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RASTAFARIANISM, where marijuana (mbanje) is grown and smoked freely, is a practice that many of us never imagined could be openly practised in Zimbabwe.

What with Zimbabwe’s laws against the weed. But a visit to Cherutombo Rastafari House in Marondera proved otherwise. The Rastafarians practice their religion as freely as any other.

They have a shrine that, from a distance, looks like an ordinary hill. As I approached the shrine, I was greeted by dazzling elegance. The hill and its surroundings are kept spick and span with the vegetation well maintained.

The Zimbabwe national flag and Rastafarian flag flutter in the wind a few metres from the shrine entrance to enable congregants to easily locate the house. Upon entering the shrine I was told to remove my shoes and jewellery.

I saw two shrines, a small one and a big one where the Rasta community hold their religious services. The shrines are endowed with lush green plants of marijuana both on the inside and the outside.
The plants are “an endangered” species as members tread carefully to avoid stamping on them.

In the middle of the main shrine was an altar made of stones covered with the Zimbabwe national flag and on top of it were a variety of fruit.

Few metres from the entrance stood Alexander Munyukwi, who is called the high priest or commissioner-general of the Cherutombo Rastafarian community.

He is the most decorated priest I have ever seen and he was clad in khaki regalia lined up with Rastafarian colours. His jacket was decorated with portraits of President Mugabe, Emperor Haile Sellasie, Menen (Sellasie’s wife) Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King.

The barefooted lanky priest stood in absolute silence and it was quite clear he was meditating.
From his belt hung a small sceptre, while his shoulders were laced with stripes — insignia for a person with a high position in an organisation.

Standing in trance next to him was a Bingi warrior (one who plays the drums) called Blessing Ziyanga. The warrior, dressed in similar regalia, but with fewer stripes, was the most vocal of all as he always chanted the name of Sellasie whom he referred to as “The Most High”.

All the men in the house had their heads bare, while the women covered their heads. The women, who were fewer, put on decent long dresses and skirts. Everyone who entered the shrine did so in a clockwise manner. When one wanted to get out, he or she would go around the altar on his or her way out.

The smaller shrine was surrounded by a huge fire that was kept glowing till the Sabbath was over. Young Rastafarians took turns to stoke the fire. The high priest opened the Sabbath with chants praising Jah. The Bingi warriors started beating their drums rhythmically while the high priest lead the vocals praising Jah.

After the praises, the members then headed to the smaller shrine before encircling the fire.
The fire is used for “baptising” people and “consecrating” them. Apart from marijuana, fire is also sacred at the shrine as it purifies a person.

According to the high priest the fire is to be kept alive always and no garbage is allowed to be thrown in it. As they gathered around the fire, each member took turns to read from the Bible.

Everyone who had the Bible picked something from the book of Psalms. Where it was written God, Lord or Jehovah the reader would substitute with the word Jah which was often read in a high-pitched voice before others responded with “Rastafari”.

Latecomers went around the fire three times to be purified before entering the main shrine.
After the Bible reading, the members of the house started worshipping Jah through songs before going back to the main shrine.

As everybody got seated in the shrine, the high priest and other two male members returned to the fire where they consecrated a big smoking pipe.

The pipe, known in Shona as Gonamombe, is made of a dried small pumpkin gourd and had its top filled with dried marijuana. After lighting the pipe, the high priest took the first pull and handed it over to two other members.

The pipe was then brought to the main shrine where it was passed from one member to the other. Every member in the house took a turn at the pipe.

After that came the time of “reasoning”. This was indeed a time of reasoning as every Rastafari, after smoking weed (which they say it gives wisdom), contributed to various topics that were being discussed. The topics included women’s dressing, ganja-smoking and the Internet.

During reasoning, the pipe was rotating around the brethren as they continued smoking. The marijuana was smoked without fear of the police as the high priest said his church was registered and that police in Marondera knew about it. Smoking marijuana is part of the church’s proceedings and they refer it to as a herb which cures diseases and gives wisdom.

As reasoning continued, a member of the house rose and blessed the fruits on the altar before the high priest started sharing with the congregants. The fruits represent life and according to the high priest they are called the first fruits that give life.

