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Guti is a great man of God

Touch not the anointed ones of God

If I heard apostle Guti well in this clip, he said first to do miracles are those used of God, and then the devil will imitate. The devil here is not the pace setter but God is. I suspect people are using this to attack Angel and Makandiwa yet these two guys seem to be aheadof the ministers of God. What they are doing is not an imitation of God like Pharaoh's sorcerers did. Makandiwa and Angel are actually setting the pace!!! I would want to enestly appeal to all those people or pastors criticizing these servants of God to do something bigger than what they are doing. If the complainers are of God, please produce something greater so that we can safely say Makandiwa and Angel are imitating the genuine. For a record, Apostle Guti is not attacking any one but people chose to interpret it their own way. Servants of God, please give us the real before condemning the innocent. Acts of the Apostles 13:41 says "Behold you despisers, wonder and perish, for I work a work in your day, a work which you will not believe even if someone declared it unto you". Be careful not to fulfill this scripture

Touch not the anointed ones of God. Heya saka vanotyeiko ivo vazodziwa vamwari vanofamba neconvoy yemabody guard kudaro. ZvaJehovah hazvina mahumbwe arikuitwa aya. Imbotambai nezita rake, ichati yakwana nguva.

will somebody please tell the country if Makandiwa and angels miracles are of God, why wont all our man of God just tell us already? is it that hard to figure out? are we saying these miracles are evil? or maybe God is not able to do these things, even though he created the heaven and the earth in a few days?

Pope haana security inotyisa here? MuZimbabwe macho, ane following hombe ndiyani, chechi dzemachinda aya, neya Pope yacho? Asi pope, nekuda kwehurungu, akauya nemabodyguard acho munongogutsurira nekuti murungu. Munofunga kuti mari dzechechi chevarungu, dzinodonhedzwa kubva kudenga:

l believe in miracles kana zvaMwari but my question in ," why cant do one miracle on one white person please.'

Miracles that are happening should be based in accordance to the word of thing I like about Baba Guti is that his ministry has stood the test of time he started under a gumtree and his ministry is nw in more than 130 countries.He has never been in the news for the wrong reasons.

I have noticed that people these days want to be prophesied, such that they just really on the word of the prophet instead of spending time in the precence of God as individuals. know God read the word of God and you will have spirit of discernment.Ivo vana Makandiwa they are human beings and I know if God can grant his such power I am sure he will do the same to me

On an unrelated matter FYI this is where our so called prophets buy their suits.

Kana tavapana pope, iwe hautoone kuti pane nyaya here. Vanakomana vanzwa nekutasviwa nemafundisi eRhoma iyoyi. Hapana mutsvene ipapo. Its all a big scandal. Hazvinei murungu kana mutema mubvunzo ndiwo mumwe chete.
Another point of correction hama yangu. Akakutaurira kuti large following ndiko kuti panehumwari ndiani? Imi vacho mafollowers munofanira kutora nguva yekunzveera shoko ramwari ( bible) kuti muzive mufambiro wamunofanira kuita semachristu uye kuti Jehovah vakujekeserei mabasa ehumwari chaiwo. Ukatarisa ruzhinji runoenda kumasangano iwaya unona kuti shoko rinobatwa musi wesvondo, zvataurwa namufundisi hanzi ndizvo. Vanhu varikungofonyorwa pfungwa nevanezvinangwa zvavo zvepasi pano. Jehovah ngavakubatsirei kuti musvinure.

It is not for anyone to tell you if this is of God or not. Why do you want someone else to tell you? Dont you have a relationship with God? Dont you read the word for yourself?

Ndoimwe mhata iyi...akutsamwa kuti ma customers abaya nxaa....

