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United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has challenged pastors from various denominations to come forward in their numbers and test for themselves if he is a true man of God or is being used by evil spirits as has been alleged.

Speaking to thousands of worshippers at his Chitungwiza church on Sunday, Prophet Makandiwa said it was unfortunate that men of God had chosen to judge him as if they were qualified to do so.
“We are not afraid to be examined. All pastors and bishops in Zimbabwe should come and pray for me for one hour and when they finish I will only need five seconds to pray for them and let’s see who is possessed.

“In this case I am not calling for witch doctors but men of God. You can’t say I am possessed and yet God called me to chase away demons. I am here. . . help me if I am possessed by a demon. If you have made up your mind we will give you the chance to pray for me before everyone and prove to everyone that I am possessed.”
This comes in the wake of incessant attacks from pastors and bishops who accuse him of using satanic powers to perform miracles such as healing the sick, miraculous births, weight loss and other deliverances. His gospel of prosperity has also elicited wrath from some pastors. Prophet Makandiwa said it was unfortunate that some of his critics rushed to write articles in newspapers instead of challenging him directly.

“We want people with guts. Those who say they are men of God. . . why rush to write in the papers. Just come. Those who criticise miracles about weight loss only do so at a distance but we have asked them to bring their own scales but they are not coming.
“We can’t have thousands of people against one person and that person continues to achieve success. . . What kind of a God do we worship?”

“Why do we have people who are not part of us and they want to judge us. . . discern your spirit first before you discern others as written in the bible. You can’t be stealing and committing adultery and then you want to discern others.”
His sermon on Sunday was premised on John 16 verse 7 on the coming of the Holy Spirit who gave christians the ability to discern the works of God from those of the devil. Prophet Makandiwa said it was unfortunate that some “purported” men of God had the wrong spirit themselves which is why they could not believe that God could not perform miracles in the manner he was doing.

“I have realised that most people have received the wrong spirit. You can’t have the Holy Ghost and yet find it difficult to believe in miracles. . . it’s impossible.”
He contrasted his situation with that in the bible in which one Simeon of Samaria, who was a witch, used his powers and people ended up believing that he was used of God until Phillip came to expose him.

“Isn’t it amazing that I am allowing you to test me. Spirits are supposed to be tested,” he stressed.
But he warned: “If you don’t understand the prophetic you cannot judge the prophetic. If you want to judge then be in the prophetic and learn the word of God.”

During the sermon Prophet Makandiwa was quoting scripture such as Daniel 11 verse 32 which says that those who know their God shall do exploits. Therefore, he said those who knew the God he worshipped should not be riled by miracles because God had the power to do them all. Prophet Makandiwa said those pastors who were against the gospel of prosperity were attacking a biblical principle which encouraged the preaching of Jesus coming in the flesh to address fleshly needs.
He said it was important that people here on earth experienced prosperous lives that included owning houses, cars, running successful businesses and living lives free of diseases and curses, among other aspects of prosperity.

“I am preaching Jesus in the flesh. Why do you think we are after money? I don’t care about the money. . . what we have is greater than money. If I can send someone to dig up a precious stone (after telling him where it’s located and even its size) then people say I am after money? . . . it’s amazing. Why do I tell someone to go and get the stone? If I want the money so much why cant I just take the precious stone and make it mine,” he quipped.
Prophet Makandiwa also said he was deeply concerned by the lack of seriousness and the absence of the fear of God in most churches worldwide.Some pastors were wasting people’s time, he said.

“Chechi dzakawanda pasi pezuva dziri kutamba mahumbwe. Unonamata Mwari akasika denga nenyika asi wotya kupindirwa mumba mako nemuroyi (Most churches worldwide are just child’s play. How can a true pastor or christian be scared of a witch if in him there is God the creator of the heavens and the earth?)
On Sunday he also reiterated that people were going to be picking gold in their houses. Prophet Makandiwa likened this to Solomon of the bible who made gold become as common as stones in Israel. herald


Who is he to make personal challenges? Even one of the greatest of prophets, challenged not the prophets of Baal as persons, but their works. Weight loss miracles indeed- trivializing God kudai. Ndiko saka vamwe tichingozviverengera zvedu maBahaibheri instead of hanging on the word of people whose actions are of a personality cult.

Dont know how he does it (not interested) but everything he has said there is biblical. As a theology student I am impressed.

...amakwikwi mukereke...ko kuita neutral ground isina tuma hidden goblin...

“I am preaching Jesus in the flesh. Why do you think we are after money? I don’t care about the money. . . what we have is greater than money.
Dzamaakutanga idzi dai manyarara
Really Really Really are you sure about this sentence or maybe let me can you ask someone to proof read again.