The fruits were followed by a cake which was made of mealie-meal and marijuana seeds. After the cake and fruits, water was handed out to all the people.

After reasoning, a seven-member group circled the altar and they held what is called the seven heartical prayer. The number seven represents the seven angels, seven seals, seven gates of Zion and seven days of the week.

Each of the seven members prayed to Jah before the high priest concluded with another prayer. After the service I felt relieved as I realised that I was not affected by passive smoking. I was also afraid that the police would raid us as mbanje was being smoked freely, but the high priest assured me that police would not arrest us.

“We are a registered church and we do every practice here, even the police know everything we do,” he said. Jairos Saunyama newsday


Hmmm its shizzle my nizzle for the rastafarian.

Zimbabweans, stop trying to be rasta. Let's not embrace anything that comes along. Zvinotipa hurombe izvi. I like reggae music and I like watching Jamaican artists doing their rasta chants, but I don't see myself being rasta. Hazvisi zvedu.

But you see your self being a christian? Is christianity from Zim? Learn to respect other people's beliefs you clown. Chirombe chaurikutaura ndechei? I myself I'm a Rasta and an engineer by profession so I don't understand chirombe chaurikutaura. You are a brainwashed assole. You're probably washing white bums somewhere in the UK. Ndochirombe manje ichocho chekugeza dako remurungu mbuya vako vari kumusha vasina anovageza dako.

Zvedu ndezvipi uye zvako Iwe ndezvipi ?

Mbanje, or fodya yevakuru has always been part of our tradition. The only difference with today is that it was not smoked by youngsters. Tichinawo wanhi masango anomera mbanje inoyera iye nhasi muZimbabwe, ine zvikaranga zvayo. It is just that most of us today do not spend time with our elders asking about our tradition. There is a lot of wisdom 'openly hidden' in our culture and elders, readily available for the taking by those who truthfully seek it. Bvunza verudzi rwako, vanokuudza. Maitiro evanyorwa ava anoti siyanei needu.

A Classic Cult example

Usada kutanga imwe nyaya. Ninzi ncitwakakubisizya? Unodena.

Dande and Binga ndiko kwainoputwa mbanje manje; I have friends from both these areas and they say that its like cultural to them;

To start off with Jamaicans hate Africans,Mugabe himself blasted them for their weed smoking ,so why do you wear a portrait of Mugabe and practice rasta they just dont mix,i love reggae asi ma Zim siyanai nechirombe chisina basa

Don't criticise what you don't understand!!...zvaunoti "zvedu" ndezvipi zvacho??!! Handiti you're aiming to be western in everything, from food, fashion, speaking, etc??!!
When Rastas talk of "home" they are talking about Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. In Ethiopia there is a small town called Shashemane to which Rastas go as a form of pilgrimage.
Having stayed with Rastas I can confirm without any shadow of doubt that they are good, peaceful & hard-working folks who believe wholeheartedly in the Old Testament - their knowledge & practical application of the Old Testament will put a lot of our so-called christians to shame!! EVERYTHING that they do, from their gait thru mbanje-smoking to diet, is based on the Old Testament! In fact, I've found true Rastas to be more original, upright, and genuine than the average christian!!

Ko washing bums yapinda papi,washing bums in UK has more money than teaching in Zim saka stick to the point not go off topic,we are all trying to make a living

My friend, haunyare kunyepa zviri pachena kudai!! For a start, Jamaicans do NOT hate Africans at all coz to them "home" is Africa!! I'm a Zimbo but stayed with some Rastas in Ethiopia and know them quite well. Ethiopia is in Africa, by the way!!

Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is believed to be of the biblical Solomonic lineage thru Queen Sheba [believed to be an Ethiopian queen who visited the great king]. One of Bob Marley's great songs "War" ["Until the philosophy which holds one race superior....."] is actually based on a speech at the UN General Assembly by Emperor Selassie in 1963!! There is a group called Falasha Jews in Ethiopia, some of whom were air-lifted to Israel at the height of the 1984-85 famine. "Jah" is just a shortened form of Jehovah, so Rastas do believe in God.