Vakangofanana vese Guti imbavha futi

Baba Guti God bless you and those with ears have heard.
What he said here is before you accept miracles check the person's life.
Ndipo paya patinoti 'by their fruit you shall know them.'
Those who judge I personally have no issues with such because the bible says we should examine these things.
My problems are people who say someone is a Satanist because he performs miracles or because someone drives a Bentley that person is a Satanist.
Jesus told us what to look for. The fruit in a person's life.Sadly many people follow the gift. The gifts of God are without repentance and so someone could get a gift from God and backslide but still continue operating in the gift.Also someone could be doing miracles by the power of Satan which is why the fruit is important.
The problem here is no one is saying anything concerning the fruit in these people's lives neither is anyone examining their doctrine.
Someone like Makandiwa is easy to pick because we all remember his false prophecy about someone dying when the Malawian President died.
We all know his scandal yemaCell Phones when he ended up running away from Zimbabwe and spending time in the UK.
We all know his dubious methods of acquiring stands
We all know his preachings like when he said he would send demons to those who dont visit him.
Also his teachings on relationships of telling people this has nothing to do with spirituality is contrary to Christian doctrine. Personally I have question marks on him.
WHat I need is someone who says stuff about the real issues not people who speak out of envy.

what exactly do you mean?

In short she is saying the whiteman tells the truth compared to darkie.

Do they buy sale price?

Excuse me Guti is well known for financing a football match. Tsvee kubatsira vemuchurch make varikutamba nhamo. Charity begins at home. musamahanye kupupurira munhu musina ruzivo rwakakwana

point one person akapidzwa muhomwe nababa Guti.l have gone to ZAOGA kakawanda l love their praise worship and pakunamata chaipo. lf you cant handle zvaMwari siya vanogona vaita.

Saka mhata yako newewo futi....

I have known kuti pasi rese, there are many people whose ears itch to hear what they want to hear. Pane vanhu who are so hungry for prophesy they travel from one conference to another to hear what someone would tell them. They only need to know that God does not live at conferences. He lives in hearts of those who seek him in spirit and in truth. If you seek Him earnestly He will speak to u what makandiwa cannot tell u. Ukaona uchiri kutsvaga kuprofitwa it means hausati wakura pamweya. U need to grow in your relationship with God and He will start to communicate with u in a unique way that no one else can.

Ukaona machurch aya achida kuti vanhu vauye kuzoprofitwa, they are also missing the point in not teaching u to know God for yourself so that u can hear him yourself. They prey on your spiritual blindness and u will take whatever they tell u.

Thanks Baba Guti for telling ppl to discern spirits thru seeking God for themselves.

Haiwawo tibvirei kumhepo nembavha yenyu Guti. Basa kusecha vanhu, chihure hobho and he is not condemning all that evil. Kurambidza vanhu kutenga dzimba muno mudiaspora nekusecha mastudents hanzi bvisa chegumi pamari yawatumirwa yefees kubva kumusha. Nonsese.

Jesu akaroverwa pamuchinjikwa Pauro vakaoneswa ndondo kusvika pakudimurwa musoro. Even Jesus himself said if you want to follow me carry you own cross. Tibvirei apa. Kuda kuzvipa immunity.

Apostle Guti did not start with chegumi and there is no verse in the bible which says tithes is not for students. Apostle Guti on this clip he is interpreting the word of God as it is , you have no reason for accusing him as a thief except maybe the hatred that is in you which needs to be dealt with first by yourself.

Kana pane munhu akasiswa muhomwe nababa Guti ngaadadza mapurisa,wasungwe.Baba Guti is man of God 100%.l love his teachings nepraise worship yawo ye ZAOGA u feel good urimo.U are not forced kubvisa chegumi.Pamwe iwe Cde Shondo uri satan sezita rako

ndiudze chechi isina mahure.Handiziwe kuti munhuhere anoita chihure kana chechi.Shamwari ndiri kudiaspora pamwe tese ndine imba inoshamisa pamwe even iwe unogona kutswaira mumba mangu nepfungwa dzako shoma.l will give u my email then ndokuratidza mabasa aJehovha.U guys u are lucky kuno internet nemalocal call munoswera kushoropodza Mwari[]. Only a fool will say some thing bad about God

Kusina convoy ndokupi.Even kudenga kunaJehovha kuzere ngirozi doesnt mean Mwari anotya.Vanhu vese varipedyo nababa Guti wakaona vanepfuti kana mapfumo aiwa .Vanhu vanogona vachinamata kuti chechi efambe mberi.