There is a particular Zim pentecostal church which has successfully followed the Zimbabwean Diaspora wherever they are and its a gold mine because here they snare people without immigration papers, students who dont want to come back to Zim upon completing their studies. Students are required to tithe 10% of their fees. In return they are prayed for their permanent residences. Diasporans with precarious immigration status are required to tithe 10% of whatever they get weekly and are also promised miracles with papers. This particular church will post a Pastor and Oversears and their families wherever there is a Zim congregation nomatter whatever small. They are usually relations of the founders. The Pastors/Oversears usually do not return to Zimbabwe if the posting is in the Western Diaspora (UK, Oz, NZ, Ireland, USA, and Canada). Hoards of other 'miracles' perfoming prophets and propheteses periodically come to the Diaspora from the same church in Zim on crusades. The crusade audience is usually is usually99.9% Zimbabwean Diaspora with different situations (usuall mapepa). The cost of the crusade is born by the hosts. People are asked to pledge and the pledges are followed on vigorously. Some pledge to hire the stretch limosines, others 5-star hotels for the 'men and women of God', suits for the pastors, costumes for their wives who are usually upcoming 'Pastors' and God's 'annointed'. Some pledge food, watches name it. Then there is the love offering. A drowning man will even hang on a grass shaft. A desperate man/woman will possibly try everything. Cry the Zimbabwean Diaspora. But who are we to Judge. If these are wolves in sheep skin it will catch up with them one day. Most of them are family founded churches and the batton stick is passed along family lines.

U ah impressed By what he has said , but yet u ah not interested in How " he does it" (miracles)....!
Your approach is interesting and very questionable as a student ...! One who should theorise how " he does" ....
The way he does it should challenge u for isn't it that " the way is the word as the word is supposed to be the way ?
Just a question to theorise on ...!

Don't go Bishops and Pastors.Who knows,maybe he knows his goblins are so powerful.Remember pastors,when the devil tries to test you,resist.The devil tried to put Jesus to a test and he refused to perform the miracle.Do not be sucked into this,but continue your pastoral duties of warning people against "false prophets"

...taura hako masaramusi chaiyo...

usanyepe you innit for the money...............lying a**hole!!!!!!!!

I have decided not to comment about the prophets any longer. Saka ndati ndikuzivisei vadare in case vamwe wenyu vangazoti asi baba Mukoiri vakapihwa vharamuromo kana kupromiswa hupastorship kudzikereke dzemaprofita? Kwete hatingatambire zvakadaro. But I have realised kuti commenting about them here is of no consequence really. Plus I can not remember not even a single incident pandakakokwa kuchechi dzawo idzi. Its time to move on.....................

Zaoga - Forward In Faith.

Makandiwa ari right ivo vanozviti vana vamwari ngavaende kunonamatira chikwambo chacho chavari kuti ari kushandisa. Aiwa apa ataura hake makristu budai tione mubatsire munhu hanzi ungati uri mwana wamwari sei iwe uchitya muroyi? Otherwise bvumai kuti business rake raita mari kudarika renyu ndizvo zvamuri kumuvengera.

Man of God yu are right.Biblical Elijah did it as well vaBaal vakabika mbodza.Vana Bishops,Pastors etc in Zim challenge him its true.Taneta nevanhu vanotaura zvavasingazive

"1John 4:2 Every spirit that confirms that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.

3: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ came in the
flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye
have heard that it shall come; and even now already is it in the world."
Hope this is of help unto you Nhedza

Sista kwamave Kuenda uku ngwarirai.Zaoga is a proven church 50 years plus ministering in 130+ countries in all continents.Ezekiel has never been in the papers for the wrong reasons.everything tht is done is in line with the word of God.the Man is 90 this year and God spoke to him when he was a nobody heading cattle.

A competition to determine who is of God and who is of a god! Imiwe! Mwari haaitirwe mapipi? Inga jesu anoti regai zvikurirane zvichaonekwa musi wekukowa.

iwewe ndingango bvumirana newe,ofcourse he might have been enhanced those powers or else he is trying to scare them away.Hapana pangango pfungaira pasina moto some of these commentators have been affiliated to that congregation,hence are testifying.tisakanganwa zve prophecy iya yaakati pane mufundisi achandifumura after amu suspender,zvinorevei izvozvo.gore rino! rino iri ahh regaune mwanawamai!!!!.............

These are the true prophets Ka wekuti akangokengwa nemunhu otomhanya kumapepa uchishora makereke evamwe.vanhu vakaita saanaMakandiwa tiudzei kuti iye Mwari akataura nemi sei, coz no one seems to know how ur ministry began.

Instead yekuparidza shoko nekuzvarisa mamiracle baby e3 days vanosweropedza nguva vachishoropodza vanhu

Makristu nekuda kutyisidzira vanhu is that what the bible teaches? Kana usingazive everything that has been said pamusoro apo happens kuZaoga - ngwarirai my foot sei vanhu muchingoda kudyiwa mari nhai?

