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The grandparents of the so-called 'miracle' baby have expressed doubts that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa helped their daughter conceive and give birth within three days as claimed by the United Family International Church (UFIC).

According to the grandfather Ephraim Matsenga their daughter once had an 'invisible' pregnancy for her second child (meaning they did not detect she was pregnant until she was due for labour) just as happened for the 'miracle' baby.
Responding to claims that the baby turned into a snake,Matsenga, 45, denied the allegations, describing the baby as 'normal'.

"We only witnessed the first pregnancy of their first born who is six years-old but as the other two pregnancies, it was a different case. For the second pregnancy, she just went to the hospital seeking treatment and only to hear that she had delivered. The pregnancy was not visible and there was a last minute rush for the preparation sets.
"So to us it is a second miracle apart from this baby, Emmanuel named after Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. The baby is normal and has never turned into a snake or cried as alleged. It is common that a woman can be pregnant even if she is menstruating and I used to know that from my boyhood where a girl would claim that she is pregnant after her monthly periods.

"What they told us is that Mai Emmanuel received a prophecy from Makandiwa that she was pregnant before she testified that she was at her monthly periods. Within three days she felt labour pains and she delivered a healthy bouncing baby at Chitungwiza Central Hospital and we were all surprised. We have accepted the miracle because my son was around; it was going to be questionable if it happened during his absence. I also believe in miracles as someone who belongs to Daily Gospel Apostolic Faith Church but what the neighbours are saying is exaggerated," said Ephraim.
Matsenga’s wife said she once doubted the miracle and left the baby crying anticipating to see him turning into a snake but nothing happened.

"One of the days, I peeped through the window after I heard the baby crying anticipating to see him turning into a snake as claimed but nothing happened," said Gogo Matsenga.
"The baby cried and I could not go and pick him, waiting patiently to see if the allegations were correct. People were saying that the miracle baby would change the whole body in to a snake while the head would be of a child. Some reported that after turning into a snake it would feed on eggs placed on top of the refrigerator and you would wonder how they were all witnessing such things as if they live here," she said.

However, Matsenga and wife could not allow the news crew to see the baby saying his parents had been instructed by their church not to allow anyone access and provided the child's pictures via mobile phone. This is however despite his claims that he had authority over his family.
"The truth is the baby is as normal as any other child and he never turned into a snake it is only that the parents have been instructed by their church leaders to seek permission from them so as to speak with the media. They were aired on Radio without our knowledge only to receive calls from relatives and friends about the miracle baby," Gogo Matsenga said.

The United Family International Church has said that there will be a press conference very soon as the church has nothing to hide about the miracle baby. There has also been mounting pressure from some sections of society for the police to launch an investigation into the matter.


Makandiwa usada kutamba nevanhu mhani nxaaa.....kana tavakumudza ma private parts ake makuchema chema....pamhata pa Makandiwa pane tsete

Heyi apaCDE Shondo makanda chituko apa.Tsete here vakomana.Haaa maone.

Makandiwa wacho nevanomuteera varwere. Mwana in 3 days?? Its either mukadzi uyu akaba mwana or hapana mwana aripo...Y didnt they show the baby to the Press? ..Police shud investigate this case.. Yakatanga iri Gold fallin from heave, to miracle money to miracle babies whats next?? Watch these false prophets.... Tikapusa vachatiitira something much more dangerous to the country than they are doing.. Vanhu vachangoona wabva kuDiaspora wakasiya mukadzi kuZim osvikot babaMwana, I have a miracle baby....

Whats next. Uchanzwa soon voti ohh Mugabe is no longer the President...We now have a miracle President... Ngwarirai vafana ava..

Bhaibheri rakazvitaura kare, ndo maporofita enhema aya. Makaita seiko vanhu ve Zimbabwe kunyengedzwa nehutsi hwe tea

Zvima miracles zvakundipinda mumanerves, miracle husband then miracle wife, miracle pregnancy then miracle abortion, miracle sex then miracle baby, miracle money then miracle lamborgini, miracle bomb then miracle hari, miracle weight then miracle thinnie, miracle shortie then miracle toro, miracle shooting then miracle death, miracle gold then miracle diamonds, miracle beauty then miracle ugly, miracle mvana then miracle virgin. For how long shall we live with these miracles kwese yangova miracle after miraclen shoooo!!!

mukadzi wangu wakaramba kubika sadza nezuro hanzi richauya miraculously,ndikatadza kuita turn up for yesterday's fixture now she is telling me not to worry as she had miracle sex.