Miracles are for non belivers. Christians why all this fighting about these miracles? What happened to the great commission Jesus gave us? He said go out and make disciples and preach the good news. and what is the good news, Salvation. Paul said any gospel apart from these is false doctrine so good people be the Judge. If we all read our bibles we all know what Jesus said about his true disciples, they will love one another(the book of John). The talk of these days is miracles this miracle that what about salvation? Are you loving your neighbour one of the greatest commandent? Good people let ask God to open our eyes for time is near. Be warned! After all glory will belong to Jesus and that is the truth no one will deny

Aika! Naiye pope wacho haasi acceptable! You are taking nhau dzaMwari for granted. There is a lot of mess that has been created around these issues and when the time comes you are going to be surprised at how much stuff is artificial around this matter.

judge not for u shall be judged.... pliz stop focusing nezvinhu zvisingakueendese kudenga ...vaka hukama hwako na Mwari uve wakaponeswa salvation...the bible clarifies nyaya yema prophets kuti ma fruits avo niwo achakupa tru result kt either he is of God or not....miracles, signs and wonders shall follow yu not you to follow .read the bible thats wer u get correct information sto pin pointing wamwe nekuti tese tiri wanhu we mek mstakes we are not perfect ska dnt castiagte otherz over their mstakes

Good news yacho includes healing and miracles.Salvation yacho includes healing and restoration and restoration includes miracles.Read Galatians again where Paul talks about the false doctrine.

You say Jesus talked about disciples loving each other but he also said those who believe would lay hands on the sick,cast out devils and speak with new tongues.We just need to clarify issues here because some would think you are doing away with miracles from the way you put things across which might not be your intention.

If you look closely the most talked about churches here are Makandiwa's and Angel's church. These 2 people do not just start prophesying.They teach people the word first then at the end of the teaching they start prophesying or healing.
You are right about God telling you what no one can tell you.What this says about vanhu vanoda chiporofita vanhu vari kutsvagawo Mwari but vanenge vasina kupona.

Sister Waraidzo, wadii kunyora nechishona hako pamwe taimbozwawo kuti ungoda kuti kudii.

Zvinongoratidza zvoga kuti uri dofo. Kana uine murume mumba ari pachipanera nehudofo hwako. Vhura meso. Desist from idolatry worshipping. Guti haana denga. Ari kutoshandirawo salvation yake, yet munomunamata kunge Jeso. Every service hanzi ngatinamatirei muranda washe akashanyirwa naMwari paBindura. Hanzi hatizvinamatire ngatinamatirei muranda washe. Shame stereki.

Guti said nothing bcoz hw cn u test a prophet using feelings bcoz discernment cn nt be trusted bt the word of God the bible is the only test tt each prophet needs to pass their teachings if they r in line wt scripture n our time. Right nw we expect the message to be more of the second coming n the signs of time n these prophets are busy wt properity gospel???.Again i disagree with Guti tt they will be more genuine miracles than fake ones in the last days bcoz the bible warns more of false prophets and their miracles than with true miracles. let me clarify Rev12vs17 the remnant or last day church will be believing in Christ and keeping commandments also Revelations 14vs 12 says this is the patience of the saints those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now compare with false prophets Revelations 13vs 13-14 speaks of deception through miracles Revelations 16vs 13 again we see miracles being the sign of false religion and revelations 19 vs 20 people r deceived in to receiving the Mark of the beast bcoz of miracles. Now u cn see tt the true church will enphasise on obedience or keeping the commandments of God and false prophets will be miracles infact the whole book of revelations says nothing about the true church and miracles bt miracle r mentioned in line with false teachers and prophets. So get yo facts right

miracles r nt a sign of true religion cn u consider this test Matthew 5vs17-21 and remember we are nt in a miracles contest to see who does better than who we are there to test and prove that which is right and good 1Thesalonians5vs20-21

Discernment is not just feelings.It is a spiritual gift that enables you to identify spirits.1 Corinthians 12:4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

This is not just a feeling but a supernatural gift God gives to profit the church.