Mazuva ano ukasatoverenga Bhaibheri rako nemazvo munhu unofa nekunyeperwa.

welll welll there it is ..the man has said he has nothing to hide...vafundisi muripiko...heyo nyaya iyi.....vanhu ngatisa shandiswe nevemapepa vane agenda dzavo against Christianity....and use them papers to attack each other...if you who felt are more spiritual than him really wanted to help going to the news papers and attacking him was not the best neither was it biblical...all you needed to do was to go to him and find out for yourselves then if you confirmed that he needed deliverence then you would ve done it quietly...well now the invitation is there go and lets hear your results...mozotiudza as you published your opinions about him musati mamuona....please we will be waiting

Ngatitosiye matreadmill kana magym membership coz munhu u cn now lose weight instantly without putting any hard work innit .Ladies no more nine months carrying babies with all the morning sickness, back aches and everything coz now kwaane muprofita anoita weight loss instantly kikikikiki rega vanhu vataurewo ahhhh

another worrisome issue makandiwa is your gospel of prosperity,why not touch the areas like kuenda kudenga zvaiitwa na mentor wako the great P. D seems you are taking advantage of the situation socially,zve gold precipitation,replenishment of fuel in our cars etc.vanhu vakachenjedzwa kudhara shaars,read mathew 24 v 6 onwards and chinja maitiro,qukula izenzo(not politics though zvinekakudyidzana somewhere somehow)

Makandiwa was a Pastor kuAFM that is how he started chimwe chamunoda kunzwa kuti akatanga sei ndechipi?

For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great
signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God's chosen ones. Matthew 24:24

well the Bible itself is not shy about testing of spirits so that pple of God are not deceived....Mwari haatyirwe and haazvityire.....see 1 John 4;2...Elisha did the same with the prophets of was the same with Moses before Pharaoh...the bible is repleat with examples pple should read.....hazvisi zvekuhwandirana zvaMwari....there are clear guidelines and tests to determine what is of God and what is of the Devil....there are no secrets when it comes to the things of God....saka vanhu ngavasatya (fear is not of God neither is it from God) would be good for the whole nation for him to be exposed..if there are those who insist that he is would not be doing the nation a favour by refusing to take up the challenge to cleanse him if he is fake...hanti you ve always insisted that pple are being hoodwinked?..l hope n trust that such concerns for the "poor" pple was genuine and not motivated by jealousy envy and a spirit of competition coz you were now losing pple in your churches where nothing is happenning may be coz the Holy Spirit has since long just an observer of pple and am very interested in pples behaviour....thats why lve always followed pples comments on this phenomenon very that a challenge has been thrown am beginning to notice a very interesting reaction at least on this thing lm very sure of is that very few if any of the religious leaders and pastors who have been so vocal will dare take this challenge for fear of emptying their churches...hezvino ndiri pano

What this guy does should surely be of interest to a theology student since it impresses him/her

are you sure that no one knows how his ministry began? what research if any have you done to try and find out how he began?..kungodawo kuziva since you ve made a bold statement about pple not knowing how his ministry began....l thought he was just responding to what pple who dont know about his ministry and who have just based their criticism of him on what some journalists who hate him coz their paper thinks he supports the ruling party..have written about him... l think it is only fair ton his part to invite those that have said he is of the devil to come and see for themselves and judge him in accordance with the Word....You also seem to think he doesnt preach the Word...but again you seem to base that conclusion and criticism on what you read in the papers...dont forget that these papers and reports just take from him what they think is of interest to the would think that this was all he talked about..but papers would not and do not publish sermons coz sermons do not sell papers no matter how good such sermons are..unless of course such sermons coincide with the image such papers would want to potray of the subject at hand

but tongona kutomutsa tourism ka maamericans nema europeans achiuya kuzoita weight loss kuno, lolest

l agree with you that ZAOGA is a proven church and have no doubt that its founder is indeed a man of God...but dont forget that in every church you find pple even at the highest level who fall short and commit all sorts of evil...if we are seen to be defending such pple when those who make accusations have evidence to support their case then we discredit our faith..(l know the devil is the accuser of bretheren and he lies most of the time) but let us not be naive ti think that all pastors and elders in church are saints who never sin or who are not greedy..there are some who do that and some are very questionable in their commitment, and motives and thats the reason why we have disciplinary committees in churches...l am however not in support of those who paint all pastors and churches with the same brush...such as saying all churches are starte ed out of monetary motives...of cause those who do not believe or are just religious and do not understand the Word and things of the Spirit speak that way...dont be bothered about such they are only speaking of what their father the devil tells them and are out to discredit anything of God that is genuine...who kicks a dead dog anyway...ukaona criticsm yanyanya....and it is not based on facts then know that there is something genuine and good thats happeniing..ukaona pasina criticism then something is very wrong with what one is doing

Chamunonetsa vanhu is that your belief in goblins and the devil is so strong that you do not believe that anyone can be used of most of you God is only found in the bible and he does not speak to pple neither does He nor can He speak or act in today's world thats why you find it difficult to believe...the devil and his goblins are more real to you than God is...if only you would read the bible carefully and apply its principles including applying the tests that it prescribes on testing the spirits and men or works performed by men in the name of God then there would not be much of this hullabaloo on whats going on..anyway this did not start was there even during the time of Christ who himself was ridiculed accused beaten and eventually killed by the religious gurus and politicians of the day for claiming to be the son of things never seem to change..the more things change the more they remain the same

Lord continue to use your servant, show yourself great through him that your people may receive salvation.