By the way "Ras" is an Ethiopian title for a very high rank in the army; "Tafari", derived from Tafari Makonnen, who was the Emperor's father, means "somebody who is highly feared/respected".

To equate Rastafarianism nechirombe is not only intellectually lazy but thoroughly dishonest and very untrue!!

Ignorance, while excusable, is no defence!!....

Did you know that any & every part of the mbanje plant [bark, seeds, leaves, etc] is useful??!! Also did you know that the active ingredient in mbanje [tetra-hydrocannabinol] has been found to be medically effective in managing asthma, moderate to severe pain associated with cancer, and for improving appetite??!! Before you laugh/protest....this is the reason why many western countries are actively pushing for the CONTROLLED legalisation of marijuana!! In some countries [e.g. Netherlands, if I'm not mistaken] one can legally buy the drug BY PRESCRIPTION!!

I have read quite a lot on the medicinal side of it including the anti-emesis use of it;

England is a beach I hope you've learnt.

Sorry, the point is I'm NOT advocating that we have a free-for-all whereby anybody can openly smoke mbanje in the streets!! This is why I talked of CONTROLLED LEGALISATION.
As for medicines from mbanje, maybe I can educate you a bit on that one....ALL medicines have side-effects, and their use in medical practice is based on the risk/benefit analysis. So if medicines extracted from mbanje have a better "side effects profile", why not use them?? Furthermore, pliz understand that when active agents of drugs are extracted from animals or plants, they are studied in terms of chemical structure, safety, etc so that they can then be synthesised/manufactured in the chemistry laboratory; and then there will be no need to always depend on animals/plants. For example, quinine was originally discovered in the bark of the cinchona tree but the drugs we find in pharmacies/hospitals are based on manufactured active agents; otherwise those trees would have been finished long ago!

bhururu ko ana Chaminuka naNehanda vedu vari kukwana papi apa,kutevedzera zvana Haile Selassie ko vedu vaita vashoma here?,ndicho chirombe chacho ichocho

Tese tinoziva chivanhu chedu. Our culture does not take King Selassie as a God and the common man does not smoke weed. Fodya yemasvikiro yamunongoti munhu wese aakungobhema. Hauna nyaya shamwari. As for Christianity, I think it blends well with our culture because long before we were Christians, we believed in one God, Mwari. Our ancestors didn't know abut this Haille Selassie shit.

The so called Rastas are selling mbanje and all manner of drugs. Ini ndirikugeza ma 'bums' echembere. Which one of us is breaking the law? I worship God, Mwari not King Sellasie mu 'coloured' weku Ethiopia. Your association with Ethiopia stems from an inferiority complex. Just because Ethiopians look beautiful does not mean they are your lineage Bvuma zvako. We are pure Black and we are Zimbabweans and we hold our own people in high esteem. That's why midzimu yafuratira nekuda kutora zvisiri zvenyu. Uchafa uri rombe.

You are talking bull, no need to argue with a fool who things being associated with an African nation of Ethiopia is wrong and a sign of inferiority but being associated with Queen Elizabitch the Whore of Babylon is a sign of identifying oneself and superiority.

Mbanje causes mental illness
Mbanje causes derranged behaviour, unpredictability in behavioura tendencies
Mbanje causes job inefficiency
Mbanje reduces sperm count'SIGNIFICANTLY' and compromise sperm quality
Mbanje may cause addiction'debatable'
Pasi ne Mbanje, we will not allow it in our sober Zim.

We have enough 'very effective' anti-emetic

Yu ryt,dagga advocates just love the herb.These medicine arguments are just a way to smuggle it into mainstream use,which we all know is/will be as good as abuse. What has medicine failed,which dagga should be brought to solve? Dagga is one major cause of mental illness.

Shitload how much knowledge or research have you done on the medicinal properties of Mbanje? Mbanje is a natural wonder drug! The Economist Magazine, Feb 26, 2013 Edition found that "If (Marijuana) were unknown, it's discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise it's potential for treating everything from pain to cancer and marvel at it's rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body."