The very word you are talking about is what Guti used here,talking about the fruit which is what I rote in my comment.
This second coming you are talking about has always been there ever since Jesus rose from the dead.All the signs you are talking about have been there for a long time (doesn't mean it's not important) but is not all there's to the gospel,we are told men shall not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.No where did I see a scripture which says we should only preach about the second coming.If that's your ministry by any means no one ever asked you not to preach it.

Regarding everything else you said no one ever disputed there are false prophets.The whole point of this teaching Guti put up here is for people not to be fooled by the false prophets.Note the bible is clear in Revelation as to who was fooling people, the false prophets and so exactly what's your point because that's what Guti was talking about.He never said people should not follow God's commandments (and that's a big topic on its own) but glad Revelations mentions commandments and faith.

wakabirwa chii chako nhai fake comrade kana usina chekutaura nyarara

usade kuzvitsvagira kutukwa siyana nemunhu waMwari vakakubira chii

If you want anyone to read your post do not just mention a verse because no one has the time to go and look it up.Quote the verse then we can contribute. What Guti said is scriptural because he said check the so called preacher or miracle worker's life and Jesus said by their fruit you shall know them.A good tree can not bear bad fruit and if you do not agree with Jesus then we are not discussing the same religion. Regarding what else you are talking about,noone ever disputed there will be false prophets or people given power by the devil to perform miracles.This is exactly what Guti is saying that people should test these things.What no one should do however is to attribute anything supernatural to evil spirits. I can't respond to the other things you mentioned because I've no time to go and check the verses you wrote.

That exactly my point ask yourself are you going to church because of miracles or you believe in Christ. If Christ then case closed, coz its safe for your soul to believe in Christ than miracles. Exactly what Guti was saying.

The man is not picking on anyone, it seems he is giving a reasonable warning to congreants. Don't see anything wrong with what he has said.

In your second paragraph you have quoted Jesus Christ speaking in Mark 16:15-18 and I quote 15 "He said to them "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will accompany those who believe; In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people and they will get well." From this you will see that the signs and wonders are for those who believe. They are not the reserve of one man in the church but for those who believe.

Unfortunately here in this scenario of our profits (pun intended) we have individuals who are doing all this and claiming that it is their reserve and that this power is reserved for them as God's profits. We also have believers who do not know that these signs and wonders are also within their reach and that they do not need to go far and wide to see these signs and wonders but that all they need to do is believe and the whole church will be able to do the same signs and wonders and not waiting for one man to arrive in a british imported luxury vehicle to perform these signs and wonders.

My advice to believers is, instead of going to roadshows dzechiprofit, find a deeper understanding of the word of God and as 1 Corinthians 14:1 says "Earnestly desire spiritual gifts..." so that even you as believers can pray for the sick and they get healed without going kun'anga idzi.

God bless you.

Amen to that. There are many who lay hands on the sick and they they do not make a lot of noise which is exactly what Jesus did. We must be careful not to worship these so called prophets because of their miracles and loose focus on Jesus. Strive to become like them, what is so different between us and these prophets? We are all sinners so what they do if you believe in Jesus you can do it also

Tithes are paid on earnings, so I do not see where a student would pay tithes on pocket money that he has been sent by his parents. Even a bursary does not warrant one paying tithes. If however the student has overspill on his bursary and in his own heart, he wants to give a love offering to the church then it must be done out of his own free will, but the church must not expect it from him. There is nothing in the bible which says students ought to pay tithes.

