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A troubled Domboshava man has confessed that he drinks human blood and eats human flesh. He says his confession is a cry for help.

Tawanda with a dead snake
Tawanda Chinyani (30), a villager from Makumbe area in Domboshava, said the blood-drinking started after he visited a church based in Harare city centre (name supplied) where he had gone to seek spiritual help. He said he had unintentionally become a Satanist.

Tawanda, lives at the homestead with his wife Erita Karipo (29).

 "I cannot deny that I'm a Satanist. I got this (Satanic spirit) from a church situated in Harare city centre where I had gone to seek prayers. I went to Harare with my wife to buy her kitchen property but while there I got really sick," he said.
Tawanda claimed that after getting sick he met two women who were clad in white apostolic sect regalia who invited him and his wife to the church in question. He said when he got to the church, there were two women who were standing by the entrance who greeted him before taking him into the church where he received prayers from other church members consisting of both men and women. Tawanda said during the prayer, a demon manifested but was immediately rebuked.

"We later left the church and I was given US$5 as bus fare since they had asked my wife and I to call again next time we would come to church. Upon our way to Fourth Street Rank, I started having difficulty in walking. It took me 20 minutes to just cross Julius Nyerere Way only. I was then feeling dizzy and weak," he said.

Tawanda said the following day he went to church alone since his wife refused to return. He said at the church he was given some juice to drink and bread which was cut into three pieces. He said he was also given a church calender and an envelope which he was advised to keep money all the time.

"They said I should keep one piece of the bread that they gave me in the pocket of my trousers then wash the trousers without removing the bread until it disappears. The other piece of bread was supposed to be kept in the envelope that they gave me which had the name of the church inscribed on it. The third piece was supposed to be kept together with my academic certificates. I precisely followed all this until this problem developed on 7 October last year," he said.

It is alleged that on the first day Tawanda and his wife visited the church at the centre of controversy, their clothes, including the woman's blouse and their child's clothes were dipped in water as the church authorities claimed the 'ritual' would bring luck to their lives.
"From that day I have always been dreaming of large snakes coiling around my body. I experience breathing difficulties whenever I start having these dreams. At times these snakes can talk though I will not understand what they will be saying. I have never seen these snakes and there are no such snakes in Zimbabwe," he said.

"At times I dream of accidents that take place throughout the country. When I visit the accident scene, I start sucking blood. I start acting like a snake at all accident scenes. I slither on my belly just like a snake and I also raise my head the way snakes do. I was also told to dry human flesh of accident victims before eating it," he added.

The man said he tried to dump the envelope and the bread outside his house, but on the following day he mysteriously found the envelope back in the house. He also said he took the 'things' back to the church but they refused to accept them. They reportedly told him that all will be well eventually.

He said at one time a relative gave him $400 for safe keeping and he placed it in the envelope and the following morning it was gone. He said he hardly sleeps and spends most of his time at the beerhall.
Anyone willing to help Tawanda, or who would want to know more about his ordeal, kindly get in touch with him on his mobile number +263776999722, or visit him in Domboshava in Makumbe village.



mhmmmmhmmm! liar and attention seeker...reporter is a poor sensationalist...very unprofessional ...half backed story....

no the story is very true i listened to the guy and wife confess on the radio star fm on tues morning they were being interviewed by ola and the churchs name is called universal

This is all nonsense and lacks merit and substance. How wide is Julius Nyerere that he took 20minutes to cross and what had happened to all road users and vehicles in Harare. Was he crossing in the middle of the night. Knowing Zimbos with accident scene, he would have been identified long back if his claims of moving and sucking of blood on scenes where true. What does he tend to benefit with such blatant lies like these.

20 minutes to X J Nyerere, Kikikikikik! was he checking his watch?

The newspaper is afraid of being sued.The story has to be verified first and one wonders why would an editor print a story which is unverified.It can also be a creation story by the editor.

This story, which some may off-handedly dismiss as superstitious nonsense, illustrates the need for us to be very careful of where we get spiritual help from. Satanism is real, but one clever trick the devil uses is to convince us that there is no such thing as satanism!! Haven't you noticed how easy it is to dismiss all stories of goblins, witchcraft, mubobobo, etc as superstitious hogwash coz that can't be proved scientifically??!! But the Bible [Ephesians 6:12] actually warns us that such evil powers beyond our intellectual or physical capacities do exist!! Dabbling in satanism is deadly.....!!

The reason for witholding the church's name is very simple.....the claims here, as with all matters supernatural, are UNVERIFIED as well as UNVERIFIABLE!! Remember we're not talking of things that you can put in a test-tube and carry out tests on in the lab!! If confronted, the church can simply deny everything, then what next??!! Ndinototyira kuti iye murume uyu akasawana help soon, he could be history....the devil takes no prisoners!! It's a deadly game.....

Be careful of dismissing everything that you don't know or understand!!.....

Reproduced from this week's, for those of you who read narrowly. So my question is why does this website reproduce/plagiarize by simply translating without crediting original source?

That's exactly where I stopped reading, just imagine there were no cars to nicely finish him!!

The story is useless without the church's name and the church's side of the story.

If this story is true why are you withholding the church's name?This is story is grapevine garbage that must be treated with the contempt it deserves.Next time we need names!!Don't waste our time with stupid speculation!!

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