Wednesday, 6 February 2013


A Zimbabwean woman who romped on camera while her son watched has broken her silence saying the leaked video had destroyed her life.

Chipo Mpofu said the man in the video is the father of her son and the tryst was recorded on her mobile phone in South Africa where they live. She suspects the video was probably leaked by mobile phone repair workers when she took her phone for repairs.

 “The man who shot the video is my only lover and is father to my son,” she said. “I was not coerced into making this video, we did it for fun. In fact, my boyfriend took the video using my cell phone. Soon after he gave it back to me and how it went viral it’s my sole responsibility”.

“However, I remember at some stage I had problems with the cell phone and then took it to a cell phone repair shop. I believe it is where the video was stolen and then circulated,” she told said.

She did not know why she did not stop when her son called her name.

“I really don’t know why on earth I did not stop. I regret everything. Its now like I don’t love my son, I love him so much, nothing on earth surpasses my love for him.”

“I am now even scared going back to Zimbabwe, how am I gonna face my grandmother in Mzilikazi? I am being insulted and abused everyday by strangers on my fone. There is no single day that passes without any abuse. I accept I made a terrible mistake but I want to assure all those who are concerned that such a thing won’t happen again,” she said.

Chipo said the incident has led to her boyfriend resigning from work last week.
“He had taken me to his work place, unfortunately some people had seen the video and managed to identify me. It was so devastating, so my boyfriend had to resign from work because of that. Now you can see how we have suffered because of this. We are being tormented every day and night,” she added.

Meanwhile, a Zimbabwean woman has been hospitalised after taking a cocktail of prescription pills in a bid to kill herself after watching a sickening video of Chipo having sex in front of her three-year-old son.

Sukoluhle Moyo-Mackenzie – who was abused as a child – was hospitalised in Manchester, England, earlier this week after taking a near-lethal combination of drugs.

Speaking from her hospital bed, she said: “I was abused as a child and no-one cared. Seeing that kid in that video brought back horrific memories. Something needs to be done and it has to be now.

“Politicians and authorities should not ignore this boy, he is a victim. I want him to be rescued out of this. This is the most terrible thing to happen to a child.”


Media vakomana. Ko zvazvainzi she lives in Leeds wani?
I believe that at this point she has paid the price.

...sori henyu sisi we had no business seeing that video...asi zvaitika zvaitika n be careful next time and lock your doors hanti ka...ok Editor tipe news tione...

But munonakiwa henyu nayo Amai.. Zvimwe ndezvimwe..

Where is the video?I want to watch,ndoda kuonawo aaaaa! Ndini ndadii?

If anyone has the footage pls send it to me.

Asi hazvo hanzvadzi sex unoida ende uri shasha.Kutsunzunyira tumaziso kuteerera nhengo yababa kutadza kuona mwana.But your man is useless,i can't imagine leaving a hard-working lady asking for more,apa he was just lying flat not even twitching kuita danda veduwe. Quite a lot of guys would fancy a trial, you're a star gal.

Its idiots that came on here posting that she was known to them vachinyepa zvavo. Ndiro basa rema Zimba, kunyepa at any given opportunity. Notice even panoitika a car accident. It will start with a person perhaps just breaking a leg and nothing more but 4 people down the line zvinenge zvakunzi, pafiwa ende panga pasingatarisiki and yet munhu hapana chaawona.

Sorry manhingi Sister, its very unfortunate kuti zvazodai but with time it shall come to pass and people will forget. Mira ma'erections' are just around the corner, munhu wese anenge akanganwa, kikiki. Asi hmn, you're a 'rider' zveshuwa, munogona zvenyu hands down just a pity Daddy vekwenyu idanda risina ati.

It's a shame life has to come yo this point because of Technology. Pls we all have children and we all Love Getting it On, oh Well I Do speaking for myself. Lock the doors the child is scared for life that's the bottom line

Aiwa bodo, kungotaura zvangu. Asi iwe hauna kuiwona here? Maybe she might find comfort in knowing kuti anogona. Handiti mese murikumutuka.

