Monday, 25 February 2013


Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa took his controversial gospel to England over the weekend – but dozens of Zimbabweans who sat through his sermons were left slightly disappointed he did not perform some of his “miracles” that have riveted a nation.
Makandiwa was a guest preacher at the Redeemed Christian Church of God which was celebrating 10 years of its Manchester parish, known as the Jubilee Church RCCG.

In Zimbabwe, the United Family International Church founder is famed for performing “miracles” – some say he can make miracle money; pray for people to lose weight and even make miracle babies.
His visit to Manchester created a buzz in the Zimbabwean community in England, with many taking to Twitter and Facebook to predict what miracles he would perform.

But the miracle seekers were left slightly deflated after Makandiwa dedicated most of his time to conventional bible teachings.

One Zimbabwean who attended on Thursday and Friday said: “His teachings were deeper and calmer, and involved no miracle stunts or deliverance, much to the chagrin of the miracle seekers.”

But while he may have left the get-rich-quick and get-slim-fast crowd high and dry, the Jubilee Church – which averaged 300 congregants on each of the two nights – got a taste of Makandiwa’s miracle money after he donated an eye watering £100,000.

Makandiwa – who preaches to an average 5,000 people in Harare every Sunday – told the congregation that he had outgrown the biblical 10 percent tithe.

He declared: “I have gone beyond the traditional and biblical 10 percent. I now give 60 percent of my earnings to God, my family is happy to live on 40 percent.

“But I’m not saying this should be a standard for everyone.”

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) says on its website that it has 300 parishes in over 30 countries, including its Manchester branch which invited Makandiwa and his Ghanaian “godfather” Prophet Victor Boateng.

Makandiwa's oversubscribed Sunday services, and connections with rich businessmen and politicans, have made him a wealthy man. But even his critics admit the preacher is a kind-hearted man who gives a lot to charity even as he leads a flashy lifestyle and drives supercars.


40%=$3 million US so thats fine. I need US$3million please

Do some miracles kikikiki

Please pray if you believe in God he will show you miracles wherever you are, you don't need to be with Makandiwa or anyone else to see great miracles of our living God. When it comes to it or when I'm cornered by the devil I don't need a pastor or prophet it will be me and my God. If He heard or hears Makandiwa why can't He hear me. Do not be dismayed talk to your God children of God. Don't go looking for prophets, God will send them to you that is if you're upright with Him stay put and be watchful!

twu advice twenhando wakabatsira aniko tibvire . let pple choose n practice their religion with whoeva ey wnt makandiwa has helped a lot of orphans zvirema kuendesa vana kuzvikoro etc ko iwe at least nhango akaita sei zvake asi he helps a lot more than u wil ever think gven e same resources . hauna nyaya mufesi .

Wat purpose do we serve when we leave hungry and destitute people in our own countries to splash people's tithes on rich people. Thats why I dont entertain the Save the Children and similar orgs in the Malls. He is busy soliciting tithes from people in the dispora vachiti tikunamatira. Jesus lifted the veil and we can face God ourselves. Peter and the first Church believers sold their belongings time and again to assist the poor amongst them. These people in UK must have loaded Makandiwa with gifts for the poor Zimbas n not the other way around. 60% is £100, 000 +car donations+donations for chief etc. Whats the actual salary? Was Jesus, John, Paul, Peter etc after riches like these men? Mwari vatibatsire vanhu vasvinurwe meso vaweeenge shoko renyu vajekeserwe.

Africans are the only race who seek devine intervention to solve their problems. As we do so we sink deeper and deeper into problems. Religion is only good in very small doses. People should spend most of thier valuable time studying and finding scientific ways to deal with thier problems. That is how other countries develop. Look at western, countries, Japan, etc; they did not develop through church conferences or sermons but through sheer hard work. The more we expect mana from heaven the deeper we sink into problems and people like Makandiwa are a liability to development. They are throwing Africa into the dark ages.

Makandiwa ingoko yemunhu. Sure ukatora mari yeVanhu vemuZimbabwe nekutambura kwatiri kuita kundodonater kuUK. Bharatishiti mhani!!!

This ranks as one of the best comments I have come across on the subject. Short and brief and also to the point, I believe many can learn from your wisdom. Thank you.

Very good points you have raised above.

those who are complaining have you taken time to find out kuti what charity work is done @ ufic.the church helps feeds numbers of widows,orphans etc everyday i know becoz i was a volunteer there.theu also give school fees assidtance and housing.yet some of you cant even help your own neighbour or family.judging is not for you leave it to god.