A leading scholar Lester Grinspoon, MD who has researched the drug for decades has added, "I have come to doubt there is no question about its safety. It is one of humanity's oldest medicines, used for thousands of years by millions of people with very little evidence of significant toxic effects. More is known about its adverse effects than about those of most prescription drugs......Cannabis will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was penicillin in the 1940s. Like penicillin, herbal marijuana is remarkably nontoxic, has a wide range of therapeutic applications and would be quite inexpensive if it were legal."

In the UK today there are 6 secret mbanje farms sponsored by the government whose sole job is to research the medicinal effects of the humble weed by creating artificial climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of the very mbanje you vilify. In the USA many states have already decriminalised medicinal use of mbanje. In Amsterdam coffee shops sell the drug & this has enhaced it's status as a tourist destination, yet mbanje does not grow there naturally.

Companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals are already licensing & patenting synthetic versions of the drug in a bid to stop the natural consumption of the drug whilst Africans who stand best placed to benefit from the commercial production of mbanje bcoz of our climatic conditions lag behind.

A recent study & documentary called "True History of Marijuana" sent shock waves within the phamaceutical industries who have been lobbying governments against decriminalising mbanje for selfish capitalist ends. (The film is even on youtube if you care enough to enlighten yourself & tamper your prejudice against God's gift to man).

Cannabis has an incredible number of uses:- Industrial Textiles,
Consumer Textiles, paper, rope, Building Materials, Foods (as the Rasta's in this article are showing) & even more importantly as a Biofuel (which biofuel could pose a serious threat to the energy industry).

Our ancestors, the Indians, Chinese, Native American, Aborigines & many civilisations have long understood that mbanje is the "healing". Shitload are you even aware that mbanje actually fights & kills cancer cells. It's useful to people with asthma, glocoma, AIDS, athritis & trauma victims. You allege that it causes mental illness, but there is very little evidence of that & moreover just like any drug, mbanje might have side-effects to certain people.

Genesis 1:11 "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so."

Genesis 1:29 "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb-bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

Genesis 3:18 "... thou shalt eat the herb of the field."

Psalms 104:14 "He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man."

Proverbs 15:17 "Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith."[33]

Revelation 22:2 " the river of life proceeded to flow from the throne of God, and on either side of the bank there was the tree of life, and the leaf from that tree is for the healing of the nations."
Let us partake in the humble sacrament as given to us by God for free.......research & do not hate what you do not understand.

Where is the reference to Queen Elizabeth? You are the one talking bullshit. Rasta rekuMabvuku rinoswera rakagara muma 'drains' Enda unogeza and look for a job rather than chant nutty dread and all that rubbish. Enda undorapwa zvisati zvaita serious..

Stop generalising..true Rasta's may sell weed, but not hard drugs in general (like cocaine, amphetamins, e's, heroine, alcohol & tobacco etc)...
Wearing dreadlocks does not equate to being a Rasta just as going to church does not make one a Christian. Have you not heard of the saying "beware of wolves in sheep clothing..."

Whilst Rastafarianism as a religion may have originated in Jamaica....Jamaica is very much a Christian country with more churches per square mile than anywhere else on earth. For your own information Brian, Rasta's are a minority religion in Jamaica and most Jamaicans do not even want to be associated with Rastafarians.
On the otherhand, Rastafarianism is an afrocentric religion therefore all Rasta's love Africa as Africa is the cradle of humanity & modern civilisation....

This is a complete fallacy, mbanje in it's natural form does not cause mental illness. There is very little scientific evidence to show this unless you are talking about the new versions of mbanje that are made through genetic modification eg skunk/ purple haze where dealers want to enhance the euphoric high that is associated with mbanje.
Alcohol is more likely to lead to unpredictable behaviour such as violence than mbanje. It is a fact that drugs like alcohol & tobacco have caused more fatalities in Zim that mbanje...
Zvejob inefficiency izvi, that is your opinion & it's debatable. Where I come from tinoita basa sebasa mudhara...
Tobacco is a known cause of reduced sperm count, that is why Rasta's advocate against the mixing of mbanje with tobacco & they even say "ital is vital" which means do not mix it with anything else, alcohol included here....
Mbanje on it's own taken "itally" is not addictive & reserach has proven this. However those claiming addiction are most often found to mix it with tobacco & smokers will actually be addicted to nicotine not mbanje itself.
How can you say Zim is a sober society when so many people are killed & mained daily due to alcohol. I hope you also include tobacco, aknown addictive drug, when you toll up the death rate (& ironically more farmers are turning from growing maize to tobacco coz it pays more).

