Thursday, 7 February 2013



I hate faked 'yankee' accents from ana Mrewa.

A brief synopsis of the movie would help munyori wenyaya.

Not bad though. Needs a little bit of fine tunining. If only they can stop looking at the camera, speak with their natural tone/accent and improve on body movememnt.

Zimbabwe for real! Nothing wrong the accent, comparing to fellow Africans lol Nigeria, Ghana and so on! Love Zim! Constractive criticism... Video quality and sound! Otherwise vheri gudhu ;))

Reminds me of my college days kikikikikikiki tiri maUBA angaasina mari tichiwachiswa nevana vemhene nemadhara panyaya dzemabhebhi kikikikikikiki.This is just good!

Lol mazimba.... Good but sound and body language wasnt doing it.... if tendai had a sister i would have been his sister n teach that thandie girl not to mess with my brother

What happened to patient / doctor confidentiality? Besides that a touching and well thoughtout storyline, well presented, not bad by Zimnollywood standards!

Really don't see anything wrong with the accent. I enjoyed the movie.

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