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AN irate woman from Masvingo's Pangolin suburb last week allegedly scalded her sleeping husband, a Victoria High School teacher with hot porridge over allegations of infidelity.

The incident happened on Saturday night when Mr Sam Chisadza (29) was left with first degree burns by his unnamed wife. The woman allegedly poured hot porridge into her husband's undergarments while he was fast asleep and he is admitted at Masvingo General Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

According to a resident, the couple had a history of domestic violence and the day in question the wife had seen a phone number she thought belonged to her husband's girlfriend.

“The incident happened when the wife saw a phone number in Mr Chisadza's mobile phone, which she suspected to be the man's girlfriend. When she asked him, he failed to give a satisfactory answer and a misunderstanding ensued leading to Mr Chisadza moving out of the house, only to return later in the night dead drunk,” he said.

It is further alleged that the man went straight to bed when he returned.

“The man returned during the wee hours of the night and went to bed and slept as if all was well. The wife behaved, as if she was also fast asleep yet she wanted to strike at the right time.

“Unbeknown to him, the wife had allegedly prepared porridge while the man had gone out and had left it simmering on the stove,” said a resident.

Another resident, who identified himself as Munya said when the man was fast asleep the wife took the porridge from the stove.

“When the man was snoring, the wife allegedly opened her husband's underwear before pouring a pot full of hot porridge. Mr Chisadza was awakened by the burning and screamed for help. The wife allegedly seemed unfazed, as her mission to punish him had been accomplished.

“The man was later rescued by a neighbour, only identified as Mr Mafuku, who ferried him to the hospital,” said Munya.

When contacted for comment, Mr Mafuku, who said he was a friend to Mr Chisadza confirmed the incident and said the man was recuperating in the hospital.

“I can confirm that my friend, who also happens to be my neighbour, was scalded by his wife of many years after the couple had a dispute over allegations of infidelity,” said Mr Mafuku.

“The man was left with first degree burns and his manhood could have been badly affected. As I speak, he is still admitted in hospital recovering,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the wife proved fruitless, as she was not reachable on her mobile phone.

But confirmed reports say she has left her matrimonial home with her two children while her in-laws are fuming over her behaviour.

“Mrs Chisadza is believed to have left and has not been seen visiting her husband in the hospital. She packed her bags and left. It could be that she is afraid of her in-laws because they are breathing fire accusing her of wanting to kill their son,” said a resident.


Mr Chisadza vakapiswa nesadza.

Pamunodzoka moziva kuti sausage henyu makapisa, musazochiva dzevamwe. Vakadzi vemuraini ngwarirai!!!

Wakabika mbodza.Blaz makakanya. Maiguru makazonyanya kutsamwa. zvinoitika. hasha hadzigari muhomwe

This is a little bit too much

Dai mai Chisadza vapisa zvavo magaro kana makumbo . . . "Mushini here asikana? Nemanakiro wayo?" Pane vanotovarwarira zvavo vanohura vachidzoka kumba. Ndabatikana. Get well soon Mr Chisadza. I wish your machine a quick and COMPLETE recovery. Muenderere pemberi nekukwira.

muchigutsikanawo nevakadzi venyu,manje haichazomboshande iyi,paichaora yombochekwa paora yozopora inenge yave diki diki.wotizwazve nemahure

Why is she not in police cells; she is a criminal;

I don't see how a woman can go that far just cos of a phone number unless there's more to it. And indeed there's more to this story as it states there was a history of domestic violence. This guy beat his wife plus nekuhura (I don't believe kuti this was the first time there was a suspicious number on his phone) and this seems to have been going on for a long time. The wife couldn't take it anymore and had had enough so she snapped and decided to take action. The fact that she packed her things and left with the kids shows that she was truly fed up with this man and the marriage.

uku ndiko kunonzi kugumbuka uku....asi mai vakaoma moyo ava...kuti if l cant have it no one will...inonzi shayisano

sure...kuuraya munhu ka uku

kana usati wambohurirwa nemurume u dont understand the pain. infidelity inorwadza vakomana even munhu akakuti sorry it stays with u for a very long tym. unogara uri mujere rako wega, saka mukadzi uyu yes shes wrong zvaakaita but pain ndoyakamutuma. Varume chengetai zviro zvenyu mumabhurukwa kana waona madam vasisakufadze siya

Ndozvavanoda varume ava kuhura too much

I am a big fan of this website but being a close relative of Sam Chisadza, i wish to point out a few of the many grave inaccuracies here. This incident happened last year and sam is no longer in Hospital, go to his xool today and you will see him. The wife is a nurse at the hospital and she did visit him everyday at her own times. They have not divorced and the wife only has one child..in fact they still live together even though some of the relatives are not happy with it.
Being a zimbo in the diaspora, i rely on this site when it comes to Zim stories, i only ask that your stories be more accurate , thanks. From an avid reader

Varume vese munofanirwa kuziva kuti these women in our homes can be very sweet, loving creatures when all is well but can quickly turn into daughters of Lucifer when they feel offended!! No wonder it's said "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

If you think I'm joking consider this...a pregnant girl of 15 or 16 years can deliver a healthy bouncy baby, correctly cut the umbilical cord, [without the aid of a mid-wife!!]then strangle the baby to death, and put it in a plastic bag & bury it!! This is not fiction; so all men beware...

Madam is not just there for sex. Dzidzirai kusheya asikana

You got him where it hurts the most. Sorry hako blaz!

Kufira phone number here? I don't get it. Dai ange abatwa ane mumwe mukadzi zvinonzwisisika. Kana dai pange paine humwe umbowo sekufonerwa wotadza kutaura zvine tsarukano. Zvino nhamba zvayo here. You may be asked about a number on your contacts list which you may not even remember kuti ndeyaani. Well, kurarama kunosiyana. Personally I wouldn't fuss about contacts in my wife's phone. Inga tinosangana nevanhu vakawanda wanda munzvimbo dzatinofamba. Zvino kunyange mukatsvaga manumber mudzifoni ndizvo zvingachinja munhu?

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