tho how people say all that and yet they like to wear dior, gucci, tom ford and the such....I just think its hypocritical.

Munyika ye sodom, vakadzi vevanhu vaive ma virgins nekuti varume vairara sik....Rega igopiswa.....

manje Robert junior is as gay as anything...

Kana zvakarurama, ngavaite ka vana vacho vega, pasina zvekuti surrogate. Sarogeti sarogeti chii ipapa? Anzi ndiye mukadzi, ngaadhindwe kusvika atanga kupfira-pfira. Mwana wepi angade kushanyirwa kuParents' day netsvina dzakadaro kuchikoro? Chupeti mhani.....

I am proud I am not a South African where these evil things happen...This is diabolic

MaZimbo woye DENIAL hapana kwainotisvitsa its actually retrogressive chingochani chirirko plus ndinodzokorora kuti kubvira pasi chigare yakanga iriko tsika iyi asi kuti zvaiti zvikazivikanwa nyaya dzacho dzaitongwa muchivande voripa mambo muchivande nokuti itsika yakashoreka zvikuru ASI nhasi vanhu zvovotadza kutonga nyaya dzakadai muchivande ko nyaya dzacho zvadzazawanda toramba tichingoramba here kuti hazviko?toramba here vana vedu vachibvarurwa midhidhi nengochani idzi nekuti dziri kushaya wekutamba naye vanozvidawo?Vanhu ava ngavazivane tipedze dambudziko resodomy iri.AIDS haingaperi chokwadi.Let us fight the stigma the same way we are fighting HIV vanhu vawone kurarama zviri nani.Ngochani kungochani period!!

Bonde remurume nemukadzi rinonaka veduwee. Gotsi rinooma kuti papata. Bonde chipo chikurusa kubva kuna iye musiki. Zvinoda kutendwa.

“We also want
our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly by both
parents who appreciate them''. Mabasa aMandela kwaazosvika..

Mugabe na Mnangagwa

Let gays fall in love(or lust or whatever brings two people together) with other gays. No one checks on my bedroom activities. Koo chanetsa chii kukuchidzira kakuku kemweni? Do you want one of these gay men to marry your sister and then cheat on her on the down low? Get real.

God help us this is not normal at all,human rights may argue and try to justify ,but this is not normal .

this is unethical just because so many are doing it ,that doesnt make it ryt

i roma isingena ngaphi ke?

You are spot on mate. Chinhu chiye chinonaka zvekuti handifi ndakachisiya. Ava vemigwagwa yemanure hamheno kuti chii chokwadi

Exactly, so why do people waste time condemning the sinner and not the sin itself, just like jesus did. Is it uncomfortable yes, its unsavoury to most people but love them still just like any other people. We are all the same. Like jesus, we have to warn people it is the christian duty but it doesn't mean u equate them to dogs and pigs. That may play to the gallery but it is not justifiable.

oh come on, you can tell someone something without being judgemental bwt it. my point is condemn the sin not the sinner. warn someone bwt being kind....?

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