Prosperity preachers like Rev Makandiwa are emphasising on matters that should not concern the Christian. In the Old Covenant individual prosperity was the in-thing reflecting "God's favour". God wanted the Israelites to be freed from Egyptian bondage and live in the land of milk and honey- Canaan. People made sacrifices and the sacrifices were almost always immediately rewarded. That was then. The coming of Jesus changed the whole game. The New Covenant empasises going to heaven whether one is poor or not. In fact, Jesus said it's pretty difficult for a rich fellow to enter God's kingdom. Remember in the Old Covenant God's people were empowered to directly fight against their enemies.Now God basically says give the other cheek and pray for your enemies. You do not pray for the death of your enemies as they do at Mr Makandiwa's UFIC.

God is just too big for you kuti mumutyire vanhu wee.....and he cannot be trivialised.....he is not even afraid of the so called competition saka regai zviitike then u can conclude and make your judgments with facts unless there are now certain fears about the outcome and its implications on some pples egos...convictions,,and positions that have been pronounced so loudly and openly....which is the danger that one often exposes themselves to when they speak too loudly without checking their facts first or establishing a clear basis of doing so save their own prejudices/ biases etc

Vafundisi vechokwadi. Plse prove that Makandiwa is a satanist or else he is a man of God. When Phillip came, Simon n'anga was proven to be a fake. We are waiting to see if a Phillip will show up so that Simon n'anga (if Makandiwa is so) is revealed. Handitidi vanhu anongotaura ivo vasina simba raMwari pachavo.

Iget what you at the end of the this man is crafty, check his back ground and the rest that we cannot publicly say

read the psalms of David on what he said about his enemies......on another issue is it really true and accurate to say that these guys always preach about prosperity...who has labelled them prosperity preachers is it not the Press? one would think that day in day out they are preaching nothing but prosperity and performing miracles...and that they do not preach about salvation or do works of charity..which you hardly read about coz it does not make good careful of basing your judgments about pple about anyone for that matter ,,,based on what you read about them in papers...take time to ask yourself a few questions about your sources of information...every paper has a policy and position and agenda...they project anyone of sigficance on how they view such a person..if they percieve such a person as belonging say to an opposition or ruling party (and their agenda is to advance the opposite they will obviuosly demonise them and twist facts etc about them to suit their own for this man he has been viewed as belonging to the ruling party (rightly or wrongly) coz he was pictured signing the anti sanctions petition (which got nowhere and served no purpose by the way) some ministers have been seen at his crusades..he has built a house for his chief he has been branded by the other papers as an they publish whatever they do in a way to ridicule an article in one sunday news paper written by a journo who visited his God was the artilce shallow and uninformative...without supporting anyone am just saying be careful and scrutinise your sources.coz they do have their own positions and motives....balance chaiyo hapana

Problem ndeyokuti vanhu avazhinji vano commenter pamusoro pezva Mwari havazivi Mwari kana shoko rake? We want to compare apples with apples. If you be a man of God, what does his word say? What is his spirit saying? I know kuti mufundisi akakwana chaiye haaendi kuno challenger Makandiwa, nekuti Mwari vanomuudza kuti you can not have a contest with another man of God. If otherwise, you go there in the flesh and God will embarass you. Take heed.

Zita rako rinongoratidza roga kuti hauzivi Mwari kana shoko rake. Tendeuka, receive Jesus as your personal saviour.

Zaoga people think Guti is the only man of God and that he is perfect. I neither go to to UFI or zaoga but this mentality really bothers me. You say Guti has never been in the papers for the wrong reasons? Did you never read those scandalous articles published in the Parade and other papers many years ago??

Zaoga is now 50 years you say hence it's tried and tested as you say, so why not allow this makandiwa to go through the same? If his ministry lasts 50 years too then praise be to God. The church I go to had been around for about 15years and it had its own politics, which church doesn't? All I'm saying is leave this man and his God to also have a tried and tested church.

Zita renyu rine huMwari here iri nhai baba imi?Mweya rudziyi uri mamuri?

1 Kings 18: 21 And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lordbe God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.

22 Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord; but Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men.

23 Let them therefore give us two bullocks; and let them choose one bullock for themselves, and cut it in pieces, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under: and I will dress the other bullock, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under:

24 And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken.

How can goblins be more powerful than a Bishop or Pastor who is genuinely serving God?

Ultimately all demonic power is under Satan and so under a real believer's foot.Jesus is the head of the church who has given us authority over all of the power of the enemy.

Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

You obviously do not read the papers or you were born yesterday.Ezekiel was always in the papers in the 90s for flying first class and using church funds for his his children.There were even issues in the Parade magazine.

Vanhu vaMwari havafaniri kutya zvidhoma kana n'anga kana varoyi. Vanotya havasi va Mwari

what will be the message of such false prophets zvausinazve kupedzisa ndiwo mahalf truths anoshandiswa by pple so that the bible appears to support their case..its what is called intelectual dishonesty.....So Read the Bible please read it Again without being selective

Say it and help others lest the be led astray...kana munechockwadi chinobatsira vanhu why hide it....

was wondering which spirit is this which is so fearful of goblins and advises men of God to avoid what pastoral duties can these teach pple to fear goblins when the Word of God says believers have authority over such....could it be that they are themselves now fearful of being exposed for who they are?