Muporofita mukuru wamwari, ndoda kukuziwisa kuti kumamisha kunana Chiendambuya kana kuti ku Jerera vanhu wanzwa ngenzara. Vana vechikoro vanoenda kuchikoro vasina mauniform uye maturusi anodikanwa akafanana ne ma ball points. Vanasikana havana zvekushandisa zvakakwana fanika ma sanitary pads. Ewo tiitire nyasha munhu wamwari , hona hatina kana chekubata.

makandiwa preached mainly the word with nothing to do with miracles and wealthy and you reported that pple were disappointed. If he do miracles than ppl again talk nonsense about it. then i wonder what pple really want. the money he gave is nothing compared to what he is giving every day in zimbabwe so dont talk why is giving that money to the west. The man of God gives a lot in his home country more tha he give outside. The problem is pple you just talk without facts and personal knowledge of the man. You over rely on media which are there to make big sales taking advantage of the man's popularity!

Hahahaha, absolutely crazy stuff, this man takes money from Zimbabweans, takes it to UK and donates it there, thot Zimbabweans here in Zim needs donations more than those in the UK

The headline says $100 000 but the article says 100 000 pounds. Which is which?

Kudzosera marasha kuHwange. Zimbabweans needed that money more than anyone else. How can you say you love God yet you dont love your own brother. Uku kuda kuonererwa.

Kwai my family is happy to live on 40%. Why not because if 60% is $100,000 then 40% should be $66,000 which is still a lot of money. Ko ini ndinotambira $400 chero ndikabvisa 10% ($40) ndinosara ndichirarama nei
Inga Makandiwa anotsvinya chaizvo. And to make matters worse ma $100,000 aari kunosiya ku UK ia hard earned cash ye a lot of poor Zimbos who always throng his services and pay dearly on the belief that vachazoitawo mari but pedzezvo makore arikungofamba asi chabuda hapana. Basa ndorekungopembedza kuti mwana wamwari whilst he is busy milking from you....

3000 Widows and 2000 ophans being fed everyday and school fees being paid every term.... Thats almost a million a month dude, Problem ndeyekuti muno comment zvinhu zvamusina ma facts..... just to let you know that more things are being done in Zimbabwe than in UK there, makafonyorwa ne press...1 Uriku commenter pa internet which means u have either a phone, tablet or Computer, kana iri yekubasa ine salary mukati ok Tell me pane zvese izvozvo pane cent here rakukambopawo murombo kana kune varombo hobho kumusha kwenyu hapana kana 1 aukabatsira ....according to Prophet Makandiwa wat he gave there is change yemari inenge yasara ku Zim....Let me tell u something Munya, chero makaita sei about Makandiwa .....Mwari vanotanga vatarisa vanhu vakuchengetwa naiye Makandiwa.... Ok lets say amira zvese zvaakuita nhasi are u going to feed all those 5000 pple and pay their fees... uuuuuuh nekunyima kwako kwese ikoko .... Guys truth being said ....hurt him or Not the Man is in better books with God than all u

Iwe GGGID wamboverenga ukanzwisisa here point yaMunyarari kana kuti urikungomhanya kupopota.

Good comment. God can hear anyone who is sincere. Our only inter mediator is Jesus.

And he sometimes rides on the same media and does not dispel reports that seem to be on his side. Guess that balances it off.

Ibva apa iwe learn to read and comprehend - giving out handouts is NOT development you fool !!

isnt that externalisation

"Africans are the only race who seek divine intervention to solve their problems".....your statement is NOT true at all!!! Social scientists have discovered that all human beings ALL OVER THE WORLD tend to develop some "belief system" involving some kind of a deity. This is why you have an unending plethora of belief systems e.g. christianity, judaism, buddhism, islam, atheism, hare krishna, new age, scientology, etc including devil worship. This is why some people have cynically said "man created god in his own image".
All those people who fill those super churches in the USA are no better than the thousands who throng the City Sports Centre to hear Makandiwa!! No doubt you have heard of the "Guyana/Jonestown mass suicide/murder"; how many whites were involved?? Outside Zim, how many white audiences have attended Pastor Chris' crusades?? How many whites have been duped by Benny Hinn?? The point is ....hazvina rudzi izvi!!

Jairos Jiri akabatsirawo vangani??!!....

Miracles were performed on Sunday the last day, this paper is not up to date.

The correct term to use should be "pledged" to donate £100 000 as no one actually witnessed him indulging in the act (probably mob psychology to boost church coffers) and as for the non performance of miracles, he is well aware that he would have been in breach of his visitors visa conditions which clearly forbid deceptive conduct and the spreading of falsehoods within public arenas in pursuit of financial gain. So no surprises there .............. Kikikikiki

i dont see any relationship with wat u said and wat munya said... ur clearly off topic.. munya just said a fact about religion and problems of africans.

yes its not true if you try to count believers in groups of 1000s ....but if you apply the thinking on a wider spectrum it is almost true.....

hauna kana dhiri iwewe, enda unomenya nzungu.

Ndimwi anhu ari kukwirwa kumanyowa nemaporofita enhema.