This Mackenzie has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Its unbeliavable she still has it up to now.

Mogarirawo mvura inotonhora kabwa kabwa kabwa too much.

Mogarirawo mvura kanywa kabwa kabwa too much

izvo mava chiseko chenyika

hmmm baba vanedzvimbo chairo apo havagone kugutsa ivo mai ava...asi iwe chiona manje ndiwe urikuonekwa chete wedzvimbo havasi kubuda ndozvonöita kuda mamboro madzvimbo makuru

Kufara hangu. Are u the same dude from the old newzimbabwe forum that used to rock

Wotambudzirwa ka video kako, apa haana kukutundisa futi...nxaaaa

Pawhattsapp pane zita rekuti Nyarai Chirambaguwa and she is in the UK cheating on her hubby anonzi Levy Maphosa pachitonzi mwana akatorwa nesocial services yemuUK. Ha muzimba anonyepa pliz ahhhhhhhh

Pawhattsapp pane zita rekuti Nyarai Chirambaguwa and she is in the UK cheating on her hubby anonzi Levy Maphosa pachitonzi mwana akatorwa nesocial services yemuUK. Ha muzimba anonyepa pliz ahhhhh. Vanhu ngawasanyepa kudaro

kikiki, ehe. zviforamu zvemazuva ano zvafa kani, kikiki. That old one rocked.

mzks she fears her gogo in mzillikazi mface wotopa counselling.

Mface wawanza wena, hanzi daddy vekwenyu idanda risina art lol

while we are sympathizing with you. It is very very untrue what you have said. Please stop fooling readers.respondents.commentators etc by such obvious falsehoods that the man is your son's father. Why didn't the son call dad after realizing that mum was not responding. Where on earth would both father and mother ignore their child calling for attention. Where on earth would a father video tape his own son let alone not bother to attend to him. Why if you were in agreement didn't you set up the camera properly to show the man's face. If you did the video for fun the you obviously replayed it afterwards.of which if you did, why did you keep it after you realized that your son was captured in it. If you care about it leaking to the public via cellphone technicians why then wouldn't you care about your son playing with your phone at a later date & older age and somehow play the same video and get reminded of that horror? BOTTOM LINE IS EITHER YOU(MUM &DAD) DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SON. OR YOU(MUM) ARE LYING & WAS USED BY THAT GUY FULLSTOP. please allow us to sympathize with you based on the truth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iyo link

Yah! Apa waita true analysis, and its not the first time she has done this. She takes us readers for fools. She did this for money real live porno. She was paid for it. She deserves no sympathy. I hope the poor child is in proper care now, Social services and that she has to apply for permission to see him. She is posting this so she appears to be sorry to Social welfare. The next time she will be making child pornography. She must go into a mental institution.

Ini ndakudawo ini.....huyai mutunde amai.....apa munonyatsogera choya wena

Was impressed with the lady. I thought she is good in bed asi kungoti fathers wacho wanengewo sadza mbodza chairo. I was angry with him kuti akasiya mukadzi asina kusvika. Lets hope kuti ndezve musi iwoyo chete otherwise kana ariwo maridziro engoma anoitwa nababa awa mazuva ose - aahh sori maningi. Tichamupa matutorials kana tikawanirwa nyasha naNyadenga.

Akula ndebele elinje.

Ahh well, yadeuka yadeuka. I just want to thank you for your video cause I know it gave a number of men (specially those staying alone) a rare opportunity to cum without watching the now boring and predictable hardcore stuff. Your video was a little bit original, sad though that in your wisdom or lack of it, you decided to include your son in it. Lets all pray kuti this innocent boy wont end up being one of those despicable porn stars.

