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Controversial pastor and marriage counsellor, Lucia Gunguwo says her marriage is a happy one because she listens to her husband's advice.

"I stick to my husband’s advice. He taught me that “ngatisataura tiine hasha. Simba iroro rauinaro pakupopota wacha magumbezi kana kumbofamba-famba.” [don’t talk when you are still boiling with anger, use the energy to do laundry or just take a walk to cool off.]

“Like all other marriages, we have our ups and downs. But even when we disagree, we find ways of rising above the differences," she said adding that she knew what made her husband tick.

Mai Gunguwo has become a household name with her no-holds-barred sermons on marital issues that are being listened to in homes, churches and commuter omnibuses.

But she said she had a very tough upbringing which moulded her to the woman that she is today. She wallowed in poverty as she grew up in Mutoko. Her mother, Mary Chimutugu was left stranded when parents of the man responsible for her pregnancy shunned her, preferring another woman to be his wife.

Without a breadwinner, life proved hard for Lucia until her mother remarried Haggai Kanengoni, whom Lucia was to view as her 'biological father.' “I had no known father and as such, I couldn’t get a birth certificate for the major part of my childhood. It was impossible those days for one to get a birth certificate without a father or the support of paternal relatives,” she said.

However, despite the enduring love from her stepfather, the hostility from some people around her saw Lucia packing her bags time and again.

“Due to the bad influence of some of my stepfather’s relatives and some people in the society, I was always shifting homes. For my primary school alone, I learnt at three schools, but even at these schools I transferred to and from several times,” she said.

Although she was bright, she obtained only two Bs, in Maths and Shona, out of the six subjects that she had sat for at O’level in 1990. She attributes this dismal failure to a life of hardship as a teenager, which involved being sexually abused by a close relative.

The incident, now a closed chapter in her life, haunted her for the better part of her early life as efforts to seek justice came to nought as relatives shielded the perpetrator.
It was around that time that Lucia accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour and joined the Eternal Word Ministries.

Unknown to her, this was to mark a complete change of her life, as it was here that she was to meet her future husband, Apostle Tatenda Gunguwo. On November 23 1996, the two got married. Marriage brought happiness to Mai Gunguwo, but that dissipated when she realised how badly she lacked in grooming and in the understanding of some core life issues.

“I had no idea whatsoever how to handle my marriage. I remember on some occasions just waking up, bathing, dressing up and picking up my handbag and off I would go to town after giving my husband an impromptu notification, which was in a way [said] as a matter of fact,” she narrated.

She would also skip taking contraceptive pills, resulting in her falling pregnant when she was not ready for it.

“After the birth of our first child in 1997, my husband briefly went to South Africa and I was on contraceptive pills. During his brief absence, I ignorantly stopped taking the contraceptive pills, breaking the continuous cycle of taking them.

 “We were both shocked that on his return and after a few encounters, I fell pregnant,” she recalls.

She said that experience also gave her invaluable insight on the challenges confronting women, especially those with a similar upbringing.

“While at clinics they tell you that taking contraceptives prevents pregnancy, they take it for granted that everyone knows how they should be taken,” she said.

Mai Gunguwo said she owed her changing fortunes to her loving and patient husband, who encouraged her to go back to school and rewrite her O’Level examinations. Though pregnant, in 1997 she would literally spend the whole night studying, soaking her feet in cold water to keep sleep at bay.

 And it paid off, as she passed all the subjects she sat for, including English Language and Science. Mai Gunguwo then enrolled at the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA), successfully completing a secretarial course before joining the Zimbabwe Open University as a voluntary worker in the data capturing department. She later became the data entry clerk, before deciding to pursue an accounting degree which she abandoned when the call to serve the underprivileged was too much for her to resist. In 2001 with the assistance of her husband, she established a charity organisation, Voice of Peace.

Today Mai Gunguwo and her husband cater for many underprivileged children. She is determined to provide that warmth and love she could only dream of, for the better part of her life. They even stay with some of the children at their family residence.
The 41-year-old ambitious lady who owns a catering, events management and decor company, Lucy Creations, said she was set to enroll for a post-graduate degree with Africa University this year. standard


I bet the real father's family have been sniffing around now, all 'ziva kwawakabva' and so forth.

Anyhow, I am torn as to where I stand on her life. If she loves it, I love it. However, she has done well when you consider where she began.