Your figures a bit dubious. The only time I have seen Makandiwa donate is when his wife donated to Chitungwiza hospital and mapicture acho takamaona. Please point me to where I can find the stories about these 5 000 people, I will happily donate to that good cause as well if it is for real, kwete zvekupa munhu mari kuti atenge madesigner suit.

The Only problem with u Guys is you only read newspapers and what the newspaper did not right you think its not happening.... how foolish is that. Mind u i may be one of them getting that help together with my 5000 friends and if u want the figures go to 89 Central Ave they will give u together with their addresses and see it for yourself ....i personally will say go on man of God coz i hav receieved some help if u havnt then close your mouth coz....handione chinokurwadza if he hasnt taken anything from your house....hapana day raakambokumbira anything from you. at all saka am still confused kuti if its not demons that makes u to criticize Makandiwa wat else can it be far as am concerned you Guys u may be possessed coz i dont see where your problem is wen u critisize someone who hav never asked you for anything or even call your name .....check yourselves Guys

Is US$100 000 equal to 100 000 British Pound sterling?

Just asking, coz it seems in Zim they are equal. (Exchange rate dzeZRP)

People are easily sucked in ne psychology. These guys are laughing, what fool would use the same strategy achivhima? These guys are hunters of your destiny. Iyo 60% yacho yambobva kupi iye muporofita asingashandi uyu? This is ma tithes enyu. Robbing from Peter to feed Paul. Hayiwa maZimbos? And Fudge 1 ari kutaura zvine sense. This is England guys! These two stoogies know that the tricks dzeku Africa kuno hadzi shandi before police and investigations are stirred up. Vari kurowa pore pore. Otherwise miracle money inga investigetwa, you know what the Brits are like. Many of these fake prophets vano kanda muzande. They can't just come vachiita nonsense yavo yekuZimbabwe. Kana maporofita anotya kusungwa. Remember these guys love shopping ne glamour, how can they destroy ma chances to go overseas kono shopper?
Shiri ine muririre vayo. If you watch wildlife programmes, you see kuti when a lion or leopard is hunting, haingoti bvuuuu.......ino teya, ichinyangwira neche Kure, ne Kure, kuti chivhimwa chinyatso varairwa. WAKE UP ZIMBABWEANS! The devil himself walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Wabaya apa! You deserve an honorary degree in Psychology ndokunge usina nechekare!

This is great! Sure Rujeko you are spot on. £100.000 iyi ibait, then wozo nyangira, and hey presto. I enjoy your comments. Ndo kutaura ikoko.

Hezvo mface ko ini ndini ndaita sei? Zvawakundipedzera shungu, I never dissed Makandiwa. Yuwiii, sorry horaiti.

You are the biggest fool i have ever encountered ! Ndimi munofunga kuti Makandiwa is a man of god, muchibirwa mari. Dont talk nonsense mhani iwe - he is robbing all of us by giving people the impression that you dont need to work hard for prosperity , but you can find it thru his church.
You cant see the bigger picture here - mari yacho iyoyo that is being used to heklp vanhu iri kubva kupi ?
We need our people to be hard workers, to be innovative so that we lift ourselves from poverty. Snake oil salesmen like Makandiwa are anti-development, anti-knowledge, anti-development

What's your problem? If it doesn't apply to you do not comment ok what resources are you talking about? Don't just rush kunyora zvisina basa usina kunzwisisa nyaya. Tiri kutaura zvekunamata Mwari isu kuti munhu dzidzira kuzvinamatira haikona kumirira kunamatirwa all the time

Give a man fish, you have to continue doing just that in order to sustain him, but teach him how to fish and you have set him up for life (even kana ukafa haafe nenzara)

If it is true that he donated,then this guy is externalising forex!

MaZimbo zveluda kushandirwa, zvemweya munozvidawo. Namatai mega mabvi, maoko, nemuromo makapiwa asi kudakuti VaMakandiwa ndinamatireiwo, hezvo hezvo kondiye ava Jeso here.

Money laundering tactic. Ini zii.

be careful of the end times my friend as the love of many shall grow dim , your western friends who have dvlpd at such a pace whose God do they worship , themselves , be careful of admiring things you dont understand God is real n one day he will rain his fierce anger on all sinners , do you not see the time of the end is near , do u not see the disasters n unusual phenomena tht are happening , ppl worshipping money, satanists everywhere, whoremongers,homosexuals , drug peddlers, presidents with no mercy in heart , causing wars n killing littl children ,one life is valued above another, if 20 die in th us iits a tragedy but if a 1000 children die in afganistan ts collateral damage seek God my friend coz very soon we will be at a point of no return

careful my friend, be very careful th eyes of God roam to n fro across this earth n he sees n hears everythn, a wise man once said, if it be the works of men it shall be destroyed but if it be the works of God , be careful tht u be found fighting against God n u cant win

it is better to call the devil the spirit of God, for corinthians tells u tht he can diguise himself like an angel of light , than to call the Holy spirit the devil, think about it!