True vanotya sea ava vari kucommenta pano apa they are in the same kingdom as the goblins zvidhoma..but only at a lower level so they fear being harrassed by the same..for they harass those under them ( for they are great bullies like their father Lucifer)..but not those in the kingdom of light....

The first dvd sermon of this guy I saw shocked me. He spoke about a thief who had stolen clothes from his washline. After he discovered the theft, he prayed for demons to take care of that thief until the thief returned the clothes. My question was why someone claiming to be a Christiaan would call on demons for anyone. From then I did not believe he operated in the true God's kingdom.

Now he is claiming $2m for defamation from the Daily News. That implies he is a very valuable brand who cannot stomach being misquoted. Jesus preached forgiveness, not claims for defamation.

He has body guards. For what?

And he claims weight reductions on some fat people. Being fat is usually due to overeating and overeating understandably is a sin. What benefit is these weight loses to the Christian kingdom? What benefit are these so called miracles to the kingdom?

These guys have the gift of the gab. And once someone has been brain washed by them, they wont listen.

The bible talks about what will happen in the last days. And that is what is happening now. Let not these people deceive you.

Now that we know Makandiwa reads these forums I make my position clear as to why I doubt him and will not be coerced or threatened into believing him.The church should not follow blindly but we are to test all spirits and Jesus said Matt 15:14 And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch so we will not follow blindly because if we fall into a dicth it's because we did not examine these things. Luke 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; .Christians often don't use their mind.

This is why I have my question marks about Makandiwa:

We know a prophet who predicts something and it does not happen should not be feared.Deut 18:22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.

Makandiwa prophesied someone who had been oppressing people was going to die before the Malawian President died then changed course later.If Makandiwa did not call himself a prophet then I would not mind.If a prophet says anything,God backs the person up because he is the one who puts his word into the prophet's mouth.We know no word that Samuel spoke fell to the ground and we know when God spoke to Hezekia through Isaaih about Hezekiah's death.He had to sent the same Isaaih to tell Hezekiah he would live 15 more years otherwise Isaaih wud become a false prophet.

He claims that if people do not visit him then he will sent evil spirits to them.How can Christ collaborate with the devil?

He teaches people that getting married is just a physical thing (according to his teachings on relationships) and people should just choose a beautiful person.He even claimed no one in the bible prayed for a mate yet Eliezer (Abraham's servant prayed for God's guidance) and the bible says as many as are led by the spirit of God these are the children of God.The bible is also very clear that Christians should not be unequally yorked with unbelievers.

As a result people believe what you want but I have many question marks over him.Obviously Jesus said we will only find out during the harvest but at the same time hapana zvekutyityidzira vanhu.Believers should not fear this man because God himself said we shouldn't fear those who prophesy things which dont come to pass.
The bible is clear about qualities of church leadership.You should not be blamed and we look at the fruit and not just your gift.Makandiwa had a case of simcards in Zimbabwe and he ran away when the issue was about to go to court.We do not know how it was settled but that's not something expected of a man of God.
Makandiwa's scandals on purchase of land are well known.
Makandiwa had issues on the house he purchased in Borrowdale and so his character is questionable because integrity is key at such levels.

Exactly what put me off this man that video of calling on demons.

i am not saying that Guti and Makandiwa or any other person is not or is truely a man of God.What i am saying is how can someone start a ministry in another church as a pastor and then turn around and say i am beginning my own ministry.Where is the calling in that??The reason why i am saying this is not out of ignorance but i want to know

Can you tell me one preacher who has never been accused of any money related matter in their ministry, just one.

Toda vaFundisi vekuti they dont go to the press blaming , criticising each other what not, Preachers , prophets, archbishops, prophetesses and what not who concentrate on preaching the word of God of repentance.Jesu akauya panyika kuti vanhu vaite repent kwete kuti vanhu vangove neupfumi.

ko iwe unozonetsekana nevari kudyirwa mari, ndeyako here mari yacho?

Zita iri harina humwari nekuti izita rezvemunyika. Mweya uri mandiri une oxygen , carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water(g),etc Ko iwe zita rako rine humwari here?

A lot of pastors and ministers have started their churches after bring a part of another ministry... You sound a bit confused in some of your posts. How many preachers in Africa and other parts of the world have branched out of other churches and gone on to have successful ministries? Zvatoshata because this makandiwa has done the same? Ponai vanhuwee

who the f**k is Ezekiel??

Read 1 Corinthians 5:5
And no I'm not brainwashed by him cuz I don't live in Zim neither do I go to his church. Paul talks about handing over sum1 who has sinned to the devil. Nothing new or shocking there...