Giving in the New Testament is not as easy as the law of tithes. Firstly Matthew 6 is very clear and most Christian pastors do not want to preach from this one because inovarasisa. It simply says "When you give make sure your right hand does not know what your left hand is doing." Unfortunately they use the psychology of guilt hence, the pledges and the raising (kusimudza muchechi makazara vamwe) of members who have paid tithes to pray for them.

Secondly, in the book of Acts the, the first church as members, and of their own accord decided to sell all their possessions to give to the church. We know that God did not ask them to do this because when Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit the question they were asked was "Didn't it belong to you before it was sold? And after it was sold, wasn't the money at your disposal?" Contrary to what many believers are told by these conmen, God loves a cheerful giver. One who gives by choice and not by coercion.

Thirdly in the book of 2 Corinthians 8 we see the Apostle Paul exhorting the Corinthians to give in the same manner that the Macedonians who were poorer than the Corinthians had given. Here he was referring to the hunger and problems that had beset the saints in Judea, the very same saints who had sold all their belongings to give to the church. The truth here is that God does not play feja feja as many believer are told, kuti give US$100 and God will give you back a hundred fold. God gives us because He loves us.

All the above is meant to teach that neither tithes nor offerings make us more acceptable to God. It is only when we pray to Him in spirit and truth that we become His children. No amount of miracles, no amount of seeding in the man of God. No amount of pledges, no amount of offerings will save us if we do not pray to Him in spirit and in truth.

God bless you all.

Unodaro nekuti you have never read the book of Revelation. Jesus Christ Himself in Revelation 2 tells the Apostle John how bad His churches, only 42 years after His ascension to heaven, had become. He even says to one of the churches 6"But you have this in your favour: You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." Nicolaitans were followers of one called Nicholas whose doctrine was coming into question by other Apostles. Ring a bell somebody? They were now called Nicolaitans no longer Christians, just like some are now being called vana vemu porofita not vana vaMwari.

If you read all the Epistles and the Pauline letters you will find that they give guidance on sound doctrine. In other words they say what is right and what is to be watched out for. If Jesus Christ Himself could analyse His own churches why should you not? And if some of His churches were already having problems just 42 years after His ascension, what about today which is a period prophesied by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24?

Yes do not touch the anointed ones of God, but test the spirit.

God bless you.

Two things Sibbs. If you do not believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and discernment is one of them, then we have a problem. Secondly, we believe that Jesus Christ is God and that He is the Father of our faith,. Him having come to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and sitting on the throne of David for ever. Now the commandments that you refer to are not the Old Testament commandments because even they failed to save the chosen race of the Israelites. The commandments that Jesus Christ refers to are the ones that are found in Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you."

God bless you.

In fact your question should be why not do a miracle? These profits (pun intended) have not done a single miracle yet. They have only done magic. Give me one person who was blind who has received his sight by prayer from these guys. One who was a mhetamakumbo (Shona explains it well. The English (lame) is not enough). One who was dying from Aids, who was pushed in on his death bed and stood up and walked. One who was resurrected from death, the grave, and is alive today.

The only thing you hear about is mysterious money in the banks, but no deposit slips. If an audit is done then those moneys will all be debited because no deposit slips to authenticate them will be found. Women who give birth in three days, magic that has already been done by Gilbert Deya. etc etc,

Mwari ngavatibatsire

God bless you.

Sorry i ddnt say i dont believe in the gifts of the holy spirit do not misquote me i only said the gifts of the holy spirit are subject to test themselves since the spirit itself needs to be tested whether it is genuine 1john 4vs 1 test all spirits for there are many false prophets .......that have gone out. Thus how cn u test the spirit except through the bible because the bible is the only thing that does not need to be tested nt discernment bcoz discernment is from the spirit which needs to be tested. Lastly yo second point is totally unbiblical bcoz the commandments are and always shall be ten commandments check matthew 5vs 17-21 Matt 5:17-19 "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven." James 2:10-12" For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. For he that said, Do not commit adultery, said also, Do not kill. Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou art become a transgressor of the law. So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. My friend there is no verse that says we no longer under obligation to keep God's commandments infact james says we are going to be judged by the ten commandments. Remember we dont keep the law or commandments to be saved bcoz we are saved through grace but we keep commandments becoz we are saved and the commandments lay God standard fro christian behaviour the only person who hates the comandments of God and does want people to keep them is the deveil thats y he made Adam and Eve to sin in the garden