Shut up Chipo, Do not lie to the world saying u love your son more than anything else when u clearly showed the WHOLE WORLD that you love SEX more than the poor kid

Mazvokuda mavanga enyora....munoti isu hatilumane here?Tatorara tichirova zvunhu asi hatina kutora video...takangwara imi makapusa...kkkkkkk

I don't see why you should feel bad, if that was the father of your child in the video

that's how the child got there in the first place, Also if you have to record yourselves

bonking then put those videos in a Vault App so only you know the code when you feel like reliving the moment of climax.

Chine malips aribho over. Kunaka 2 much. Rovai mbiti ijambire muvhura

Thumbs up @ Adala. You are so mature and humane, there are a very few people like you. Siyakubonga

Some say anonzi Chipo, asi vamwe varikuti anonzi Nyarai and meanwhile some idiots were saying Ndebeles are bitches. Why generalise? Tribalists are a sick lot

The woman who says she wants the boy rescued does not understand the enormity of her statement. The authorities she talks about are going to take away that boy from her mother and father and place him in a cruel unfeeling social service environment. He is going to grow up without the love that his natural parents can give him just because of a silly mistake. Granted the man and woman did wrong, but it is more prudent to have the adults counselled than to "rescue" the boy. The woman who makes this request is clearly unstable, so much that she tries to commit suicide after watching a homemade porno movie. She had a choice not to watch it and she is adult enough to know that this is only a recording. Ngaati kwanire. Anoda kuzviuraya iye haana kumbo pornorwa here.

taura hako, idhimoni!

Mukadzi haatundi. You fool. Get some facts. She climaxes by having muscular orgasm which does not involve secretion of any fluid.

Sister Chipo I hope you read this,I watched your video it was sent to me by someone in the Middle East,the world has become a global village,take heart you are not the worst sinner.Zvino wanikwa uye zvatoitika,it appears from what you say it was a genuine mistake life has to go on.Shake yourself and live on.

Chipo you sound genuine.Take heart zvatoitika,life has to go on.You are not the worst sinner.Shake up dust up move on with life.I am in the UK I was sent your video from someone in the Middle East.The world has become a global village,it's just that technology can mis-fire @ u.Kasi ve phone repair they should be dealt with,ko did u repair phone mu UK?

This is a very sick woman...why would you want to record yourself on video making love??!! Waida kuzodii ne-video yacho?? Kuzoratidza ani?? She's NOT telling the complete truth; maybe the couple wanted to sell the video to the so many porno companies and make a bit of money...

Hazvina nebasa. how many times have vana caught vabereki vachi lovana....the only reason why people are critisizing her is mainly because their not married, asi other than that chichinoshamisira chinoera chakaitika apa?. . . . People blow things out of proportion, im happily married and i dont give a damn if anyone happened to come across a private home video they werent meant to see in the first place and i dont owe anyone an explanation whatsoever except to God.

the woman is innocent stop being stupid kids we all know we not supposed to walk into mums bed room without knocking..kanoda kurohwa ka mwana ako....the kid wasnt abused if he ws he would have cried ...he probably doesnt even remember nothing stop critising the woman..she gud at wat she does

@ Kondo ,how far true is that.

Tambai Mushe mai vanogona ava

Ko zvinebasa reyi vangani vanokwirana muma one room avanoroja vana hobho vakadongorera nemumakona egumbeze hobho kwete one.
Tibvireyi apo.

Chipo Mpofu, the real trouble maker is the individual who uploaded the video!

You have now learned a valuable lesson: That which is recorded can fall into the wrong hands, despite our best efforts.

amai imi munodawo zvinhu kunge paper bag,mungasvirwe mwana akatarisa kuvhura makumbo kudaro aaaaha nxa,dayi urihanzvadzi yangu ndaikupisa nemoto mamvere apamberi iwayo

my dear you look much better naked! I saw your video :-)

Aripi Chipo wacho timuisewo isu. anenge anonaka uyu. Ini but i will cry.

urimbwa yemunhu. unotishoresa mhani maZimbabweans iwewe. nxaaaaaaaa sure kwako. wandibhowa mhani. mwana achichema shuwa.

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