Friday, 15 March 2013


EIGHT suspected robbers armed with machetes on Thursday afternoon raided a game park in Bindura and stole five guns and other valuables before forcing a 69-year-old housemaid to prepare them food at gunpoint.

Police, however, arrested the robbers who were waiting for the food. Chief police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed this. The eight, whose trial was fast-tracked in Bindura yesterday were convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to eight years each.

“The eight who were armed with machetes were arrested yesterday (Thursday) at around 1500hours after they forcefully gained entry at a farm house at Dombarera Game Park in Matepatepa farming area in Bindura,” she said.

She said after gaining entry, the robbers broke a gun cabinet and stole four rifles, a pistol, various ammunition, binoculars, clothes, digital camera, magnifying glass, three cellphones and various other goods. Police were informed and reacted swiftly.

They found the suspects still at the game park after forcing the maid to cook food for them at gunpoint. “The suspects were then arrested,” Asst Comm Charamba said.

Cases of armed robbery have been increasing countrywide with police saying they would crack down on most of the criminals on their wanted list.

This year, at least 2 000 criminal suspects are roaming the streets free as their appeals could not be dealt with timeously due to shortage of transcribers and poor recording equipment, a development that was compromising the justice delivery system.

The protracted delays had resulted in the suspects, among them carjackers, rapists, armed robbers and fraudsters, continuing with their criminal activities while others had since breached their bail conditions and disappeared.

Judicial Service Commission deputy secretary Mr Rex Shana, recently said the High Court was sitting on 2 000 appeal cases while the Supreme Court had 122 cases.

The Judicial Service Commission deputy secretary lamented the huge backlog citing a combination of factors.

Last year, police confirmed that hardcore criminals released from Harare jails were believed to be committing armed robberies and carjackings.

Some of these criminals were reportedly released on bail pending appeal and others were said to have completed their sentences. herald


Hope MDC-T will not say these guys belong to ZANU.PF.

Zvaunongobvotomoka nhai Waraidzo. Where does politics fit in? Ko iwe, zuwa riya wakatsika dhodhi ukabva wati munhu we MDC T aita. Waka zviziya sei?

ndakaona kunge face yaTsvangirai

Kiki kiki kiki kiki ki. I never thought kuti munhu weZanu PF angandisekesa. You are a legend Waraidzo.Tsvangison haana kunyanya kushata kumeso zvakadaro. Handsome iri there. Iwe ndiwe usingaioni.

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