The reason why pharmaceutical companies what to make synthetic variations of mbanje derived medicines is bcoz they want to maximise their profits through patents when we all know that mbanje is a natural medicine. Why extract or make synthetic versions when the natural weed is good on it's own.

if you are suggesting the veneration of a human is being cultic, your reasoning may be extended to include Muslims in their veneration of the Prophet Mohammed & Christians in their worship of you know the definition of a cult nhai Musoni?

Thanks for educating this idiot who is suffering from delusions. He told everyone he is an engineer. No one else on this forum has mentioned their profession. He knows he is an exception in the Rasta community because most of them are not high achievers. Binghi Dread is a frustrated engineer because the infrastructure in Zimbabwe is crumbling and that includes bridges and everything else. And where are our so called engineers Busy smoking mbanje and chanting Nyabhingi. No wonder the country is being taken over by the Chinese. Binghi Dread, enda unobikirwa doro.

The Zimbabwean Constitution protects freedon of conscience, religion & association.
You say you like reggae & listening to Rasta chants, but you clearly have not been listening hard enough to the message...As Bob Marley famously said, "the message is in the music, the music is in the message...Misty in Roots went further to say...."the music of our art (heart) is Roots music, a music which recalls history & speaks of the judgment that is to come..."

Live & let live Munyarari & stop being a social gestapo.

See my response further below. I take it that you are a cannabis user, seeing how so passionate you are about this herb. Forgive me if i am wrong, but it is very difficult for one to be purely objective about an issue if you have vested interests on such an issue. In academic language, one would say you are professionaly compromised. I am not and have not and would never use this herb but i have accumulated unadulterated knowledge about it in a non-user and objective way.

I am not going to enter the whole scientific and religious debate because i may be as you say professionally compromised but from a lay man's language.Don't you think blaming ganja for one's recklessness is being too simplistic.When people abuse any substances i think there are more serious underlying issues rather than the substance itself.I have never had any issues with using ganja and have done that since i was doing my JC.I am a respected member of my community and have done my share in improving other people's lives.What i am saying is how a person turns out is depended on the many choices we make in life.Just like you will find more marombe who have never taken ganja and you will find a lot of people using the herb as an escape from their demons.Like people who use beer,hard drugs ,cigarettes and many things that can be harmful.Iam just saying,Nuff respect going for my spliff now.

Thanks Shitload, I like your reasoning my brother. What that debate was actually about was about the re-classification of the crime of possession of mbanje.. The Daily Mail editorial teams have their agenda just like our The Herald. Mbanje like everything has possible side-effects if there are pre-existing factors...note that in the UK, Europe in general & USA mbanje is being genetically modified to enhance the high as you rightly say for recreational purposes. The research is out there but we should not be blinkered by the anti-legalisation lobby who are scaremongering people with outdated research. Having read the article in The Daily Mail, you may also have read another in The Independent 15 Oct. 2012, saying: The publication of a six-year study from the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC) today reveals that the £3bn spent annually tackling drugs is not evidence-based and calls for a "wholesale review" of existing laws. The arcticle is even mischievous headed "Cannabis 'no worse than junk food', says report...

If you find time please watch: you will see my point. It's titled "The History of Marijuana." (watch the full movie).

I am against the general state sanctioned misinformation that surrounds mbanje.

I would rather go to Marondera and smoke herb than go to Makandiwa or Angels.

Very informative what you wrote above. And to think how I wasted my day following useless posts about that bitch Bev. Nxaa

Are you a Falasha or a Jew? Why do you aspire to be associated with a lost Jewish tribe when you are not one of them? Do you resent yourself that much. I'm sure you went to school so that you get a better perspective of life and better things to aspoire to and not to reinvent history to suit your delusional agenda. If Selassie is the blood of Solomon so what? I read about Selassie and he was a Christian and he did not want to be worshiped.

