Tuesday, 26 March 2013


HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s potential heirs, vice President Joice Mujuru and Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are off European Union (EU) travel and financial sanctions as the 27 nation bloc eases its tough stance on Harare.

Mujuru and Mnangagwa who are reportedly engaged in a fierce battle to succeed 89-year-old Mugabe, are now free to travel to Europe.

But Mugabe, his wife Grace and service chiefs including army general Constantine Chiwenga and police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri are still stuck with the targeted sanctions which bar them from travelling to Europe and also limits financial transactions in Europe.

Yesterday, EU deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe Carl Skau announced the EU potentially divisive step as Mugabe’s Zanu PF heads towards a showdown poll with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC in the next few months.

“The EU ... has today agreed to immediately suspend the application of measures against 81 individuals and eight entities,” an EU statement said.

While Mujuru is widely seen as a reformist in Zanu PF, it is the removal of Mnangagwa — a hardliner linked to past electoral skirmishes such as the Gukurahundi atrocities of the 1980s — which has riled observers.
But Skau said the 81 individuals including the two Zanu PF faction leaders are not influential decision makers.

“A number of key decision makers will remain subject to restrictive measures until peaceful transparent and credible elections have been achieved,” he said.

Director of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Happyton Bonyongwe, Air Marshal Perence Shiri, army boss Phillip Valerio Sibanda and major general Douglas Nyikayaramba.

War veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and Zanu PF politiburo member Didymus Mutasa remain subject to the restrictions.

The EU, which trimmed sanctions in February, says the decision to remove the 81 individuals was influenced by the successful holding of a referendum.

However, the block says the recent spate of arrests on human rights defenders and staffers in Tsvangirai’s office are a cause of concern which warrants the continuation of sanctions on Mugabe’s inner cabal.


The generals and other members of JOC are still on the list because of their treasonous statements that they will not recognise any leader other than tired and grave-bound Bob

Mnangagwa is the next President and the EU knows it.

Diamonds are forever.

Stupid EU. It only makes President Mugabe and the Generals more united and cohesive in whatever they are doing to the detriment of democracy.

The "securocrats" are very right!!....Save can't be president of Zim!! Inga n'anga iya yekuNigeria inonzi TBJ yakataura wani!!....

hahahaha. Hanzi Mugabe and the Generals are still onthe sanctions list. They imprisoned Mugabe for 10 years during the liberation struggle and they think he cares about those stupid sanctions. They wanna divide and rule... Zvakasara zviya..

Zvanaka kuti masanctions abviswa kuruzhinji.Kana Bob achida anything even mukadzi wacho can thru mai Mujuru or mnangagwa.They can shop until vaneta.lsu weZANU.PF we have plans for your future.Kana tambokuchengeta for the past 33 years nhsi tozvitadza sei.

And he cries badly about it. The army was out and about forcing people to sign an 'appeal' to EU the other year. Usareve nhema rino zhamba Matibili nekuda kuenda ku Europe. On the installation of the new pope recently he was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

And if he is the choice of the people what happens? Why then are we going for elections if the results are pre-determined? Is it just an opportunity for blood hungry Zanu-PF to murder more civilians? Pfungwa dzako nevamwe vako dzaka shota.

is that what you call kuchengeta when earnings are $400 PPP?
Is that what you call kuchengeta when unemployment is 80%?
is that what you call kuchengeta when pass rates are below 20%?
Is that what you call kuchengeta when the Harare-Bulawayo Highway isati yasvika kuNorton almost 20yrs since they started building it?

The EU errored in removing Emmerson Mnangagwa from the banned list.Mnangagwa is Matibili `s protege.He has carried out all the murderous activities Matibili has tasked him with.Mnangagwa as National Security Minister carried out the Gukurahundi massacres from 1982-1987 killing over 20000 Ndebeles most of them defenceless.Gwena Mnangagwa also maimed Godfrey Majonga & went on to kill Christopher Giwa.Gwena will never rule Zim becoz he doesnt have the National support base ,he is a mean spirited Tribalist who has got dictatorial tendencies like his mentor Matibili.Ngwena is a phoney trained Lawyer with dubious Law credentials above all with a poor command of the English language.Mnangagwa like his mentor Mugabe is an evil,heinous,corrupt massmurderer who is Hague/Hell bound.

The reason the votes were peaceful is because everyone was calling for a yes vote. If Mdc was rooting for a no vote they wouldn't have been peaceful

Point of correction....it was NOT "an appeal to EU"; it was simply an anti-sanctions declaration!! Apart from EU, there are also sanctions imposed on Zim by Australia, USA, etc

Elections are necessary to prove that Gushaz is the people's choice; besides they are a constitutional requirement.

Chokwadi charwadza ka??!!....ndi TB Joshua akazvitaura, kwete inini!! Handiti ma-elections acho ave padhuze; let's wait & see...

Chienda unobvunza MDC-T izvozvo coz ndivo vakanosvimha misodzi vachikumbira ma-sanctions!!

Manje ukati "a poor command of the English language" vamwe tinobva tafunga Save nemudzimai wake!!! Kikikiki........

The EU is fully aware that Mr Tsvangirai is lacking in strategy, naive and possibly relatively dull. At a time when he had the backing of the international community where he could have had the full implementation of the GOP agreement he was busy campaigning for the removal of sanctions against Matibili. Sanctions where the only tools that could have forced Matibili to concede on key issues and had brought that country down, instead after partaking in a few sexual escapades (with ZANU PF CIOs) Mr Tsvangirai became Matibili's mouthpiece.Mr Tsvangirai can not be trusted to bring change in Zimbabwe as he can not see beyond his own penis.It is possible the EU (who are very much forward thinking) is going to use Mnangagwa as a change agent hence the need to give him freedom. His movement is the only way he can be engaged but once more this is my humble opinion and I'm not a ZANOID.I fully agree with you that the Defence Minister's hands are not exactly clean but then Matibili made everyone's hands dirty so that noone could jump off this titanic but Mnangagwa is willing to make a fresh start and has the backing of key people in the political landscape and he is in good books with the Queen.

I don't want to believe that you are that stupid to blame everything on sanctions.Sanctions do not stop you from thinking do they.There has been no plan on the tables in this government to improve the infrastructure since they got into power.I can see that with people like you malways blaming others the country will never progress.All your posts that i have followed you don't take responsibility for your failures as a country.No wonder we are way behind in development we can always blame it on the whites.Its a pity.You are the kind of guys who blamed the teacher for not submitting your home work.

Is it not just a bit of coincidence that Zimbabwe is now known to have diamods and all of a sudden everything is ok with europe?.Are these sanctions lift only just limited to those in office or can we now export and import freely?These guys have enormous amounts of personal reserve cash.europe need to understand that this sanction business never hurts the Zimbabwean officials but does so much damage to millions and millions of innocent ordinary Zimbabweans!!!!!!

Achitadza nei since she the 2nd hure and the 3rd ngochi ngochi before yourself. Of Course we all no they can shop for hure number 1

Kikikikiki Save Chingezi chinovati netsei.. Kuzoti ivo mai Save...Zvakaoma

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