Nonsense kuti ndiMwari here. Kuda kupa immunity isina basa. Dyiwai makasvinura.

unoda ku commenter zvechurch usinga zivi bhaibheri sei uye usinga ende
kuchurch. Do you know when Jesus was on earth the pharisees acused him
of being friend with thieves, prostitutes. Jesus tells them that he did
not come for those that are well. Iwe unoda kuzviita mutsvene asi uri
kuhura namai Susan wani. Church is not church if you dont see mahure,
mbavha, mhondi, varoyi etc- for it is for such that Jesus came for-
eventually they will find salvation in the church. There was a time in
the bible the discipples went to Jesus asking him kuti adzinge vatadzi
and jesus rebuked them. Hongu vamwe vanounzwa muchurch nevakaipa kuitira
vanhu vakaite seve vashore uye vasaone salvation- svinura blaz, Jesus
said murimi akadyara asi akarara akaipa akauya akaisawo mbeu yake
yezvakaipa. zvikanzi na Ishe musadzipure zvakaipa nekuti mukuzvidzipura
muchabvisa nezvakanaka. Rega zvikurirane then pazvinoita mafruits you
can harvest muchinyatso ona zvakaipa hence the saying ya Jeso iya yekuti
YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. ZAOGA through the guidance of the
name of God baba Guti has built hospitals, schools, orphanages,
thousands of church building, and now A UNIVERSITY is being build. do
you think imari inonhongwa. Wkamboona Baba Guti vachidriver mota iwe. I
bet you dont even know the man of God or seen him. His passion is for
souls, he goes around preaching the world even at around 80 years of
age. There are man people who came saying they are do miracles asi
varipi nhasi- what makes u think Baba Guti has surviced upto now despite
the critisicm- because he is a man of God.

unless discernment comes with a clear thus says the Lord which can be cited in scripture then it cn not be trusted as well. My point is everything shld pass scriptural test with a clear scripture to substantiate yo beliefs otherwise we have a problem bcoz anyone cn claim discernment. My friend Guti dd nt nt encourage pple to study scripture through the holy spirit like the Bereans in Scripture who tested everything that the preacher said to prove the credibility of the prophet. My point ws pple will be fooled through miracles in the book of Revelations and they need to study the word of God to see the teachings of these so called prophets. finally in each an every generation there is a message of its time our time especially the last days the message is clear in Revelations 14vs 6-12 and im nt saying tt we shld nt preach other messages bt the main focus is on these messages since we r almost reaching end bt alas all the messages we hear nowadays are far from alerting people abt the imminence of the advent of our savior. Again my friend as we near the end these signs will increase and the gospel of the kingdom will be preached bcoz its clear Christ is abt to come and we need to get prepared and the trumpet should give a certain sound(1cor14vs8) for the people to be prepared. Unfortunately we cant discuss everything on this forum due to space and time but hope God will help us to understand His word and live it

God Bless

I mentioned earlier to you to quote the scripture instead of just mentioning the scripture.Why not just copy and paste so that everyone can participate?Many people can not go and search every scripture so your message is lost in translation,remember some use mobile phones to access this site some email updates and some do so at work.

You seem not to understand spiritual gifts or don't even believe them.When Jesus spoke to Saul after Saul had gone blind did he say 'thus says the Lord'?

Even in the Revelations you quote so much how many times did Jesus or God say 'Thus saith the Lord'?

