Sunday, 27 January 2013


Aspiring Member of Parliament and highly respected academic, John Makumbe, has died this morning.

MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said, died at Arcadia Medical Centre in Harare after suffering a suspected heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Virginia, and five children.

Late last year, the University of Zimbabwe professor announced he was going to take a break from teaching to contest in the forthcoming general elections as an MDC-T candidate for Buhera West constituency in Manicaland province.

Mwonzora said Makumbe was a “hero of the democratic struggle” in Zimbabwe and the MDC-T owes the success of the constitution making process to his wisdom as he was the technical adviser for the party.

Tributes are pouring in for the man who many have described as “a rare voice of sanity” in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights director Irene Petras said: “The white man from Buhera has gone too soon.”
“He was one of the few outspoken voices of conscience remaining in the academic community and a much loved member of the civil society. His wit, intellect and humour ensured that he and those around him were able to survive troubled times and remain resolute to the struggle for a better Zimbabwe.”


So sad R.I.P Mr Makumbe.

Democracy has lost a powerful voice. RIP!

One of our biggest losses in contemporary times.

A great man indeed and a dead great man. Zvino Buhera zvayakati inoda murungu muparliament, imi mainda, tichamuwana mumwe akaita semi kupi? Fambai zvakanaka mhokore.

Fambai zvakanaka vaMakumbe tinovimba kuti zvakatanga zvichapedziswa nevasara

He was going to make a different brand of politician, this is so freaking sad! fuk!

RIP sir...Zimboz please exercise,lose weight and eat healthy.Kuita matumbu is not a sign of good living,thats just a big Zim misconception.

Took the words right out of my keyboard.....with that kind of weight, its a miracle he got this far

get away netu advice twusina basa every1 dies at some point endaka unozvitaura parufu rwake izvozvo

Ignorance is a disease.

No need to die from being obese machewe - i would rather die of old age ndave 95 or 100 pane kufa at 63 ne heart attack ?

Dying at the age of 63 is not normal.....zvichengetei baba

Eish R.I.P baba Makumbe.

why not gve twuma advice twenyu any other day kwete parufu rwemunhu vanhu vari mukuchema . Mutori ka team kemapenzi haikona tikwanirei kna musinga gone kubata maoka jus shut up idiots

Tiri kutopa iwewe advice....uyu Makumbe has run his race. Iwewe we want you alive and contributing to the country for get off that fat arse and shed off that weight around your tummy

Sad loss. I was just watching an Al Jazeera documentary done by Rager Omaar. Makumbe was eloquent, Tsvangirai was presidential, Biti was calm. Chinamasa was foaming at the mouth talking about elections, land reform and sanctions. The documentary ia available on Youtube. Very interesting.

Remove that G and replace it with an S. you are an empty skull.

offside...dying is normal. kids die.

'Its a miracle he got this far', I am at a loss how you came to this conclusion. Maybe you should tell us exactly when he was supposed to die cause it appears you are privy to information pertaining to his health and life expectancy which some of us are not aware of.

empty skull ndozita raizivikanwa baba vako kuchikoro

Rest in peace Professor Makumbe. You did your part for our beloved Zimbabwe. Fought a good fight.

im more young n fit than u

People should learn from Robert Mugabe when it comes to diet and exercise.Kamudhara kanozvibata mushe kaya manje vana Makumbe unoita dumbu kunge munhu ane mimba kudai.Haufanirwi kuita kunge mwana mudiki anoti chese chaawona oisa mumukanwa,diet and exercise will make your life longer.

What's the title of that documentary?

This is rubbish and insensitivity at its worst. A lot of overweight people lived up to old age eg the late vice president Nkomo. Please get away with your insensitivity hiding behind pseudonyms here on the internet. I hope you are not one of those people who pass insensitive remarks at funerals of your own relatives, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Death comes in many forms to many people of many ages, health conditions. Hapana anoda kufa and kana munhu afa haisiriyo nguva yetuma health talk twenyu twezvinhu zvamusingazivi. This is the time yekunyaradzana.If you have nothing to say better keep quiet.

Inga ndiwe wega uri kuti ''overweight'''....that is different from ''obese''.

Stop pontificating.....lose weight!

