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ZANU-PF's policies on indigenisation and land reform were prophesied by the founder of the Johanne Masowe Gospel of God Church before his death in 1973.

Speaking at a peace prayer meeting of church members at Odzi on Sunday, an evangelist in the church, Joromia Mususu, said the late Baba Johanne told his followers to shun the white men's employment and work for themselves.
"He told his followers that blacks must not work for whites. He taught his followers trades such as tinsmith, basketry, carpentry, motor mechanics and shoe making so that they can be self reliant. This conforms with the party's indigenisation, land reform and self reliance," he said.

Mususu said the church excommunicates those who revolt against the Government.
"The church policy as instructed by Baba Johanne is that it must work in harmony with the ruling Government. We excommunicate those who revolt against Government.

"We want to thank Zanu-PF for its stance on homosexuality. This policy is in agreement with our church laws and our African culture and tradition," he said.
Mususu said the objective of the peace meeting was to pray for peace in the country and in their church.

"We are praying for our political leaders' good health and long life as well. We thank God for giving us the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe and its leadership. We hope that the leadership of ACCZ will help us reunite the church and restore the church to its glory days. We also hope that through this prayer God will give us the ability to vote for our Government as we did in the 1980 elections when Zanu-PF won with a landslide victory. Our wish is that all the followers of Baba Johanne unite and restore the church to its original order as was ordered by our founding leader.
"Baba Johanne instructed us to go to seven missionary trips. He said if you complete the seven missionary trips, our country and the rest of the world will be blessed," he said.

Mususu said they hoped that they would be allowed to visit their Gandanzara Holy Shrine in the near future. They have been camped at Odzi for the past two years.
"Before his death, Baba Johanne said all church members would have to visit his place of rest at Gandanzara once a year. He said the place must be developed, as that would be Africa's new Jerusalem.


Jus goes to show how midget minded you are ....if elections are a revolt then how do u suggest we choose leaders ..kumasowe??? .....mbgwa!!

Pane zvisina kushoperwa nemurume uyu here?Tichapedzisira tonzwa zvonzi baba vakati pane mukuru achasura pamberi pevanhu!LoL.

He is lying through his teeth. Why was he quiet about the prophecy all along? How can we be a nation of basket weavers and tin smiths. In life one man has to work for another.

If I remember well baba Johanne had a woman prophetess who used to prophecy as well and lived to 1987 and knew much about babas prophecies by the name of Rebecca and she handed over most information to some other followers ko kunyepa uku kwabva kupi.

The reporters were brought in by CIO, so his speech had to be 'sanctioned' and doctored to suit the situation. There is a message in that speech, if you look closely. 1. They are praying for political leaders, not one specific one. 2. They are praying so as to be able to vote - that ability you definitely do not need if you are voting for Zanu-pf. Who in Zimbabwe does not know of church preachers who have been physically manhandled and beaten for praying for good political leadership without mentioning Zanu-pf? Kurova imbwa wakaviga mupinyi.

What prophesy is there to talk &/or right about here? Is it not a given that indigenisation is indeed a by product of all 'independent' nations as well as people who have attained self emancipation? Hakusiriko here kunonzi kuzvitonga kuzere via access to the resources and the land, so what 'special'Zanu policy is there to talk about that is unique from other 'liberating governing parties' is there to glorify? Tipeiwo ma serious and real news to report please Mr Editor!

It appears this governmeent is formed by three political parties, why would you choose to pray for one of them???I say, yes phrophecies are there, and somehow as people we sometimes interpret them in our own ways.
Nothing much to say, than saying, Mwari tibatsirei tinzwisise shoko renyu.Amen.

Hindava uchibvunza zvinhu zviri pachena so??!!....of the 3 parties in the GNU, besides Zanu PF, which other party seriously talks of indigenisation & economic empowerement??!! Handiti MDC-T has gone into over-drive in trying to discredit that policy??!! Their JUICE, which is a confused & incoherent knee-jerk reaction to the Zanu PF policy, is doomed!! Zimbos are intelligent enough to know who is fighting for their cause and who is busy selling out.....the coming elections will bear that out!!

Masvotwa-ka coz hapana chataurwa chiri kupindirana ne JUICE??!!
Point of's not ALL "independent" nations which have indigenised!! Do your research well ..... e.g. SA has NOT yet gone that route....almost 2 decades post-independence!!