uridofo still, u think Makandiwa is a man of God because he donates money, ko ingamurwadze here iyo iri yekuba. This is "public relations" publicity stunts to lure more people. All millionaires have charity organisations running that does not make them prophets or man of God, otherwise dai tiina ana prophet Masiiwa, prophet DR chiyangwa, prophet Gaga, prophet Motsepe, prophet Madonna, prophet Jay Z

If you google ZimEye, pane nyaya yekuti Makandiwa dare for any pregnant woman to have an earlier delivery of her baby and they had even prepared delivery bed etc. Unfortunately nobody volunteered and so no miracle delivery. But my question is was this to demonstrate whose capability? The mystery of birth remains a miracle in that a foetus is forced to come out at nine months having developed to satisfactory levels in the woumb. This desire to demonstrate powers that serve no purpose boggles my mind. Dai pakanzi anybody whose pregnancy has exceeded the normal time i would apreceate kuti the miracle was intended to alleviate danger and provide relief. Who in their sane mind wud terminate the normal process pasina problem? This desire to show off inondinetsa.

powerful satement Munya thanks...sad we dont thinnk that way we continue to seek after these fantisies.

what i know is the carnal man cannot receive things of the spirit. hamungazivi nokuti mwari wacho hamumuzivi, to the so called christians and yet criticise Prophet Makandiwa, whom are you attacking, his physical being or the spirit in him? remember Jesus said if you sin against him (Jesus) you will be forgiven, if you sin against God the father you will be forgiven,but if you sin against the Holy Ghost ( spirit on Prophet Makandiwa) you will not be forgiven. URI ANI KUMUUDZA PEKUSHANDISA, WEKUPA NEMAPIRO PAMARI ISI YAKO. Its high time you start budgeting your peanuts live The Man Of God alone

what do you mean by Makandiwa being a liability to the development? Do you know how many jobs were created by that man? Do you know how many people were raised from rugs to richies by the annointing of that man? Do you know how many people who could have been dead by now, alive after being prayed for by that man? Do you know how many widows and orphans he is taking care of? WE are the sons and daughters of the Prophet we are not encouraged to be lazy but rather to WORK without LABOURING.

being ku Jairos Jiri variparinani they have shelter and food. There are homeless people the ministry is looking after.

whats wrong with you, wanetswa nei,pahuku yemweni? mari yacho haizi yako, ini muridzi wawo i am very much comfortable kuti Muporofita aite zvaanoziva kuti zviri right. What i know is there are so many orphans and widows being taken care of by Prophet Makandiwa. When i went there i didn't have anything, asi iye zvino tave madhara pacash, nokutopiwa neannointing iyoyo. Zvausingazive bvunza

ikoko ndokwakowo, nesalary yako you can afford to pay fees for those students and the groceries you have mentioned.

ndiyani akakuti muporofita haashandi, Even zvikanzi hapana minana iko kuswera nevanhu +40 000 uchiva entertainer hazvibhadharirwe munhu here? Urii sewe haudi shoko ramwari kuti unzwisise nokuti satan wacho akatokumedza kare, wotoda Muporofita iyeye kuti urutswe, chengera kutuka annointing yaucha realisa kuti unoda mangwana.

You know what guys, I think mwana we muporofita is "the prophet" himself. I can't believe there is any sane person, anozvishandira, ane Shanu who would support this disgrace to humanity. Ndidzo mbavha Mbiri idzi. Musashandura shoko. Anointed ones indeed, not false prophets. Please verengai bible it talks about divination. Read the whole of Ezekiel 13.

People are being used by the Devil to destroy the work that God is doing. If someone doesnt believe in miracles ndezvake nambuya vake izvi siyana na Makandiwa na Angel they are men of God doing being used in ways you will never be used. chiri kumbokurwadzai chii CHIII? fools. God will continue to use these men whether you believe in him or not.
kana mari yacho ndeyako here? instead of wasting time reading newspapers maybe you should be spending that time trying to fix your problems.

10% to 60% ameno, mbavha yakangwara, ndokuzowona vanhu voteera kubvisa ma60%. Be careful, ini ndongotarisa chete. Munhu ngadye cheziya inga Bhayibhiri rinotaura wani

This is a gift from God Zimbabwe open the your spiritual ears to hear the word from the The man Lord Jesus christ sent. I am proud of you Papa

vanhu vatema hamuna chakanaka.. indava musinga shamisike ne mari yapihwa.. all you do is criticize.. if you can do better then do it.. dollar chairo rekupa mu street kid hamutogone and then you want to comment about big people. ANYWAY.. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE JOB OF SMALL PEOPLE TO TALK ABOUT BIG PEOPLE.. this saying is very much true

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