Stop being simplistic & making assumptions. I do not smoke mbanje but that does not blinker me from seeing the hypocrisy surrounding the subject. I also do not drink alcohol nor smoke tobacco....I do however use mbanje derived products such as clothes, bags, rope and have benefitted from medication derived from the drug.

Are you aware that in Zimbabwe we have Jews vanonzi maSenna who were traced using DNA technology. Are you also aware that these very same people were the custodians of a replica of the Ark of the Covenant that is currently being housed at the National Museum......Selassie's link with the royal lineage of King Solomon appears to be very relevant to Rasta's & their interpretation of the bible which is their right. Just as you say Selassie did not want to be worshiped, Jesus too refused to be deified....Do not rubbish something just bcoz you do not agree with it...have an open mind

Thanks for posting Dhiredhi.....most people who argue against cannabis do so using worn out arguements kuti inopengesa. The risk as with all mind altering drugs will remain but it is blown way out of proportion by a powerful lobby group that includes pharmaceutical companies, alcohol & beverage cartels, the tobacco lobby & even the petroleum giants. What they do not realise is that the drug itself has a self regulatory mechanism to safeguard against harmful effects caused by the euphoric high. Shitload appears to be oblivious of the fact that the cannabis being smoked today in the so-called developed world has been genetically modified to remove the anti-psychotic aspect of its natural properties by unscrupulous drug cartels. Mbanje inorimwa kwaMutoko is different from that being smoked by youths in the UK & hence the increase in mental illness risks. The use of mbanje recreationally is only but a small aspect of this wonderful plants usefulness to it's time we went beyond that.

Talk about being holier that you not see that the same reasoning you are using to rubbish Dhiredhi can be applied to you. "Unadultarated" my foot....your opinion has never sounded more only non-users are objective? Even in basic scientific experiments there is the subject (user) & the control (placebo). You are too opinionated & think you have the monopoly to accumulate knowledge..... tibvire kumhepo unokuvara necross fire iwe....

Pass it on Peter Tosh said...."legalize it & I will advertise it..." I too have smoked mbanje for most of my adult life with no noticeable harmful side-effects. I gave up beer & tobacco in my early 20's after teenage experimentation much to the relief of my family & I have never been happier as I use it in moderation as a responsible son, husband, father, grandfather & productive Zimbabwean. Ndosaka ichinzi fodya yavakuru's also not for the weak hearted & is not for everybody's recreational persuit...but every Zimbabwean can benefit from the by products that come from mbanje such as medicines, textiles, food, biofuels & these should be explored. Mbanje is very resilient & cheap to grow that is why it is often found growing wild & with the adverse climatic conditions & undercapitalisation in agriculture that is currently affecting our economy we should be looking forward & investing in mbanje as an economic commodity & empowerment vehicle.

Mukoiri you smash it everytime kikikiki.....I was thinking the very same thing...

As i said,forgive me if i am wrong because i am simply reading your line of reasoning,meaning i stand to be cirrected too.In other words,i was simply probing you to declare your interests,which you finally did,and you have not denied that you use it in some rather non-recreational way.I really do not see need to get worked up,and it is your right wherever you are to disagree with me. I however would be glad to know where you source fabric,bags e.t.c made from the herb. Take this argument easy,i really did not expect you to feel accused bro

I was enjoying Binghi Dread's reasoning until he started lambasting innocent hardworking people who are looking after their families & making progress with their lives. Such reasoning is what gives the likes of misguided Munyarari Wakachekwa an ignorant excuse of calling Rasta's or ganja smokers all sorts of names.... Binghi Dread an apology would be in order if you are man enough.....Sorry zvako Lynn

Linton Kwesi Johnson who you are misquoting says "England is a bitch" (not beach). Remember LKJ is a Dub poet so the meaning of words are very important to listen keenly Dread as the two words convey very different meanings....I guess it's just a typo....

& your point is? You intention of smearing Rasta's & your hatred of them is betrayed by your sentiment "enda unogeza".....From the article we are commenting on has the reporter not clearly stated the following:

1. As I approached the shrine, I was greeted by dazzling elegance. The hill and its surroundings are kept spick and span with the vegetation well maintained.