It's very predictable that you've to distort the truth; nobody has suggested that we be a nation of tin-smiths!! The point, which is quite clear even from the article, is that we should be prepared to work for ourselves in the spirit of SELF-RELIANCE. That's what land reform & indigenisation are all about. No contradictions here!!
Those who still want, hat in the arm-pit, to always "yes, baas" can go back to Rhodesia!!

Your attempted analysis is very shallow & pathetic! Does Zanu PF, or any other party for that matter, have only one "political leader" or it has "political leaders"?! Is it a one-member party?!
To be able to vote, you simply need to be registered, and for that you don't need any political party!

Yes, Zimbos are intelligent enough to know that this is pure politics.

I don't know which SA you refer to ......... South Africa has a coherent and systematic indigenisation process in place ( unlike the stop gap desparate measures that Zimbabwe adopted 20 yrs post independence ) at the behest of the despot RGM realising that he was about to loose elections. If you care to google of the word 'indigenisation' you might get a sense of appreciation of what it entails &/or means ( but then again bearing in mind kuti uri DOFO, it's too high an expectation). So what do you think South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is, they refer to the indigenisation process in South Africa as 'transformation' but as I've stated before you are just an ignorant Zanu buffoon who ceases to amaze on your low levels of intelligence and knowledge of issues, pathetic & laughable at best. Land grabbing is not an 'indigenous policy' but a charade for greedy, corrupt and incompetent leaders like your fellow Zanoids. South Africa has a systematic 'willing buyer/ willing buyer' arrangement with a gradual repatriation of serviced land to a trained, empowered and willing farmers who are up to the task of farming and not just for the accumulation of land just for the sake of it. Read the ANC's freedom charter on land acquisition before you spout out your usual shite, you constipated imbecile!

Point of correction.............. google the meaning of indigenisation and 'willing buyer/willing seller' arrangement !

Are you talking of Makoronyerasation!!!

Without the expletives, who else is a leader in Zanu-pf other than Mugabe. If there was, you would by now have a new leader - like what your chinese masters do. Those you would want to call leaders in your party are the most unhappy with your Mugabe - as was revealed in Weakileaks. They shout the loudest at rallies, but we know where their hearts lie. Zuro it was Mangwana screaming that his life was in danger, today it is Tyson. All those appearing to support Zanu-pf are doing so out of fear, not love. People as we speak are being denied the right to register as voters, unless they are Zanoids. If your murderous party was as popular as you would have us believe, what, other than fear of the obvious, stopped you from implementing all the agreed reforms? Even listening to your popular radio station is a crime - if Zimbos are intelligent enough why should they be denied to listen. Only the other year did we not have operation dzikisai ma dish? We all know that whatever you are saying on this forum ndezve kubasa chete, since you are paid to say so, it is not from deep inside - who is dumb enough to be supporting Zanu-pf in this day and age?

If we failed to be self reliant 33 years after independence, it should dawn on any idiot that we need to restrategise. If self reliance was your game plan, ko ma fictitous sanctions that you are always crying about? I am positive, you are not so stupid to believe that anyone who does not agree with your distorted and greedy Zanu policies wants to say 'yes baas'. Please do not tell us about land reform, which only happens towards the harvesting times. Indigenisation only means looting well to do firms? For what reason are we not supporting those that are failing? Zanu-pf cannot be champions of indeginisation - not with what you did to Mutumwa Mawere and Masiiwa as examples. A quick look at the companies that Zanu-pf maggots took over are a show piece of disaster - National Blankets, Midiron Enterprises, D'Auguer tyres, even Zupco. Please talk like a mature person not a 5 year old.

funny that everyone who does not agree with this guy is shallow,ignorant,pathetic,brain dead etc.i am sure he is the smartest creature God created after satan...but if education means hurling insults to those with different views on issues then i thank God i did not go to school.if madzitateguru angu had meaningful discussions padare when they could not read or write then the kind of education this guy has is not useful at all.totika vakadzidza you can simplify matters for us not this pfutseki baas this baas tjat everyday...or maybe ndo graft racho

Hapana chitsva apa. Process started long ago with Africanization of institutions and affirmative action. Kuchindozviita profile because of the politicking and of course for ZANUids, who seem not to be aware of the history, it is like Revelation.

It is the silly season and you will hear a lot of these nonsense "prophecies".a

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