Mhanyai baba, zidumbu iro hakusi kupfuma

A terrible losd indeed. A brilliant mind and a charismatic character.

Kids dying is abnormal...yes. But in a country where infant mortality is high and the average life expectancy is 40 years for men....people tend to normalize the abnormal

oh, shut up. I wouldnt be fuvcking your ....., would I?

Zimbabwe-state of denial

There is a saying which goes, "One shouldnt talk about halters in the hanged man's house". Yet, in your wisdom or lack of it, you chose to announce to one and all that the death of Mr Makumbe was a result of being overweight. Such lack of tact panguwa yerufu. Ndazvitya. Please remember tact.

mhsrip he was a goodman!

He was fat he was fat.Get used to it.We all know being fat increases chances of heart attacks.Pamwe pachazotaurwa nyaya iyoyi ndepapi.Handiti chero paifa munhu neAIDS vazhinji ndipo pamaiwana maLessons enyu here whether direct or indirectly.Zimbabweans just eat like pigs whenever they find food especially those who grew up poor.Let Chigwadziso preach his gospel, kana parufu panoparidzwa wani.

Having said that MHDSRIP


Very soo uchanzwa zvonzi akaurayiwa nenyaya dzepolitics...just wait n see

I am responsible for what I say, not how u interpret it.

In the meantime, lose those pounds

Munhu ari overweight neari obese zvakasiyana...that is not abt semantics. Its abt ensuring we have the right context of discussion.

Most WWE wrestlers are overweight, but not necessarily obese

RIP my Lecturer. will ever cherish your teachings.

ndizvo zvinoita vanhu vane kamboyo kungoda kuclaimer zvavasinga gone .

Thanks. Downloaded it and watching right now

What a loss to the academic and civic society, you were our academic hero, your legacy shall forever live on. Rest in peace gamba redu redzidzo. May the lord be with the makumbe family in this time.

Rest in peace , May our lord comfort your family at this trying time. This was a man who spoke and ran with the truth during the time when many people feared opening their mouths. Let us mourn a great man. He should be declared a man of truth. Chokwadi ini Ndachema zvangu.

Obesity has been declared the new killer epidemic,together with associated DM2 and has climbed the ladder to being No 1 killer independent of other factors like Hypertension and diabetes in the first and developing world. It is a real killer,and has caused a plethora of other health problems like teenage hypogonadism, impotence, diabetes,stroke,heart attacks e.t.c WHO,CDC and the ADA termed it the modern epidemic.Cultural acceptance of obesity amongst African societies as a sign of affluence has not helped.Forces of globalisation through processes like urbanisation,mechanisation,industrialisation and consumerism have left many developing societies grappling with dietary-metabolic energy surplus,compounded with sedentary lifestyles thus further enabling the spiralling prevalence of fatal obesity amongst the middle and upper class. This guy was clearly obese and i can safely assume that was the cause of his early departure. In some developed countries,overfeeding kids to make them obese is taken as child abuse and endangerment,such tha a kid can be taken by social welfare.

Beware of extreme adiposity and live
I rest my case

What quality of life will you be enjoying at 100 yrs,is it wrth it

RIP Makumbe. Please let's not insult each other at this time. Life, chigwadziso, ...mbiri, gkull, and many more, cease fire!!!!!!!!!

l didnt but l know my pple...conspiracy theories abound

l see u are being very careful with your words in your condolence

Ndinoziva vanhu vatatu vakanditi ndapera vandakaviga. I dont mean anything. Jus saying.

Rest in peace mkoma John...the country has lost a bold man

hezvo ndambozvitaura just check the comment by hamadziripi on this matter zvatotanga

So all the people that die before gettong to 95 choose to die?well its ok ,trying to be "hard"behond the keyboard but the man is spmeone'father.people are grieving andyou ate here accusong him of killing himself.kuita dimbu hazvireve kudyisa it can be genetic.kuenda ku gm doesntean one will defonitely loose weight sp dont generalise.maorokoto zbako uri slim ichafa wapa 120

Rest in peace professor.wad in my first year in 2003 studying accounting.first time i mey hom wad when he presented a dpeech in nlt400 a memorial pa professor madiphila sithole.ndarwadziwa

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