Handina kuti regai kudyiwa mari ini ndati siyai Makandiwa adyewo dzemarema iyo Zaoga yacho handiti yakatotangwawo nemunhu? Heya zvazoipa nekuti macustomer ava kuenda kwevamwe?

Nhai iwe Vhurapfungwa, what proof do you want? He prays to call on demons to do as he pleases. He operates in that sphere yemademons. That is proof he is dodgy. Read your bible and use that as a measuring stick against what he does. Wanzwa nyaya yemacards yaakambotiza, ukanzwa yemabody guards, ukanzwayekutiza kuZimoco kwaainoona mota itsva, ukanzwa yemafalse prophesies. That should be enough to let you see tge truth.

1 Corinthians 5:3For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed, 4In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, 5To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

That scripture is for church discipline and is done by the church to a believer who is living in sin not 1 person.Paul knew about the man who was living with his father's wife.He did not just hand him over to the devil but he asked the church to do this when the church gathered together.Why did Paul not do it the Makandiwa way?Because no one person has the authority to do that and Paul clearly mentioned he had already judged yet he left the action to the church.
Jesus said if the man has sinned and you know it then you go and talk to this person so he can repent.If he does not then find another witness and talk to him.If he still has not changed his ways then bring him over to the church and at that time the person has decided not to repent the church as a whole hands him over to the devil.This hardly happens because by the time the case gets there the person will have either repented or left the church.What Makandiwa did is unscriptural and there is no where in the bible where anyone used of God ever did that.If anything the bible says if someone slaps you on one cheek give him the other.The bible says vengeance is mine says the Lord.The bible says pray for those who despitefully use you and tells us to forgive or we will not be forgiven.

The end result is the same baba however way you want to look at it. In my opinion let time tell whether he is true or not... Handiti chokwadi chichazingobuda nenguva. Nguva ndeya Jehovah because he knows and sees all things. Not everyone gets everything right in their ministry. My late father was a pastor and there wer times I saw him make wrong decisions and get things wrong, it didn't make him less of a man of God. Saka makandiwa uyu or any other person in an office inezva Mwari should be left to he tried and tested.

The end result is not the same because one person can not do what is only done by the church.When it happens any other way you know it is not God doing it and no Christian should follow anything but Christ.God is very concerned about ways which is why Psalm 103:7He made known his ways to Moses, and also Jesus said he is the way the truth and the life and no other way to the father except him.Any other way (which you claim does not matter) is the devil's way and Christians and devils do not mix.When it is done any other way then know that Jesus has not done it because Jesus has a way of doing things and has shown us that way for a reason.

Also it is not just time which tries people, the bible says 1John 4:Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

What is important here is who is doing what because miracles are not just an end because even Satan can do miracles and prophesy which is why God has given us guidelines so we might not be decieved.

Jesus himself taught us so much about true and false prophets.15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
It is this fruit that we are examining to see if inwardly this man is a wolf in sheep's clothing.Tingazofunga kuti tese tiri makwayi ipo paita wolf mukati medu.Those who want to believe and follow blindly please by any means continue but pavachazowona kuti they spent years on the wrong path hope they will not backslide.
What do you say of the thousands of youths who were taught to just go and look for a good looking spouse without praying about their marriages because marriage is just an action between physical bodies who will end up marrying the devils children and getting destroyed?Jesus also says my sheep they know me and they hear my voice,the voice of a stranger they will not follow.Make no mistakes if the devil comes to preach he's not trying to grow people spiritually but to destroy the church.

The church of Christ can never be destroyed. U kno this debate will continue and I really don't like debating about things of God that I myself am still learning and finding out. But since u kno and seem to have done answers I suggest u meet with the man himself so that u remove the wolf within his Sheeps clothing so that he goes to heaven alongside you and not hell. I end by repeating to allow time to tell and separate the good from the bad. God bless you baba

The church can not be destroyed as in the whole body of Christ but people can be destroyed.This is why those who endure to the end can be saved that means there are some who will fall by the way side.Even Paul had to work out his own salvation lest he would be a castaway.Jesus said he would not leave us alone but would give us the Holy Spirit a wonderful councellor.He teaches us and advises us unfortunately many choose to ignore the red flags he raises everyday about situations.Also Jesus gave us authority to overcome all the powers of the enemy but you have to use that authority otherwise you will be destroyed.Also we know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but to overcome we need to put on the whole armour of God.If we do not put it on and use it then we will be destroyed.Salvation is a gift but we work it out.Basically what I'm saying here is there are 2 parts to what God does,his part and our part most of the times.In most things God has already done his part and it's time for you to use the word and take advantage of the protection he has given you.It is like God knowing what we need before we pray yet he still says we should pray.If you follow blindly, like Jesus said 'you will fall into a ditch' even though you claim the church can not be destroyed.
Also it is not for me to go and take the wolf out of him.If he's using the devil to do this he knows it.It is for the believers to pray for discernment and not follow the voice of the stranger but do you think his followers will ever examine him?

Acts 8 v 9 , Philip demonstrated the power of God when he got to the city of Samaria. Simeon aiva n'anga and Philip jus distinguished the original from the fake.