When God spoke to Abraham did he always say 'Thus sayeth the Lord' or when he spoke to Samuel did he say 'thus say the lord'?God speaks in many ways apart from dreams,visions,and an audible voice he also bears witness with our spirit and sometimes just through your conscience and peace.The bible says 'let the peace of God rule in your heart' and other versions say guide you meaning you can be guided by peace itself.Pontius Pilate's wife advised her husband not to have anything with the judgement of Jesus because 'I could not sleep last night because of that man' that's guiding right there.Same thing happened when Daniel was thrown into the lion's pit,the King could not sleep and he had to intercede for Daniel all night.If you pray and God gives you this gift then it will manifest itself.The bible says the Holy Spirit will convict people of sin.If you miss it you do not have peace and that's the Holy Spirit guiding you to repent.Those who continue living in sin eventually their conscience is 'seered with a rod of iron' i.e becomes dead.You can not even swear when you are a born again believer because your peace is violated and you know what you have done is wrong,there's no thus sayeth the Lord there.

Discernment in 1 Corinthians 12 is diakrisis which is derived from judicial estimation meaning distinguishing, discerning or judging.It is a supernatural way of knowing what spirit is being used or someone operates in.This is a gift God gives which is what Guti is saying here.He says pray that God will enable you (paraphrasing).Jesus himself says if you ask your parents for a fish he wont give you a snake so how much more God so if you ask God in the name of Jesus he wont give you something that will decieve you?
The word does not work in isolation but works in conjunction with the Holy Spirit.Even Romans says 'as many as are led by the spirit of God these are the children of God' and Jesus said 'My sheep they know me and they here my voice.A voice of a stranger they will not follow.'Yes the word is very important and yes we reference the word but we need the Holy Spirit to direct us.Like the bible says 'he shall tell us of all things to come' can the word tell you what is going to happen tomorrow?

When Christians argue,i stand aside & listen..i enjoy the quotes from the

BLASPHEMY! Why kufananidza Mwari naGuti? Besides all Angels that are around God are there for PRAISE 24hrs a day, read Revelations, they are not there to protect God. So what's yo point? Kuti convoy yese iri around Guti is there for praising Guti as well?

mwaita handiindi pemberi mavapamhinduro chaiyo.Christians must learn to appreciate other offices and ministries with the understanding that levels are different and so are the gifts.Receive your miracle and healing as you read this in Jesus name

The reason why we are saying come and do something better than wat they are doing is because you love to criticize these man of God.Under which power or influence are you to judge that they are of the devil. The Kingdom of God is not on talking alone but by demonstration of God's power. It surprises me a lot especially when Pastors, mark my words pastors talk of prophets yet they are pastors.You are wasting time trying to see if prophet Angel or Makandiwa are true man of God, stoning them instead of focusing on God thats the reason why these man of God have won so many souls, they dont talk abt other pastors or anyone, they preach and demonstrate the word.

guys WHY we always cum out with criticism and above all Romans 6vs23" SAYS for the wages of sin is death bt the free gift from God is iternal life THRU Jesus Christ OUR LORD...
vechivi vachangoonekwa &REMEMBER THE TYM IS AT HAND***

Lets face it.. There is not much difference between the new prophets and Guti coz they have all ammassed unImagineable wealth from their congregants. No one can dispute that.. Vese vakashanda kupi kwavakawana mari iyi. I think Guti is mad coz these new fake prophets have taken some of the people vanga vachabhadhara chegumi kwavo. Its business. Inga iye Guti anoti ane maMiracles ake wane.. Ask vanhu veZaoga and they will tell u kuti Guti anomutsa vakafa.. On the other hand, Guti has been inthis game for ages and speaks to people all day.. His english leaves a lot to be desired to say the least.. Furthermore, Zaoga people on this form should not try and impose church yavo kuvanhu and their mentality..Munhu ngaaite zveChurch take yaanoda... The Zaoga people on this forum get abusive and write heaps of meaningless garbage Quoting the bible to fan their hogwash to people..Sad really..

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