Sunday, 14 April 2013


AIR Zimbabwe has asked some of its employees to go on forced leave as part of the restructuring exercise at the airline.

Those who have been asked to go on leave include five senior managers — general  manager of the passenger company Moses Mapanda, finance manager Nick Mujeri, director of technical and operations Cephas Tarenyika, strategy manager Norbert Machingauta and procurement head Bothwell Gavhumende.

The restructuring exercise, which will result in some retrenchments, represents a major step towards re-aligning the airline’s staffing levels to current operations.

In an interview last week, Air Zimbabwe board chairman Ozias Bvute said the current staffing levels of 925 were inconsistent with the operations of the airline.

The same staffing levels were in place when the airline was at its peak over a decade ago.

“It does not make sense for all the 935 employees to come to work and service two planes. We have asked people to go on temporary forced leave and remain with a skeletal staff to rebuild capacity,” Bvute said.

“As and when more frequencies and destinations are added staff will be asked to return to work in a phased manner; this is not a retrenchment exercise.”

The airline is flying three routes — Harare-Bulawayo, Harare-Victoria Falls and Harare-Johannesburg.

Bvute said the board would also embark on the completion of the audit of the airline’s books.

Air Zimbabwe’s books were last audited in 2009, an audit which was not completed.

“The board has embarked on a completion of the 2009 audit and subsequent years,” Bvute said.

He said a forensic audit would be carried out to establish how the business was being run.

“Inclusive to that is the completion of a forensic audit, which is not related to why people were put on leave but to merely understand how the business was running and close all loopholes,” Bvute said.

The Bvute-led board was appointed last month to revive the airline.

Other members of the board are deputy chairperson Gabriel Mugabe, insurance expert Nathan Chikono, banker Laura Gwatiringa, experienced captain Alex Makanda and deputy registrar general, Locadia Majonga. standard


1000 employees most of whom were employed on nepotistic and "via the sofa " basis,please Ozzie don't stop till you get the Airline back in the skies!

1000 employees to service 2 planes in service? must be a record - 500 employees to service one plane.

for 2 planes u need less than 40 employees.

These people killed their own jobs. B4 its collapse the London route almost always would be 50% airzim employees and family flying at 10% fares. It was not easy for the full fare paying passengers to get a reservation. On the other end President's office would be commandeering it on its own globe trotting trips. Top/senior management out of this world perks. Overstaffed foreign promotional offices. Hw was it expected to survive? The same can be said of all Zim parastatals. Management kills them with allocated massive perks which do not match the business generated

Air Zimbabwe puts politics before profit. Mugabe diverts flights at will leaving fare paying passengers stranded. Even an idiot would have predicted that this airline is going nowhere. One wonders what business will survive under this government.

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