But be mindful that Jesus did not refuse to go with the devil to be tested , so why are you aging the Bishops and Pastors not to go.

My only question is if this many drops dead today, what happens to this movement called UFIC?

Pane zvawataura hapana chinoratidza kuti Makandiwa ano operator ne mweya wa satan nekuti urikushandisa opinion yako and not the word of God. Hatitevere vanhu asi Jesu Kristu. Lets not be moved by Jelous. Kuchechi kwako hakuna simba raMwari riri kuratidzwa ndokusaka uchidaro. Shame on you.

Totorosi ndewe unoshandiswa na satani. Wakaparidzira vanhu vangani kuti vaponeswe? Do you do things in the name of Jesus Christ? I doubt your judgement and your ability to grasp the things of God. Shame on you

Where is Phillip? Jesus Christ we know, but where is Phillip?

Big up Mukoiri. We sick and tired of Holier than thou "Trolln

Chiefs" here...puu!

Yes,it is so bad when those who are related to the so called founders are preveleaged,in the can you pay for someone to sleep in a five star hotel when your biological father has never even had food in a hotel,you are asked to pay for a birthday present,them you say amen and pay thousands of dollars when your on family members are sleeping hungry,you should check yourself,is that the love of God or you are a fool,and people are taking advantage of your foolishness. Shine your eyes,

...une point hako sei here is my problem with all this...ini hangu the Bible add I know it, raisataura about flamboyant prophets,it teaches about being humble n to concentrate on spiritual richness....something that I don't see in these guys...wangu ndikatadza kukena denga coz I didn't believe in miracle money weight loss, babies etc then so be it...

lol no my point is not for pple to believe in the miracles no no far from sure haungatadze kupinda denga nazvo izvi...was just diturbed a little about pple making certain conclusion without a basis..ndo nyaya yangu chete....mmm Shazz Abraham and others were filthy rich....and being rich is not a sin by the way....l also made referrence to the fact that these guys may not be getting balanced reporting and so pples view and perception of them is greatly influenced by whoever is reporting on them...believing in miracles does not take one heaven even performing them is not a licence or should l say passport to heaven

Btw, the prophecies made by Daniel did not come to pass during his time. Im sure people in his time took him for a false prophet because the things he saw and prophesied did not happen in their lifetime. So, was Daniel a false prophet too?

I stated my position as to why I doubt him which is scriptural.Kana pane chauri kupokana nacho apa handiti post yangu iripo here?Just mention which part is false or Satanic just like I showed why I do not agree with Makandiwa.Everything I said about him zvirimo mumaVideos ake and he won't deny it and the rest of the charges like simcards I can give you links.Tell me which parts are not true. If you are a Christian who reads his word then you should know that Makandiwa is not the first person to preach bcos even the Gnostics used to preach and he's not the first prophet either because Jesus prophesied there would be Many and many false once to. I'm not interested in opinions which are not backed with scripture here,such an opinion means nothing to me.Don't just say someone's a Satanist,show us from scripture why you are saying so.Iron sharpens iron and if you are just one of those blind followers who does not read the word don't even bother replying.

Anyone who does not take care of his own has denied the faith.Even before Jesus died his last command was for John to take care of Mary. Pharisees used to give to the church and think whatever little they gave to their parents was a gift but Jesus rebuked them.People should realize they have an obligation to the family,to the church and to the state and you can not substitute one for the other.Check the way the book of Romans is written,that's how a Christians should conduct himself. People should know that giving can be abused and your ignorance is not blessed by God because he has said everything we should do.This is a warning in the book of Peter And through covetousnesse shall they with fained words, make marchandise of you, whose iudgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

...wanga wandityisa mudhara...

Which prophecy did Daniel give for his time which did not come to pass during his time?
Daniel's prophecies were time specific like when the Messiah would come and the people understood it.Daniel also spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem after Christ had come and the people understood it.Daniel also spoke of which kingdoms would arise after Nebuchadnezzar's but since he said after Nebuchadnezzar those things would only happen only after Nebuchadnezzar.
What you are saying is like when God told Abraham his descendants would be in Egypt for 400yrs then expect the people to be slaves during Abraham's time so the prophecy is said to be true.What I said probably does not make sense to you because your question does not make sense (not exactly stupid but not well thought out either).
Makandiwa made a prophecy for a specific day regarding a specific time.The day came but the event did not come to pass that's a false prophecy.If the day had come which Daniel said would come the Messiah and the thing did not happen then only then can you say it was a false prophecy.

pple get called Fafy happens but... yes but many ve left churches to start their own and many have failed dismally because they left out of pride,,,greed. sin rebellion etc and its generally evident in the results....Some for instance have been given branches to run and when they see some success in their branches and get big headed then break away..but what they would not have realised is that they were succeeding because of the annoiinting of their head pastor once they leave they start falling and they do it hard..... God can however call some....out of their churches where they would ve served like an apprenticeship for want of a better word...with these generally they start well and there is no acrimony between them and their former churches..of cause some of the churches will not accept that the person has been called by God and they become bitter...but where God is generally the evidence will be seen...vamwe ndivo vanozvitora as a business but kazhinji its not sustainable..just do a little study and you will see what we mean

Wouldn't have said it any better.

