Tuesday, 9 April 2013


A Harare pastor yesterday appeared in court for allegedly fondling and caressing a 19-year-old female church member he had taken for counselling.

Godfrey Badza (39) was not asked to plead to aggravated indecent assault charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Don Ndirowei. He was remanded to May 27 for trial on US$50 bail.

As part of his bail conditions, Badza was ordered not to apply for a passport, to reside at his given address and not to interfere with witnesses until the matter is finalised. It is the State’s case that the woman told the pastor that she was having marital problems with her husband and he advised her to look for a boyfriend.

Prosecutor Miss Melia Urayayi alleged that on March 28 Badza went to the woman’s house after he was informed that she was having problems with her husband. With the husband’s consent it is alleged the woman went with the pastor to one Ms Ndlovu’s place, an elder at the church for counselling.

After the counselling session, Badza allegedly picked up the woman from Ms Ndlovu’s house and they both agreed to go to a secluded place for a discussion. It is the State’s case that the two drove along Simon Mazorodze and parked near a bush path after the Boka Tobacco Auction Floors before Badza locked all the windows and doors of the car.

The State alleges that the woman told Badza that her husband was not satisfying her in bed and the pastor suggested that she look for a boyfriend. Badza allegedly started fondling the woman and went on to lift her skirt and inserted his fingers into her private parts.

On their way back home, it is alleged Badza held the woman’s hand and made her to feel his manhood and she agreed. He ordered her not to tell anyone about the incident before dropping her home, it is alleged.

The woman told her husband what had happened and a report was made to the police.



For pete's sake the woman agreed saka nyaya yacho iri papi.......nxaaaa

Satan is here. The man is in the wrong job

Hey hey hey guys,there is more to this story apa.Read carefully,the woman was not forced kubata blambi yamufundisi.I suspect the husband made an issue after the wife took too long to come back,and considering that he was beeing accused of not satisfying the wife hamione nyaya yacho here apa.Mfundisi vanenge vakatogutsa mudzimai uyu,akadzimara ataura kuti pakaitika miracle nekuti akanga atundawo for the first time ashinyidzwa na baba mfundisi.

Its only fair that the pastor is arrested!How can you sexually arouse someone and then leave her without finishing the job?What he had done was just a good as foreplay obva arega munhu achienda ane zemo!Ngaasungwe that's cruelty!

The good thing here is that a Wolf in sheepskin was exposed.One can only wonder how many people vakakwirwa nemurume uyu after the so called counselling sessions.There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth on judgement day.

Pastor ava vanoda zvinhu. Its a wake up call to men whose wives are always saying pastor this and pastor that. Vakadzi vanogara vaina pastor pamuromo, papfungwa zvese nekuhope.

Madam ava vanga vachiti 'ini zhii zhangu ndichida kuona zhaachaita'.

Iye murume benzi kubvumira kuti mukadzi waasikugutsa aende nemumwe murume. Icounselling rudzii iyoyo?

Mapastors but ndevenyamawo futi.

Sir you are right on the money on this one. mai ava vakanga vati zvangu zvaita only to be left high and dry. i would also go to the police!!

the pastor is being framed here , i dont believe this whole thing. I they were marital problem how come the husband wanted only his wife to be counselled ? Marital is 2 .............police do your work please . I smell a rat here !

What really happened. I think they did it full time and she is settling for the half story. Murume kazvibata and pressured mukadzi to talk or kanzwa gambi raka tota.

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