2. The women, who were fewer, put on decent long dresses and skirts.
3. Upon entering the shrine I was told to remove my shoes

I have many a friends who are Rastafarians, I have been invited into their homes, prepared & shared meals with them & experienced their way of life (livity) & without doubt I can vouch that they are amoung the cleanest living people I have met throughout my travels. Do not mistake the dirty unkempt vagrants (suffering from mental health issues) you see running around the back streets of Harare with Rastafarians. If you stood next to a Rasta wearing your sunday best you may still be found wanting in the cleanliness stakes, vanogeza nekuzvishongedza vanhu vaya as they believe that "their bodies are the temple of the Most High". This is not a diss but a some research don't just hate

I really make an effort not to commend about our prophets but zvinonetsa kuramba ndinyerere

I appreciate your type of engagement,i however feel that we have both mobilised contradictory original reports on the true or purpoted effects of Mbanje in society. This leaves both of us in a situation whereby we have to look at the claims of the alternative view,and possibly meta-analyse the genuine most recent studies surrounding the real effects of the herb both in the short and long term. Let's go scientific and shy away from sensationalist reports by media cartels.Problem is that your position,as i understand so far,may still inerfere with your judgement on those scientific studies that dont corroborate your opinion if you were to suspect that those powerful lobby groups were in some way running the show in the conduct of the studies. In the end, that is when people end up going basic to the simple democratic process of numbers,by show of hands,those who are for and those against as being done now in Zim.Lets hope those powerful cartels wont interfere with the aspect of Mbanje use in the process.Engaging you was quite stimulating but i believe i have to rest my case.

Hanzi vamwe vacho vanototyisidzira kusundira madhimoni avanobisa kumacheer leaders avo voisa kuvanhu vanovatsoropodza kuti vaone moto.Asi hanzi tinoshandisa simba ramwari lol

ha ha just like me I do not comment on things I know not about.....

You khiri me.....& you are very perceptive about my non-comment on recreational use coz it's for sipritual purposes not zvekutamba....just like Bill Clinton, I smoked but did not enhale...if you get my drift....

With regards to hemp clothing it depends with where you are based given that the Zim situation has turned us into nomads. I know most of the big brands have developed Hemp clothing lines eg Addidas, Nike, Levi, Wrangler, Diesel etc. I am a Ras so I wear a lot of denim & khakhi styled clothes & shoes. Just do a general google search I will be happy to send you links if u can find a way to discreetly pass me your Email address..... you can also try Rasta Empire, Bob Marley Clothing, Official Levi Jeans, Diesel Jeans, Bob Marley Clothing......hemp jeans are very comfortable and hard wearing also becoz hemp dye is so effective they wear out zvine stira...Addidas has a nice pair of sneakers make from Hemp, I am actually wearing pair right now
One love, we are brothers & are here to build each other up not hard feeling for real

The guys in this article change Scripture to say what it does not say. They are peddling a false religion.

There are some black jews in Zimbabwe. So what? Being a Jew does not make anyone special. We are are all children of God no matter what our tribe or race is. Zimbabwe's problems or the world's problems for that matter need people to accept others as equals and work together. Treating Jewish ancestry as something special creates resentment and alienates you with other tribes who have lives in harmony with you for ages. Magamba edu tinawo, kubva kuna Mbuya Nehanda zvichingoenda. We cannot start worshiping Ehiopians before we acknowledge our own heroes.

I was wondering why this topic has generated so much debate pasangana zvino vadzirova nevasina nharo dzacho hadzipere. Ndaverenga parikunzi after vapedze kubhema kana vakapusa vanenge vakutaurisa lol

Again you show your ignorance....Selassie is taken as a messenger/messiah and NOT as GOD just like in our culture we took midzimu as intermediaries. God is "Jah" which is a shortened form of Jehovah.

"Chirombe" is NOT the correct term!!

Saka zvichinzi "ignorance is bliss"!! What you are describing are called "side effects". The next time you visit a pharmacy ask for the package inserts of some drugs that we commonly use and you will be shocked!! You can start with the side effects of ARVs.....

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