Subject: [newsdzezimbabwee] Re: MAKANDIWA THROWS DOWN GAUNTLET TO PASTORS ATTACKING HIM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

2 Timothy 4:3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they draw to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto myths.

5But you watch in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fully carry out your ministry.

dont forget that the devil is the accuser of bretheren....anyone who matters in society will be accused at one time of the other false accusations will always follow those whoa re doing something its not new the devil has been at it from the time of Christ who was also falsely accused and they killed him...what matters is not whether one is accused because thats inevitable the issue is whether or not such accusations hold water..if u base someone's character and credibility on accusations made against them then you fall into the hands of the accuser....l ve often heard a case from one side and got convinced but to be shocked when you hear the other side. so just check your sources of information against anyone...before you make a final conclusion against them....

Man I'm not talking about baseless accusations here,these are well founded cases like the Chitungwiza stands and all.Check everything I said and tell me which one is not true.Ask anyone who has been here long enough I supported Makandiwa like someone who worked for him until the truth started coming out. This is why the bible says people should be tested first before they are appointed into leadership because many fail when tests come

1 Timothy 3:1It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.2An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,3not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money.4He must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity5(but if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?),6and not a new convert, so that he will not become conceited and fall into the condemnation incurred by the devil.7And he must have a good reputation with those outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

The bible is just clear about everything.The number one qualification is someone being above reproach.THis only comes as a fruit when you have a great relationship with God.
Must have a good reputation with those outside the church.This guy's reputation is in tatters because of corrupt business deals.The stands issue,the borrowdale house issue,the simcards issue.
The Overseer must be free from the love of money- now you tell me this guy is free from the love of money.
Must not be a new convert so he he will not become conceited and fall into the condemnation of the devil.He's not exactly a new convert but the number of scandals is something else.

Don't misquote that scripture bro. Paul is talking about believers that will not accept Church rebuke and will not turn from sin. Such men are to be turned to the devil, not people of the world. You do not set demons after sinners, no Christian should do that.

taura kani zita rechurch iyi.

Ah ndabva ndafunga mbavha iya yakaba bag zvikanzi bag rakanamira mumusoro, neiya yakanzi yakaba bag and bag raitaura! I now know kuti ndiani akabirwa.

It will go into oblivion. assets kufamily kwake, vorizhinj kuma porofita zvekare.

Zwanetsa here people of GOD, have said this on this blog over&over so when Papa announced this on Sunday i said yes!yes!yes&wtd to jump like a pole vaulter then remembered was in the presence of GOD&LORD JESUS&that am a lady. By fire, by thunder, by lighting&Our God Answereth by Fire. Tuesday service Papa 19/02 "Papa said kune Marank just remember that".
The kids say masara. Proudly UFIC Daughter of Prophet Papa Emmanuel Makandiwa

Zwanetsa here people of GOD, have said this on this blog over&over so when Papa announced this on Sunday i said yes!yes!yes&wtd to jump like a pole vaulter then remembered was in the presence of GOD&LORD JESUS&that am a lady. By fire, by thunder, by lighting&Our God Answereth by Fire. Tuesday service Papa 19/02 "Papa said kune Marank just remember that".
The kids say masara. Proudly UFIC Daughter of Prophet Papa Emmanuel Makandiwa

Ndiyo church yangu iyoyo. Tanzwa nekusechwa. Malimousine tinoita kumaninikidzwa kuhayira munhu waMwari. Madegree takuita 10 years tichiita kwete nuhudofo asi maunits tiri kuita 2 pagore kuti mari dzibatane kuchurch, kuchikoro nerent. Pakaita visiting pastor we are forced to book him in a five star hotel, masuits totenga iwee atisina kumbotengera kana vabereki vedu. Takanzi "cut the umbilical cord" nehama nevabereki. Zaoga ah yeah takanga waya vakomana. Mapastor ose maoverseer vane ukama saka its a family run business muno mudiaspora.

vanhu vakungo believer zvese without searching the scriptures like Paul said we should.

Good Makandiwa, sheedza maZAOGA uvanamatire especially maelder acho anochengeteswa zvikwambo zvokuitisa chechi mari.

watch what other peoples opinion about Makandiwa

Totorosi My Brother you belive the same with me. The Three Angels Messages. Pamberi nechokwadi munhu waMwari

Is being a prophet now measured by casting out demons nekuti kana n'anga dzinozviitawo.

Here you lie clearly: This church, ZAOGA, allows and encourages people who are not treated well by pastors to write directly to its HQ and complain, and if your story is true, they say state your name when you write the complaint; kwete kuita ma anonymous pano apa. Just write or phone straight about the one who forces you to pay money. 10 years uchiita degree, udofi hwako uyu, full stop. I have gone to this church for the past 27 years, I have never been forced, neither will I be forced, to give money. I give voluntarily, since I was young and poor, till I am now older....and....yes, wealthy

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