You go girl, well done. I have never listened to your programs but am sure they are helpful to those who need the help. again well done

..."simba rauinaro iroro pakuda kupopota chirishandisa pabonde"...kikikiki I love your hubby...

There lies the answer, the woman had a troubled childhood. Never understood why but now I know.

Kwaaniko ana women of God ava they lie about having been abused in their youth so as to justify how they were not virgins when they met their husbands, being 41 means she was born around 1972 so was about 25 when she got married - anga anyoporiwa naanamhanduwe vangani samtoko uyu?

Ngaasatinyepera its either YOU ARE HAPPY OR YOU ARE MARRIED! there is nothing called happily married but there are issues of submission and compromises of which thats not happiness.

Taura hako - reminds me of Joyce Mayer story, zvaikwirisa zvivakadzi izvi
Have listened to one of her audios this woman and I've never heard anything as valgar as she is and unoziva kana mazwi anonyadzisira achitaurwa in venecular! believe me she says them as is e.g "kana ukanga usingabate amwene vako zvakanaka, murume akatsamwa zvese zvekuSv......a zvinombomira izvi"! imagine in a church full of different couples - one would find that impossible to say even in a one on one counselling session with a couple - hunu hwaamai ava hwakatsveruka big time

My understanding is more on why she is so vulgar, obviously the women has some serious issues and this may explain where the issues are coming from.

Shoko raMwari is very clear. The bible says that vulgar language shall not pass your lips. I just pray that this woman will control her tongue. Secondly I find problems with Christians who do not know that when we have received Jesus Christ we are a new creature, tarira zvakare zvapfuura,

I have listened to just one sermon of hers... Entertaining, realistic, explicit and informative. Vakadzi vakatora advice yaiva paSermon iyoyo kaOne

Ngavaite housekeeping amai ava.....madziro ayo anoda sprucing up and while she is at it she needs to wash her mouth too.

kkkkkkkk inga vabvuma wani kuti wakanyoporiwa zvokumanikwa nohama kana pane wakazoita hawo mudungwe hapenowo asi samtoko wekutanga wakaita chijombo mhanduwe.

You are wrong Rose, This Mai Gunguwo is not vulgar at all. She is different from the other mai Gunguwo, the imposter who is on you tube

U are right Eve. There is an imposter mai Gunguwo who is not the one that this story is about and many people know the imposter and not the original mai Gunguwo who is referred to in this story

These days I am now clear on not commenting on kwandisina kuswera. Came to realise that the mai Gunguwo that is being referred to here is very different from vamwe vandakamboona payou tube and wassurprised at how respectiful she is. In her sermon she chased away men, boys (even the technical crew), girls and had to remain with just married and old women. I then realised that the one people were ranting about is not a Mai Gunguwo at all, but someone who was uploading the videos on you tube used the name mai Gunguwo

Hapana pavataura zvaimposter wani? If she knew kuti kunze uko kuna imposter surely she could have raised the issue. Haiwawo dzangova nyadzi kuda kupomera mhosva imposter ngavatikwanire mai ava.

Murume wacho ndiye asina kukwana. Its his responsibility to discipline his wife, a pub figure kana achiwawata matama makukutu ezvinyadzi zvakadaro. If he tells her, i dont want to hear any vulgar in ur sermons or wise counsels, she will heed, since like she says, she listens to his advise. What kind of Apostle is he? He's the culprit. Ngaatsiure mudzimai wake. That being said, i admire the progress shez made for herself frm just 2 0levels to the level she is now. I aslo commend the hubby for uplifting the wife. Even advice yavo in marriages is very unique and helpful. Very good marriage, God bless u. but baba, pazvinyadzi apa, tsiurai amai.

vakafanana nanabetty Makoni, vanongoti hee I was abused, hee difficult childhood. Sisi vaBetty makoni vanogara kuAustraliavanotaura kuti she lies about this abuse. same thing here. why cant people just support causes and not have to lie as well

MuZimba ndingamadzwe kupiko masermon à mother ava??
Tried youtube hapana chakabuda......
Ndipewo malink.........

ambuya ava vari crude, very rough kuita semangai azere jecha. Mr Gunguwo must discipline his wayward wife kwete kungovaimisa ziso vakati kwati kwati.

I've the video of the imposter and the audio yamai Gunguwo, these two women are different. All the same mashoko avanoshandisa handikwanisi kumadzokorora.

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