I hope Makandiwa provides us with miracle president so that we avoid elections

I feel sorry for the innocent child. He is going to face a lot of name calling in his life. vanhu vaparara nekuda kwekusaziva

The church does not allow access- indeed! This is not a church but a cult.

So the long & short of it....there was NO miracle baby!!! This pregnancy was similar to the 2nd one. Taurai tinzwe vanhu veUFIC makamva mamhanyira kushambadza a 3-day miracle baby!!....

Dont you realise that we are living in the miraculous dispensation MaiT? I just wonder what heaven will be like kana zvichinakidza pasi pano mu Zimbabwe muno. Please miracle church, give us miracle elections, vilonce free, campaign free, no costs incured kuti va Biti vazorodze pfungwa. By the way can I go back to when I was 25yrs old please. I intend to change the husband and I family I have.

hanzi Muobobo wakunzi "Miracle sex". Zvakaoma wena

Thank God vanhu vawe Katanga kuvhura meso about these false prophets. Vanhu Ava vari two na Angel vakano romba kuGhana. Zimbabweans are so desperate for miracles instead of seeking God. Ko Iko kuzo sheedza mamwe mapastors and prophets for a show down Makandiwa. Papi pakamboita Jesu competition yema miracles. Imi be careful. This quote from the daily news says it all, "The Ghanaian newspaper reported that after visiting Nana Kwaku Bonsam, hundreds of top-of-the-range cars were seen parked at his shrine as various prominent businesspeople and celebrated church founders gathered to secure his services.

The rule is that one could only enter the shrine barefooted and without a phone or a wrist watch.
The fetish priest is by no means a poor man, as anyone who enters his shrine for consultation pays an amount of about US$5 000 which excludes the cost of the rituals. “I’m a fetish priest; a powerful one of course, and I use my powers to heal the sick, help people who want to travel abroad, help traders get better sales, protect people from fraudsters, disempower witches and wizards or help people who have one problem or the other.

“I am well-known for the wonders I perform in this country so I receive people from all parts of the country and even people from other countries,” he said.

The self-styled sangoma was quoted in an interview with Ghana’s Daily Guide as having said he once produced “miracle money” before a highly-respected traditional chief.

“I produced money, a gold watch, handkerchief and other things there and that was so wonderful before the chief of Techiman. At the palace, I was able to plant cocoa seeds and they germinated on that same day; I planted a mango seed and it germinated the same day and I killed a house-fly, resurrected it and made it fly round for all to see,” he said.

Several Zimbabweans have been to Ghana and other West African countries over the past few years. Some of them returned back home and became so powerful in their line of industry

PLEASE WAKE UP ZIMABWEANS! They lie to you kumachurches aya kuti we are under persecution, Hapana under persecution apa, I mbavha idzi. Especially Makandiwa and Angel with this west African spiritual father.

The Grandfather has got it spot on! There is no miracle at all! These issues are always coming out on tv, in fact there is a programme by the name "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" and this is what exactly happens in all the episodes where women do not know they are pregnant until they go to a doctor complaining about not feeling well only to find out that they are about to go into labour!!!

zvakaoma chokwadi. Church ye UFIC yakazara vana vadiki who you would expect to know that a woman can indeed have a period and yet be pregnant, vatokundwa nasekuru matsenga kuziva izvozvi. Perhaps the yound ones in this church can be taught some logic by this grandad. There is no miracle here

Big up sekuru Mutsenga, please try to knock some sense into your children they are so daft!!!!! How can they be so brain washed that they believe that one can have a baby in 3days! Jesus Christ was born after 9whole months mhani

Rujeko thank u for that info but pse note Nana Bonsam has acknowledged sm real men of GOD Mr Otabil (sp) Mensah& Archbishop Duncan Williams who by the way is a spiritual father of so many pastors in the world including our GranPa Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng. So pse dont link my Papa to this fetish priest. Just curious what is GOD saying to you about our church&our Papa thats what i would like to hear otherwise shew. Remember the LORD JESUS said these signs shall follow those who believe. Proudly UFIC Daughter of Prophet Papa Emmanuel Makandiwa

I am glad you know the bible. It says these signs and wonders shall follow (accompany) those that believe. This means even you should do these signs and wonders. So when only one man stands in your church and does these things it means in the whole church there is only one man who believes. Instead of doing the magic, he should concentrateon teaching the word so that more of his members believe and that they also be able to do the signs and wonders.
And indeed the church is full of those who do not believe. Witness the service for stopping smoking. Those people who came forward some of them had UFIC badges in their wrists to proclaim that they were committed members of this church, yet they were travelling around with cigarrettes in their pockets. All those who smoke know that there are two things that go together, drinking and smoking, and with drinking comes mashort time. Ko instead of calling kuti vanhu vanoda to stop smoking come and be delivered, why did the profit not prophesy that his members were smokers.
And ko iko kuzoita kuti vanhu vaite stop smoking without chasing away the demon that made them smoke in the first place. Finally we know this is a cult because the glory is given to one man instead of to God and that only one man in the church is doing these signs and wonders, instead of all those who believe in his church.
God bless you.

45 year old atove nevazukuru vatatu. Ndechemumba!!!

Poor Mai Gamu,
Kushaiwa exposure zvakunoita. Worse still when you belong to a cult. Your commends on Archbishop Duncan Williams, my dear, kusaziva ishamwari yerufu. Takambozviitawo zvamuri kuita ku defender satan. Do you know history ya baba Williams wamurikutaura ne pride instead of hidding? I don't blame you, I rest my case ne previous commend yangu, because clearly makarasikirwa Amai. These people you call, grand papa, if you knew them hede, you would rather worship devil fair fair. Ndine hurombo nemi Mai Gamu.

Sure Rujeko you are spot on. £100.000 iyi ibait, then wozo nyangira, and hey presto. I enjoy your comments. Ndo kutaura ikoko.

Rujeko pse dont pity me am very good&as for lack of exposure umgh let we see, not the right forum to respond to that statement. Anyways just now i got a relevation that you are the same person who went on a campaign smear against my Papa in 2011&you are at it again how very sad. All i ask fm you is that seek the LORD JESUS&he will heal you of your rage&may his grace be with you. Again Proudly UFIC daughter of Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Rujeko pse dont pity me am very good&as for lack of exposure umgh let me see, not the right forum to respond to that statement. Anyways just now i got a relevation that you are the same person who went on a campaign smear against my Papa in 2011&you are at it again how very sad. All i ask fm you is that seek the LORD JESUS&he will heal you of your rage&may his grace be with you. Again Proudly UFIC daughter of Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Miracle nonsense for sure. We need a miracle beach and miracle sea, taneta nekurova tsaraz kuenda kuDurban neMaputo. Hanzi these magicians are now busy challenging each other to public show of who does better miracles/magic and they are getting younger by the day,most hardly out of parental guidance age. Apa uchiona harahwa,chembere vachingodzungaidwa netumatsotsi twakadzidzira magic kumacircus, asi maZimbo chii nhai. Miracle brains.

Achanzi haana kunyatsobikwa, kana kuti Zhing zhong, comes with expiry date.

1. Musikana uyu idununu haazivi kana aita pamuviri,even mamovements emwana aifunga kuti chii. Dutye remunhu,ende hanzi hakusi kutanga udununu hwake ihwohwu. Nxaa

2. Zvekusiya mwana achingochema muchimirira kuti ashanduke kuita nyoka, is child abuse, thanks for the confession saka chisungwai. Nxaaa

3. Vabereki vemwana uyu vamupa rushambwa(bad luck) for the rest of his life coz he will be stigmatised for being different and possibly abnormal for the rest of his life. Iye Makandiwa wacho akagara mudumbu 3 days here? Ko Jesu? Vanhu vachati haana kunyatsoumbika zvakanaka in 3 days, even after any small misdemeanor. Kana vaifunga kuti zvinovhairisa asi vatoita selfish coz they have ruined this kid's future. Nxaaa

4.Zimbabweans wake up, are we some doomed country with people flocking anywhere where magic and juju replace and supersede reality. Did we build all these reads,wonderful dam,s and buildings with magic. Was the literacy level that we proudly attained, the bread basket status that we once attained built on magic. All this was, and remains hard work and God loves to reward for hard work and honesty. You reap what you sow, if you reap what you did not sow, you sure are either a jailbird or a hellbird.Nxaaa

i am a woman who has had 3 pregnancies. I always menstruate until 5 or so months of my pregnancies. It is normal. Hapana miracle apa, imi vanhu mavakupengeswa nema profita enhema aya. Inga sekuru vemwana vataura chokwadi wani, hapana mwana anobarwa ne 3 days, ndiwo manyepo chaiwo, kana zai re rehuku chairo rinochechenywa after 21 days, JC akabarwa ne 9 months,

iyo church yorambidza varidzi vomwana kutaura chokwadi kikiki

Mai Gamu
You are either part of the problem, wagara wakafanana nawo. I suggest you read the whole of Ezekiel 8 and Ezekiel 13. are all the same.

Miracles do happen. That is why Makandiwa is not like us. He is Godsent and what God do through him can never fit in your 1+1=2 mind

wakapusa mukuru, why cant you just accept the fact that Makandiwa is better than most of you?

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